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Best Zillow Scraper 2024: Scrape Zillow for Real Estate data

Do you want to scrape data from the Zillow web, but you don’t know which web scraper to use? This article provides you with the best Zillow scraper you can use to scrape Zillow data without any stress.

Traditional businesses are feeling the impact of e-commerce, which is causing it to be disrupted. In the real estate sector and home rental services, Zillow is one of the e-commerce systems or simply a platform that has dealt a devastating blow and caused significant disruption. Zillow appears to be a top real estate and rental marketplace based on accessible statistics.

As a result, it has become a favorite meeting location for buyers and sellers of real estate. In some ways, Zillow has established itself as an authority in the field of real estate analysis and research. The website’s publicly available data piques the curiosity of academics and industry analysts. Many other websites, such as Reddit and Tumblr, do not offer an API, but Zillow does, and it is absolutely free to use. Due to the same constraints as most APIs, the Zillow APIs are useless for most use cases.

If you want to access Zillow data in mass for free, you’ll need automated scraping applications called Zillow Scrapers. Even so, when it comes to delaying the process of scraping, Zillow is no weakling. As long as you know where to look, you’ll be able to find the information you need. A list of the finest Zillow Scrapers currently on the market has been assembled for your convenience.

6 Best Zillow Scrapers in 2024

1. Bright Data — Number One Zillow Scraper Best for Easy Zillow Data Extraction

  • Data Format: Excel, HTML, CSV, JSON
  • Price: Begins at 5 USD per 1,000-page loads

The first Zillow Scraper on this list is Bright Data. What I love about this Zillow scraper is the fact that it enables you to extract data on a large scale. Because Bright Data understands the importance of being able to extract as much data as possible from Zillow, they’ve developed a scraper just for this purpose. In addition to location, address, title, description, and photographs, they can also assist you in extracting all the relevant information about categories and goods.

You may use Zillow’s data collector tool to scrape and export their publicly accessible data in a structured manner and then use Microsoft Excel or another application to analyze it. As long as Zillow’s web scraper adheres to industry best practices, there is no risk of you getting in trouble for using it. In addition to this, there are numerous more reasons why they’re regarded as the greatest in the industry.

2. Apify — Best Zillow Scraper for Unlimited Zillow Data Download

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • Data Format: RSS, HTML, XML, Excel, CSV, JSON
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

Apify has the second spot on this list. It is similar to Bright Data in terms of scraping data on a large scale. You can get as much data as you like with Apify’s Zillow Scraper, which is based on the Zillow API. Use keywords or URLs to begin your search, and this pre-built Zillow scraping program will go on to extract and store all of the data on the property listings it finds.

Using the scraper, you can download the entire address, which includes the latitude and longitude, price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage of the living space and more. It’s easy to scrape Zillow and other popular sites using Apify’s proxy service, which has automatically rotating residential and data center proxies.

3. Octoparse — Best and Easy Zillow Web Pages Data Extraction

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD monthly
  • Data Format: SQLServer, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

Web scraping tool Octoparse is one of the greatest options to extract data from Zillow web pages. Zillow’s user-friendly point-and-click interface is one of its many appealing features. Octoparse eliminates the requirement for coding knowledge.

Installable and cloud-based versions of Octoparse are available. Octoparse’s web scraping capabilities are so advanced that it’s ideal for working with a wide range of websites. Even if you don’t want to utilize their app, you may pay for their premium data service to get the Zillow data you need.

4. ScrapeStorm — Best Zillow Scraper Reliable for Collecting Data for Real Estate Research

  • Price: Begins at 49.99 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Google Sheets, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT

ScrapeStorm is another Zillow scraper that might help you obtain the data you need for your real estate research. Former Google crawlers created ScrapeStorm. You can easily and visually scrape Zillow data using ScrapeStorm’s web-based interface. Using ScrapeStorm’s intelligent data identification method reduces the amount of time spent on manual operations. It recognizes important data points on its own. AI-powered technology makes this feasible. A wide range of operating systems is supported, as well as different data export options.

5. WebHarvy — Best Zillow Scraper for Scraping Zillow Data Visually Even Without Coding Skills

  • Price: Begins at 139 USD
  • Data Format: TSV, XML, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT
  • Platform Supported: Desktop

WebHarvy is a paid tool, much like all the other Zillow scrapers we’ve examined. However, it can scrape Zillow data in addition to being a general-purpose web scraper. Intelligent pattern identification is built into Zillow, and it automatically recognizes patterns in web pages.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this application. Using the point and click interface to train it on the data to be scraped is all that is necessary. It’s also possible to extract real estate photos using WebHarvy’s support for Regular Expressions.

6. ParseHub — Ultimately the Best Zillow Scraper for those on a Budget because it Comes with a Free-to-Use Desktop Application

  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

As a low-cost scraper, ParseHub is the best option if you don’t want to pay as you would in the other programs. Some restrictions are imposed on its desktop program, which is available for free.

However, you may access their cloud-based scraper and eliminate all limitations by subscribing for a fee. Flexible and powerful, ParseHub is an excellent tool. It’s also simple to use because of its point-and-click design. Data may be downloaded via the ParseHub REST API. You can even schedule scraping jobs using ParseHub.


Q. How does Zillow Scraping function?

As we already know, web scraping involves the automated extraction of data from websites via the use of computer tools. Regardless of the website, the procedure is the same in most cases. When it comes to scraping websites, though, each one has its own set of quirks that may either make or break the process.

Data scraping via scrapers is not supported by Zillow. As a result, it offers APIs for developers to incorporate into their systems, such as the Home Valuation API and the Property Details API. You may only submit a maximum of 1000 queries a day using the APIs, which is a significant limitation. When you need to collect a large amount of data for study, not just the request limit but the APIs as a whole are useless.

Web scrapers had a tough time doing their tasks since they could not use a free API provided by the company. When it comes to scraping Zillow, you need to have a lot of experience in order to do it well. Anti-scraping tactics put in place by Zillow not only make scraping difficult but also any type of automation impossible.

Because Zillow employs commercially reasonable measures to guard against its data being scraped, you should be aware of this before beginning your project.

Their data is protected against scraping using tactics like Captcha and honeypot traps, IP analysis, velocity checks, and other in-house methods that are not publicly available. You need to get over these anti-scraping measures in order to scrape Zillow data. Scrapers with a lot of experience can easily go around them. However, for those who are just starting out, using pre-made Zillow Scrapers will save them time and effort.

Q. How do I use Beautifulsoup, Requests, and Python to Scrape Zillow?

This question is basically for those who have a total understanding of coding and want to carry out Zillow development to meet their need. If you don’t know how to code, you can skip this question and simply read the above section, where I’ve listed the top Zillow Scrapers to use instead. It is possible to create your own Zillow data scraper with coding abilities and scraping knowledge.

There isn’t a single programming language used for everything as long as it’s a complete programming language capable of handling HTML files and network programming. Python, on the other hand, is the most often used language for creating scrapers.

Developing web scrapers with Python is a breeze because of the many useful frameworks and tools available. You’ll need Requests and Beautifulsoup to scrape Zillow together. Using requests, we’ll be able to send HTTP requests to your desired webpage and get its HTML. It is used to parse and extract the data that is needed. You’ll be ready to go with these two installed.

You’ll still need to figure out how to get beyond Zillow’s anti-bot measures, as the company has safeguards in place to prevent automated access. Use residential high-rotating proxies for IP monitoring and analysis; if you don’t want to bother with proxy administration, APIs are your best alternative. There will still be Captchas even if you use proxies to get around them.

At some time, you’ll require a Captcha solution. In order to visit Zillow, you must use a browser that sends headers and mimics a well-known one. If you’re creating a sophisticated scraper, you’ll need to consider a slew of other factors as well. All that is required for a simple scraper are headers, Captchas, and proxies.

You can learn more from this post, How to Scrape Zillow Using Python, Requests, and Beautifulsoup

Q. What is the need to scrape Zillow with proxies?

Scraping is disliked by many websites, and it is loathed by others. Zillow scrapers, like many others, are restricted and prohibited. Using proxies to help the Zillow scraper escape discovery while gathering important data from websites is an alternative. Zillow scrapers will need paid proxies to mask their activities, regardless of what data they’ll be obtaining from the site. Proxy servers can also be used for the following purposes.

Q. To access data with confidence and anonymity

When you use a Zillow scraper set with proxies, you may hide your identifying information, such as your IP address and location, from Zillow and unwanted third parties. As a consequence, hackers and third-party browser cookies cannot access your personal information and browsing history.

Q. To gain an advantage of Zillow’s unrestricted use

In order to access Zillow or other location-specific services, or if you reside in an area of the world where it is blocked, your best bet is to use a proxy server. If you want to access data from a certain place or avoid geo-blocks, you can utilize proxies. That is, if you’re a Zillow agent traveling outside of the US, you can use US rotating proxies to access Zillow’s services from wherever you are.

Q. To extract large data

In order to prevent significant volumes of data from being scraped, most websites, including Zillow, have a rate restriction of 500 queries per hour. In order to handle more than 600 inquiries each hour, it is really tough. Rotating proxies can help prevent bots like the Zillow scraper from getting a temporary IP block because they can send thousands of queries each hour.

You can escape detection and IP blocking by using Zillow’s scraper at a low rate, but the fastest approach to get past and other anti-scraping websites’ rate limit of 500 queries per hour is to use premium rotating proxies instead.


As a final note, scraping Zillow is a blatant violation of ethical standards. Though technically permissible, there are snags along the way that might render it unlawful. A lawyer can tell you if the peculiarities of your particular use case make it lawful or not. Zillow scrapers can be used if you don’t care about the moral implications of using them.

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