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14 Email Scraper 2024: Extract Email Addresses for Outreach (Free & Paid)

Do you want to extract email addresses from public websites, but you don’t know how? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best email scrapers to help you extract emails address and build your email sales list with ease.

For small businesses, building an email list from the beginning may be a daunting task. Due to a lack of resources, there were no other choices. Many organizations, in fact, purchase pre-profiled lists from a third party and send identical bulk emails to their customers. Your company can be exposed due to the poor quality of the email lists. A more efficient strategy is to use email scrapers to create a highly focused email list.

Using a bot, email scraping can be used to gather public email addresses. It’s wonderful since you can choose where you acquire your email lists from and who can opt-in to your mailing list. Additionally, you are not reliant on a shady third party. Sales prospecting has never been easier with these top-notch email scraping tools.

14 Best Email Scraping Tools in 2024

1. Octoparse — Best Email Scraper for Scraping Emails from Social Platforms

  • Price: Starts at 75 USD monthly
  • Supported Data: Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media

Web scraping tool Octoparse uses no code to scrape data from the internet. From social networking and specialty market portals, email scraping ranks highly. You save money by not having to engage a team of engineers, but you still have access to the sites’ data.

It has a pre-built template available for users to collect email and social profile data online if they download the program and search for an ‘email scraper.’ With only a few clicks, you can harvest email addresses from websites. It’s also possible to run an auto-detect mode and tailor the process so that you can harvest any data you like.

2. AeroLeads — Best Email Scraper for Finding B2B Data and Business Info

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly (700 credits)
  • Free Option (free 10 credits for trial)

You can use it to uncover the contact information of potential clients on sites like LinkedIn, AngelList, and Crunchbase, including their email addresses, phone numbers, and websites. AeroLeads claims that hundreds of internet marketers, recruiters, and sales teams are using this lead creation platform to gather company information and B2B data. Additionally, you can export the data to a CSV file or import it into your CRM program using this tool.

3. Slik — Best for Finding Emails Address with the Provision of Chrome Extension

  • Prospects: 70 million+
  • Accuracy: 95 percent

You can use Slik, a Chrome plugin, to locate anyone’s email on LinkedIn. There are more than 70 million potential customers in its database, according to the company. With this in mind, it’s possible to locate the perfect individual to pitch and be productive.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator — Best Email Scraper for Extracting Publicly Available Email Data

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides high-quality contact details for potential customers. With the lead referral tool, you no longer have to go out and search for leads on your own. More accurate prospecting can be achieved with the use of Advanced Lead and Company Search. Another way to boost your sales is via the use of CRM software. Prospecting, filtering, and reaching out are all made much easier and more comfortable with this tool’s help.

5. — Best for Sales to Send Cold Emails

  • Price: Begins at 99 USD monthly (for one user)
  • Free Option (14 days free trial)

If you spend a lot of time sending out cold emails, this is the tool for you! It is able to identify and validate the prospect’s email address and job title without the user’s intervention. In addition, you can set up a series of emails to automatically send follow-up emails if something falls between the cracks. API and CRM integration are supported. offers the finest value for money when it comes to sales email management software.

6. Rocket Reach — Best for Fast and Easy Email Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 59 USD monthly

A more complicated email prospecting tool. A plugin for Chrome makes it much easier to extract email addresses from web pages. You can also look for people’s contact information on their search page. Even yet, the price of leads is more expensive. Users such as Facebook and Google are more suited to use it.

7. — Best Email Scraper with Easy-to-use Interface for Easy Scraping of Email Data

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly is a Chrome add-on for email extraction. You can use a domain name to look for an organization’s email address. Instead, you can use email to find a certain specialist. If you need 50,000 lookups each month, you’ll pay 399 USD monthly. It’s a wonderful pick for a first-time self-starter because of its user-friendly interface.

8. — Best Email Scraper with Intuitive Interface for Easy Email Scraping Experience

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

Linkedin offers an integrated system that includes a website search, a domain search, and a list of leads. Your LinkedIn profile’s business email address can be found with this tool. The user-friendly design is a big draw for other email harvesters. From 49 USD monthly to 299 USD monthly, it has a variety of options. You can get up to 150 lookups monthly on the free plan.

9. Voila Norbert — The Most Accurate Email Scraper for Easy Scraping of Emails Addresses

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • API: YES

A few years ago, Voila Norbert was regarded as the best accurate email tracking tool on the web. The service is still worthy of inclusion on the list, even though it has been more than a year since it was first launched. You can acquire 50 leads for free, the same as with Hunter. The packages range in price from 49 USD to 499 USD if you choose to pay.

With the pre-paid package, you can pay for the credits you’ll need and then spend them when and how you choose. As an added bonus, you’ll get a Gmail plugin with plenty of capabilities and a smooth connection between the two from Norbert, who can also validate your email list. Even while it may appear like Zoominfo has more features, this is not the case. Small and large businesses alike can benefit from the wide range of options available in terms of packaging.

10. — Best Pocket-friendly Email Scraper

  • Price: Begins at 39 USD monthly

Snov is a respectable contender in this list, although being a little less well-known than some of the others. io is a service that few people are aware of, but that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible one. I’m really interested in the email-finding service that they provide. The service has a free package.

To put it simply, you’ll receive all you need in the first month for 50 credits, and then you’ll have to pay more or wait for the following month. Their options range from 39 USD to 199 USD and can be totally customized. You can also receive a free trial of one of their plans. This is not terrible, according to Snovio, which claims to have uncovered 128 million emails for over 2,00000 users in 2019. Your email list can also be used to validate your subscriptions with this service.

11. Yellow Leads Extractor — Best for Scraping Emails from Yellows Pages Websites

  • Price:90 USD annually
  • Data Format: CSV

Extracts email addresses from every yellow pages site online using the name of the program: Y Leads Extractor. All types of contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers and more, can be collected from numerous websites, like yellow pages, yelp and Not all nations listed in the yellow pages are supported, but new ones are being added all the time.

In addition, it has an export option, so you can obtain the findings in a spreadsheet when the extraction procedure is completed. In order to obtain the full experience, you will have to pay for the free trial, which only provides 35 results. For 89.90 USD yearly, you get unlimited access to two computers. Updates and support are included in the licensing fee for the first year. Only Windows can use this extractor.

12. Website Email Extractor — Best for Extracting Emails in Large Scale

  • Price:95 USD (lifetime license)

This is another software program that performs exactly what it’s supposed to. You can export a spreadsheet of email addresses from URLs in bulk. Unlike the Y leads extractor, this can extract emails from any URL that you put into the field. Adding numerous URLs and having the program pull emails from each one is a fantastic feature as well.

In addition, you have the option of customizing the depth to which the program searches for emails, as well as the filter used to narrow down the results. For 39.95 USD, you can get a lifetime license to use this extractor’s free trial, but if you want the whole product, you’ll have to buy it. In exchange for purchasing extra licenses, you receive a discount on the original price. In the same way as the previous program, this one only works on a Windows computer.

13. Scrapebox’s email extractor — Best for Website crawling to Extract Email Addresses

  • Price: 197 USD (lifetime license)

To keep things simple, I will only use the email scraper in Scrapebox. This section of Scrapebox has a slew of capabilities all on its own. In addition to crawling the web, it can look through your computer’s files to find emails that you’ve sent. Proxies can be used to hide your IP address, and they can mimic human behavior to keep you from being banned from websites.

Additionally, you have the option of customizing multiple criteria to acquire the exact results you’re looking for. However, this application is far from ideal. Whether you want to use it, you’ll have to watch their tutorials to learn how it works and determine if it’s a good fit for your needs. Scrapebox costs 197 USD for a lifetime license, which gives you access to over 30 other plugins, as well as free updates and support for the duration of your subscription.

14. Email Extractor — Best for Mass Extraction of Emails

  • Price: Begins at 69.90 USD

Lastly, this is an email extraction software for Mac. There are a few limits to the Email Extractor program, but it’s still free. The lists, support, and updates are all unavailable despite the fact that you can extract as many emails as you like. The email extractor is capable of snatching emails from anywhere, including search engines and your own PC.

Paying for licenses is an option if you sample the free version and decide it’s right for you. Multiple packages and features are available on the Windows side, starting at 69.90 USD for the base version and up to 199 USD for the complete package. Only email extraction is available in the Mac version, which costs 150 USD. Windows Email Extractor is the best option here, but not the Mac version.

Why You Need To Scrape Emails

The need to scrape email occurs for these reasons:


The emerging trend is to form a group of people with similar interests and professional backgrounds. Email is the finest way to trade information in order to build a network and share your expertise with others. Writing to a CEO is no problem when you have this kind of room and confidence to do it. You can use email to ask for a meeting or to provide something of value.


Because of the necessity to approach eligible individuals, this segment has email utility on a whole new level. Even in a typical situation when many individuals search for work, there are extraordinary prospects who are not actively seeking employment. But it doesn’t imply they won’t be looking for a new position in the future. Personalized emails are necessary if you wish to communicate with these applicants regarding the job role.

Development of Business

If you want to up the ante for your company’s parameters and standards, it’s likely that you’ll have to grow. Suppose you’re trying to find a huge number of customers or investors; you’ll need to use email to contact them. The idealized answer is to make contact with your investors by phone or email, as they have no knowledge that you even exist. Sending an email is critical since it establishes a line of communication.

New business outreach and cold-mailing

When it comes to providing personalized touches at a large scale, email has a unique advantage over other mediums. Email marketing has a lot of potentials, but it can also go horribly wrong if your message isn’t well-crafted. It’s a powerful tool that you can use to advance your career. When you send an email, the worst thing that can happen is if the recipient does not answer.

The narrative never fails to wow in this regard. Make your emails exciting for your audience. But if you have a list of email addresses, you can utilize it all. Web scraping email addresses is a method for obtaining a comprehensive list of potential customers. In spite of the large number of email scraper programs accessible, it is important to determine which one is best for you.

What You Need To Consider Before Scraping Emails

Specify the Email List’s Purpose

Make a plan for how you’ll put this email list to use. You should avoid spamming the list. Take advantage of it to establish relationships. You can also use Google Ads to target specific individuals on your email list.

Local laws

When dealing with email addresses that have been scraped, be sure to check your local laws. Using the email addresses you’ve gathered, you should learn about spamming and what you can and cannot do with them.

To evaluate whether the email is coming from a reputable source.

Determine if the source you intend to scrape is authentic before you begin. Ensure that the addresses are public or the user has provided permission for the data before you proceed further. Also, do you know if these addresses are authentic or high-quality?


Q. Is it illegal to scrape emails?

Email extraction is not a crime. It’s a good idea to get permission from the data’s owner before using their information in any way. To utilize the data for analysis and forecasts, however, you are free to do so. The last thing you want is for your email client to raise an eyebrow at the exchange. At this point, the issue of legality arises.

In order to build a large database of contacts, email scraping software might be used. It’s a good idea to always begin with an introduction email and then let clients decide whether or not they want to receive further emails. When dealing with email addresses that have been scraped, be sure to check your local laws. Using the email addresses you’ve gathered, you should learn about spamming and what you can and cannot do with them.


This article has successfully talked about the best email scrapers. These email scrapers are perfect if you only require a way to collect email addresses. You can also utilize them if you want a service with a broader range of capabilities. Developers have jumped on the email scraper bandwagon, and there are now hundreds of apps out there to choose from.

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