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Web scraping is collecting data and then processing and analyzing it. This method is used when they have to process a large amount of information that is difficult to process manually. The web scraper that collects and parses is a parser. You can make it easy to find content for your own resource and get it up and running in a short time.

What information can be web scraping

You can web scraping everything that is available on the site publicly. Most often required:

  • product names and categories;
  • price;
  • main characteristics;
  • images from websites;
  • ads;
  • information sites;
  • collection of contact information;
  • social media (e.g. comments);

Web scraping allows you to work with data on any subject.

What is web scraping for?

We return to why this might be necessary. A large space of action opens up here. The main problem of the modern Internet is unnecessary information that a person cannot organize manually.

Analysis of pricing policy. It is convenient to use competitor data to understand the average cost of specific products in the market. However, if there are hundreds and thousands of positions, it is impossible to collect them manually.

Follow the changes. The analysis can be carried out regularly, for example, every week, determining which prices are rising on an average Sunday and which innovations are coming from competitors.

With the help of web scraping, you can analyze the site, find non-existent pages, copies, missing descriptions, the absence of certain functions or the discrepancy between the data in the remnants of the repository and those shown on the site.

Filling in product cards in an online store faster with a web scraping

If the site is new, manual filling will take enough time, scraping will significantly reduce the time for filling your site. Usually they use parsing from foreign sites, translate the resulting text by an automatic method, then get almost ready-made descriptions.

Collecting data using web scraping

Getting potential customer bases. For example, there is an analysis of compiling a list of decision makers in a particular industry and city. To do this, you can use special sites for finding a job with access to the relevant and archived resume.

Web scraping stages

The web scraping downloads the source code of the page from the site. A program script starts working with this code, which breaks the received text into the necessary fields and saves the necessary data.

Searching for data on the page is done using regular expressions or xpath for a specific set of characters, which allow you to select only matching parts from the entire array.

After receiving the necessary data, they can be saved in the desired CSV or Excel format in the form of a table, or imported into a database.

The principle of the program depends on the goals. But schematically it looks like this:

The web screper looks for data that matches the parameters on the specified sites or via the Internet.

Information is collected and initial systematization is carried out (depth is also determined during installation);

The data generates a report in a format that meets the required criteria.

Benefits of web scraping technology

The web scraper works automatically.

Parsing saves time on content creation by borrowing it from other sources.

Analyze your site by making the necessary improvements;

Analyze competing websites, borrow major trends and specific product characteristics.

Usually both options work in close relationship with each other. For example, analysis of competitors' price positions, product base, etc.