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Best Yelp Scraper 2024: Scrape Business Data from Yelp [for FREE]

Do you want to scrape data from the Yelp website, but you don’t know the best scraper to use? This article provides you with the best Yelp scrapers out there in the market that you can use to extract data from Yelp without any hassle.

Yelp is a platform where people leave feedback on the businesses they’ve patronized. It remains one of the best business recommendations and review platforms. It is impossible to erase Yelp reviews from a company’s profile. For firms, marketers, and business researchers, Yelp is a goldmine for data.

Over 66 million companies were listed on Yelp as of 2014. Yelp, for example, displays the name and location of local companies, as well as customer ratings and reviews for each one. A business or researcher could benefit from Yelp’s reviews and other data, but access to this information is not provided by the company. Tools are the initial step in acquiring data from the Yelp website

. It’s a godsend that Yelp isn’t scrape-proof. Automated tools known as web scrapers can be used to scrape Yelp, just as they can every other website on the internet. Scraping Yelp pages is what gives them their name: Yelp scrapers.

Using a Yelp scraper, you can obtain every piece of publicly accessible information on the Yelp website. In this article, you’ll discover the best Yelp scrapers available on the market today. Let us first go through the basics of scraping Yelp.

If you’re going to scrape Yelp sites with an automated tool like a scraper, you should know that doing so violates Yelp’s Terms of Service. In other words, even if it’s against Yelp’s terms of service, scraping publicly available data is perfectly lawful.

In order to avoid facing legal repercussions, you should first verify with local authorities and an attorney to be sure your intended use of the data does not violate any laws. Even if they don’t engage its legal team, Yelp uses methods to keep its pages safe from data harvesting.

The most common anti-scraping measures include IP blocking and Captchas. When Yelp’s bot detection system thinks that traffic is coming from a bot, Captchas is generated. Temporarily restricting access to a certain IP address as a result of this activity.

To prevent scraping, Yelp takes a variety of safeguards. It’s still common for businesses to use the reviews of Yelp users to get an idea of how their customers feel about them, even with these restrictions in place. Yelp reviews are often used by other businesses in search of new clients.

5 Best Yelp Scrapers in 2024

1. Apify — Best Yelp Scraper with Provision of Actors (Web Automation Tools) for Carrying out Social Media and E-Commerce Auto Tasks

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON
  • OS Supported: Cloud-Based (Accessible through API)

The first Yelp scraper on this list is Apify. Automating tasks on social networking and e-commerce websites is easy with Apify’s web automation tools called actors. These actors include Apify, a well-known Yelp scraper, as well as a few others. You can use it to crawl Yelp for information such as customer reviews, star ratings, and more.

To use Apify, you simply issue a restful API request, and a JSON object will be delivered as a response, unlike the other Yelp scrapers listed above. As with most of the other tools on the list, it comes with a free trial period.

2. ParseHub — Best for Yelp Public Data Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel
  • Platform Supported: Desktop, Cloud

This web scraper is rated as one of the best available. It’s interesting to see that Yelp data scraping is supported. Powerful and adaptable, this Yelp scraper is an excellent choice. ParseHub’s ease of use and lack of technical knowledge are two of its most appealing features. To use this visual scraping tool, you must first train it on the data you wish to scrape using the visual truth they provide for scraping. The desktop version of ParseHub is available for free; however, there are certain restrictions. In order to use their cloud-based platform, you will need to commit financially.

3. ScrapeStorm — Best Yelp Scraper with Support for Several OS and Cloud-Based Platform for Easy Yelp Data Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 49.99 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Google Sheets, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT
  • Platform Supported: Desktop

If you are looking for the most sophisticated web scraping programs available in the market right now, you should consider ScrapeStorm. Most of the common operating systems are supported by ScrapeStorm, as well as a cloud-based platform.

Many online scrapers require you to train them by defining the relevant data points, but ScrapeStorm doesn’t because it uses an AI-based method for data recognition. It’s even possible to use a template on some sites, like Yelp, which streamlines the entire process. ScrapeStorm has a variety of options for exporting data. A former Google crawler team created it.

4. WebHarvy — Best for Business Data and Business Review Yelp Web Data Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 139 USD monthly
  • Data Format: TSV, XML, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT
  • Platform Supported: Desktop

Intuitive WebHarvy is a visual web scraper that you can use to extract Yelp company reviews and other relevant data. To avoid detection and a ban, WebHarvy was designed specifically for the modern web to take advantage of all the anti-scraping techniques available. It performs admirably on the Yelp website. In just a few minutes, you can begin scraping with WebHarvy. WebHarvy’s point-and-click interface makes it simple to get started. An intelligent pattern detecting system aids in the training process for those using it.

  • Price: 59.95 USD yearly
  • Data Format: CSV
  • Platform Supported: Desktop

You can tell by the name of this web scraper that it is designed specifically to scrape Yelp page data. However, what can you extract from Yelp pages utilizing the Yelp Data Scraper application? With this program, you can scrape information about a business, such as its name, address, phone number, and other contact information, as well as customer reviews and ratings. Data can be obtained in a variety of forms, including CSV.

The flexibility, power, and portability of Yelp Data Scraper set it apart from the competition. All nations supported by the Yelp website can be scraped.


Q. How do I use a programming language to scrape data?

Any programming language can be used to create a scraper for Yelp that can be used by the individual. Yelp scrapers can be written in Python, a widely-used programming language. It features a useful scraping library that makes it simple to write programs using it.

Requests is a tool for sending HTTP requests. BeautifulSoup is used to parse the response and extract data. You’re all set to proceed after installing these two libraries. Yelp uses Captchas and IP blocking when it suspects scraping or bot activity, as stated earlier in the article.

It will try to do the same in this situation as well; hence 2Captcha is required to fix the Captcha problem. Using proxies is the only way to keep your IP address from being blacklisted. With the help of these intermediary servers, you’ll be able to mask your real IP address and use them to access alternate resources.

The coding for your scraper is the next stage. The data you’re trying to scrape will have an impact on whether or not this works. In general, you’ll have to look at the HTML code of the website in question. Keep an eye out for any tags that include the data you need while you are doing this. Using BeautifulSoup will help you find the information you’re looking for.

Q. How do I use BeautifulSoup, Requests, and Python to Scrape Yelp?

By designing a custom Yelp scraper for your specific use case, you can save money and time. Python is the programming language of choice for answering this question since it is widely used for online scraping projects and because it has a useful and easy-to-use web scraping package. In order to send HTTP queries, you have to utilize Requests, and BeautifulSoup will parse and extract the response’s contents. You’re ready to proceed now that you’ve installed these two libraries.

In this article, I wrote that Yelp does not allow scraping and uses IP blocking and Captchas as some of the most prominent anti-scraping measures. Captcha solvers, such as the well-known 2Captcha, are required for Captchas.

Your Yelp Scraper must be protected from IP tracking and blocking by proxies, which are intermediate servers that conceal your IP address and give your requests with many IP addresses. Code your scraper based on what you’ll be scraping, not the other way around. The HTML of the page must be examined, and the tags containing the data you need must be found. You’ll be able to utilize BeautifulSoup to get the info you need after reading this.


Most business research now includes web scraping from any social media site. When it comes to market research, many companies are stuck on web scraping. The primary reason for this is that there is no other way to obtain the volume and high quality of data that can be obtained through scraping.

It is difficult to get anyone’s attention long enough to pose a question in today’s fast-paced society. Not to mention interrupting them for lengthy periods of time to do surveys for your company’s market research. When conducting research, web scraping provides you with all of the data and behavioral patterns you need to get the job done.

As long as you can get a program to sort and organize the raw data from Yelp into spreadsheets, you should be part of the Yelp scraping community.

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