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Best Yellow Pages Scraper 2024: Scrape Yellow Pages Data (Phone Numbers, Emails…)

Do you want to get organization and personal details without any stress? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best Yellow Pages scrapers to help you obtain companies’ or personal databases to improve your business outreach without stress.

It’s typical for companies to use cold ads to attract new clients and customers. You can transform a stranger into a loyal customer and profit from him if you approach him in the proper way.

But how do you know who to call and what to say to them? Prospective companies’ contact information is typically obtained by marketers via newspapers or specialist publications like the Yellow Pages. Traditional company directories, on the other hand, are losing ground to e-business directories in the digital world.

Nowadays, finding an organization’s database is a cinch, thanks to online directories like Yellow Pages and Yelp. Personal and corporate information can be easily retrieved from these databases by marketers. Python can be used to automate the tedious aspects of your job search rather than making daily trips to the job board. In order to make the data collection procedure as efficient as possible, web scraping might be employed.

You only have to write one line of code to get the data you need from numerous sources. Using a Yellow Pages scraper will speed up the process and make it much easier to manage. Even with lots of scraping tools on the market, it might be tough to choose the best one for your organization’s needs. For your convenience, I have compiled a list of the best Yellow Pages scrapers, including descriptions of each one’s key features.

10 Best Yellow Pages Scrapers in 2024

1. Bright Data — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Streamlining and Automating Yellow Pages Data Extraction

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Availability of proxies, Datasets (readymade), positive data scraping support

The first Yellow Pages scraper on this list is Bright Data. With Bright Data, you can easily scrape the Yellow Pages with no hassle. Having worked with them for a long time, I am convinced that they have all of the characteristics you could possibly desire. You won’t have to worry about your reputation or personal information being compromised if you use this service. They claim to be the world’s most popular platform, and to be honest; I have to agree.

2. Apify — An Easy-to-scrape Yellow Pages Scraper and Data Scraping Automation

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Personalized scraping and Exportation support

It’s important to know how Apify works if you want to scrape Yellow Pages easily. Simply put, Apify is one of the most effective scrapers for Yellow Pages available, and the greatest thing is that they allow you to create your own settings for them. Instead of receiving irrelevant data, you’ll receive relevant information based on what you’re attempting to find this way instead.

3. ScraperAPI — Best for Easy Data Extraction

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Supports Rendering of JavaScript, Availability of Rotational IP addresses, Unlimited bandwidth, and Provision of over forty million IP addresses.

ScraperAPI is one of the few Yellow Pages scrapers you can use to manage CAPTCHAs, devices, and proxies so that you can retrieve HTML from any internet page via an API call. Rotating IP addresses and unlimited bandwidth are two of the best features of this Yellow Pages scraper, in my opinion. ScraperAPI is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable Yellow Pages scraper.

4. ScrapingBee — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for IT Organizations and Programmers to Manage Scraping Procedures with no Proxies or VPNs

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Supports Processing of JavaScript, Supports Auto-switching of Proxies, Permits Google Sheets Software Usages, and Google Chrome Browser Compatibility.

ScrapingBee is the only name I can think of when it comes to a scraper for Yellow Pages. You’ll be able to surf the web without restriction, thanks to this Yellow Pages scraper.

In order to avoid being blacklisted while scraping the Yellow Pages, they offer both traditional and upscale residential proxies. Additionally, they allow you to view all URLs in a real browser, which enables you to manage Yellow Pages that rely solely on Javascript.

5. Octoparse — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Cloud-Based Data Scraping

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: It helps prevent blacklisting with the use of anonymous web data scraping and endless scrolling.

This Yellow Pages scraper has a Windows environment. It bears a striking resemblance to Parsehub in terms of Yellow Page scraping features. It is less expensive than Parsehub, but there are reports that it is more difficult to use.

Customers who want to run scrapers on the cloud can use this service. Scrape the bottom of the login form, fill in forms, display Javascript, browse through the infinite scroll, and many more options are available.

6. FMiner — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Web Data Extraction and Crawling

  • Data Format: SQL, CSV, Excel
  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: supports keyword input lists, supports data extraction from hard-to-crawl Web 2.0

The next Yellow Pages scraper is FMiner. Windows and Macintosh OS X users can use it to collect data from the internet via screen scraping and web macros. The visual Yellow Pages scraper FMiner is a great tool. The only downside is the 249 USD cost of the pro version.

7. ParseHub — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Scanning Web with Diverse and Complicated Websites

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: IP Rotation, Cloud-Based Data Storage, Provides APIs and Webhooks for integrations, Data Collection from maps and tables.
  • Data Format: Excel, JSON

With this desktop Yellow Pages online scraping tool, you can scan even the most complicated and diversified websites. It is based on the Yellow Pages database. ParseHub servers are used to conduct the scraping. Make the command in the program, and you’re done. One of my go-to tools for scraping Yellow Pages is ParseHub, despite its lack of popularity compared to the other scrapers on this list.

8. — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Efficient and Productive Data Extraction

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Reliable and Fast Data Extraction, Collects Data on Large Scale, Provides Speed and Size for Data Insight

The last Yellow Pages scraper on this list is Dexi. It’s a scraper for the Yellow Pages that allows users to engage. Pre-built database streams are one of the most exciting features. This means that you can use other APIs like Clearbit, Google Sheets, and others to alter the data you scrape from Yellow Pages.

9. Diffbot — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Tech Companies and Programmers for in-house Web Scraping

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Installation simplicity, Supports Structured Data Retrieve using AI Extractors, Provision of Crawlbot for Extraction Scaling up to a thousand pages

Several APIs are provided by this Yellow Pages scraper to extract structured data from product, article, and conversation websites. The only thing about this Yellow Pages scraper is that it has a rather expensive plan of a fee of 299 USD monthly as its basic plan.

10. Scrapy — Best Yellow Pages Scraper for Easy and Fast Yellow Pages Data Extraction and Expert Python Programmers

  • Yellow Pages Scraping Features: Open Source Data Extraction, High Expandability, Easy Deployment Procedure, Availability of Gateway Modules.

The last Yellow Pages scraper on this list is Scrapy. What makes this Yellow Pages scraper unique is that it is completely free to use. Scrapy is a python-based Yellow Pages scraper that you can use to crawl and extract web pages through its unique API.

Important Things to Note When Deciding the Best Yellow Pages Scraper to Use

There is an enormous amount of unstructured data floating around the internet. In order to get the most out of it, we need protocols in place. Data extraction and experimentation necessitate web scraping, which is one of the most crucial tasks. In order to begin online scraping, you will need to have the entire necessary web scraping technologies ready, which might take a long time and consume a lot of resources. A few factors should be taken into account prior to deciding on a Yellow Pages scraper for your business.

1. Accuracy of data

As previously stated, the vast bulk of online content is disorganized and must be restructured before it can be effectively accessed and utilized. If you want to keep the data you collect clean and organized, look for a Yellow Pages scraper that has such features. It is important to remember that the quality of the data will have an impact on the research.

2. Effective Customer Support

You may need help with your web scraping program if you experience a problem. Because of this, customer service is an important factor in determining the quality of service. This should be the primary emphasis of the Web Scraping service provider. It’s unlikely that anything will go wrong with your business if your customer service is top-notch. You no longer have to put up with the agony of having to wait for an appropriate response when you have skilled customer service. Before making a purchase, call customer support and note how long it takes them to respond.

3. Anti-Scraping Procedures

Many websites on the internet should have anti-scraping measures in place. If you’re afraid of running into a brick wall, modifying the crawler can help alleviate that concern. Web crawlers that are well-equipped to deal with these obstacles should be considered.

4. Type of Data Format Delivery

Selecting an appropriate online scraping technology is influenced by the data’s file type as well. Let’s assume you need data in JSON format, and then you may have to restrict your query to retrieve that data.

Choose a crawler that can transfer data in a number of formats from a reputable provider to ensure your safety. Because data in formats you’re not acquainted with may be required at some point. Using tools with a wide range of capabilities ensures that you will never run out of space for data transmission. Ideally, data should be sent as XML, JSON, CSV, or through FTP, Google Cloud Storage, DropBox, and similar methods.

5. Transparency in Pricing Structures

The pricing structure of the tool used should be simple. This means that there should be no surprises in the price model; instead, all detail should be included. Look for a business that is straightforward about price and doesn’t hold back when outlining the many alternatives available to you.

6. Scalability

You need a solution that can expand with your data scraping needs, so make sure the one you choose has those qualities as well. A Web Scraping Tool that does not slow down while data consumption increases are essential.


Q. Why scrape Yellow Pages?

Though Yellow Pages may have faded from prominence, it remains one of the most valuable sources of company information on the internet. Staying abreast of today’s avalanche of information is critical in today’s hyper-connected day.

Even the tiniest of changes can have a profound effect on your firm and the market as a whole.” The yellow pages are the only ones that truly understand the local market. Scraping Yellow Pages is your first step to acquiring a competitive advantage because it is supported by decades of data and has seen and weathered the biggest technological transformation.

Q. How do I use Python to scrape Yellow Pages?

A web crawler is a piece of computer software that accesses directories to gather information on companies and stores it on a local device. As soon as the HTML is retrieved, it is parsed and saved in an easily accessible format by the web scraper. It’s simple to scrape the Yellow Pages. Despite this, the process isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds.

As a result of their dislike of being scraped, Yellow Pages employ anti-scraping tactics to prevent scraping. In order to build your own Yellow Pages scraper, you’ll need to know what features you need. Even if JavaScript is not installed, you can use JavaScript to scrape data.

Any programming language can be used to write a Yellow Pages scraper. When it comes to building web scraping robots, Python is the most commonly utilized programming language. Choosing resources to work with is the next step after deciding on a language.

Your scraper will be straightforward and easy to use if you use Python. Sending HTTP requests and retrieving HTML for the Yellow Pages will be accomplished through the Requests API.

Beautifulsoup will be used to decode the encoded data. Because we’ll just be sending a few requests, proxies aren’t necessary for these examples. A proxy server must be used, however, when browsing from countries where services are not available directly to the user. An existing Yellow Pages scraper presented at the beginning of this essay is the ideal option for those inexperienced with Python script and its frameworks.


Web scraping can be performed by people with varying levels of expertise and skill. You can choose from a wide variety of Yellow Pages scrapers. This method works equally well for both developers and growth hackers who want to gather email addresses from a wide variety of websites.

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