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How to Scrape Data from Website to Excel (2024 Edition)

Have you always wanted to extract data from websites to excel, but you don’t know how? This article will help you with guides to successfully and easily scrape data from websites to excel.

Computer bots, widely recognized as “web scrapers,” can be used to retrieve data from online sites in an automated way via web scraping. There is nothing special about these online scrapers compared to conventional browsers. Web scrapers, in contrast to online browsers, do not display the content they receive from web servers.

An alternative would be for the programmed logic to extract information of interest from the material, which would then be saved or used immediately. As a result of their automation, they are able to scrape hundreds of thousands of pages in a matter of hours – a feat that would take a person more than one month to complete.

Because of these two primary reasons, websites don’t appreciate being scraped. They overload web servers and distort their traffic data because they send too many requests in too short a period of time.

The second reason is that websites despise actors who try to get their hands on their data for free. Anti-scraping measures are a collection of precautions put in place by websites to deter web scraping. Scraping data from websites on the Internet is only possible if you can get through these protections. If you know what you’re doing, these aren’t difficult to put into practice.

3 Ways Scraping Data from Website to Excel (2022)

1. Utilize Data Services that are Professional

You can utilize a sophisticated data service that provides web data extraction services if you don’t want to work with the data collection process yourself and just want the data provided to you. Web scrapers are used in this sense, but you don’t need to know about them because all you care about is getting the information you want.

Several data services are available to help you obtain the information you need. Professional data services are available from Octoparse, Apify, Bright Data, and many others. Getting a price quotation, making a payment, and having the data sent to you are all that are required.

Depending on the service provider, scraping exercises might be rather pricey. Because the entire procedure is handled by experts, you can be certain that you will have access to the relevant data without having to do anything yourself.

Below are some top cloud-based data scraping services you can use:

Bright Data

  • Data Format: Microsoft Excel, HTML, CSV, JSON

Scraping data from website to excel format is quite easy with Bright Data. Web scraping has never been easier, thanks to Bright Data’s cloud-based web scraper. It acts as a data aggregator, which means it can be configured to satisfy a variety of business requirements. An in-built data unblocker tool makes it easy to access previously prohibited information.


  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

Just like Bright Data, you can also use Apify to scrape website data and convert it into an excel format. Apify has a website crawler to guarantee that all data from a website is extracted. A PDF can be created from the HTML data once it has been retrieved.


  • Data Format: SQLServer, MySql, JSON, Excel, CSV.

I cannot talk about scraping data from website to excel without mentioning Octoparse. In fact, it is one of the most widely used web scrapers for those who wish to have their data in excel form. Octoparse is a point-and-and-click visual scraping application that makes it simple to extract data. You can extract data from any website with our cloud-based web scraper.


  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

Have you heard of Mozenda web scraper before? If not, then you are missing out on this amazing web scraper that helps you save your extracted data from website to excel. Mozenda is one of the most prominent online scraping service providers. It has over ten years of expertise in web scraping and can easily scrape millions of web pages.


  • Data Format: Excel, CSV

With, you don’t have to worry about scraping data from website to excel. With Import-io, even if you don’t know how to code, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the data you’re scraping since the cloud-based web scraper does all the hard work for you. Personally, I believe it is one of the simplest web scrapers out there.

  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

Are you interested in scraping data from website and saving them in excel format? If yes, then I recommend It is an automated data extraction tool for easy web scraping.


  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

In order to keep this list short, I will end with ParseHub as the last best web scraping tool to scrape data from websites to excel. This REST API point enables you to access their scraped data on their servers, which is something I really like. Scraping JavaScript-heavy web pages was no problem for it.

2. Build your Own Custom Web Scraper

A custom web scraper is a common way to extract data from websites for analysis. However, this can only be done if you are proficient in coding. A custom web scraper can be written in any programming language, as long as that language provides a way to send online requests and a way to parse web pages (XML or HTML). As the most common language for creating web scrapers, Python has an intuitive syntax and a plethora of tools and frameworks that make the process easier.

As a programmer, you have complete control over the features you can include in your web scraper and how seamlessly they will work with the rest of your application. You may have to start from scratch if the data you wish to scrape does not currently have a web scraper that supports it. Making a web scraper might save you time in some scenarios.

However, there are some drawbacks to this method as well. You’d have to get around all of the anti-scraping methods if you built your own web scraper. Rotating proxies, user-agent strings, and unpredictable pauses between requests are just some of the ways to get against anti-scraping systems. Online scrapers need to be updated frequently because the structure of the web pages they scrape changes.

3. Make use of Web Scraping Tools

This is pretty much like the first method discussed in this section. However, a few things are different here. There is no longer a need that you have to be a coder in order to scrape data from the Internet since there are already-made web scrapers you can utilize. You simply need to know how to use a mouse or trackpad to point and click to utilize these web scrapers.

Depending on their capabilities, online scrapers can range from the extremely specialized (supporting just one website) to the general (capable of scraping any website). Most online scrapers provide an easy-to-use point-and-click interface for finding the information you are looking for. An online scraper that simply requires URLs, product IDs, or profile IDs is much easier to operate than a general web scraper that requires more information.

When it comes to finding the perfect tool for your web scraping needs, there are a number of options available. A simple web scraper should be adequate if you need to collect a large amount of data from a single website.

Using Bright Data or Apify will be necessary if you’re scraping a complicated website or if you need to scrape big volumes of data. You might want to start with a program that is straightforward to use if you are new to web scraping, like Apify. The following considerations should help you decide which web scraping tool is most suited to your needs. Below, I have selected and discussed two of the most popular web scraping tools.

Bright Data

Consider Bright Data if you are in the market for a robust web scraping solution that can capture data from virtually any website. Data extraction from even the most complicated websites is simple with Bright Data. Using it is a piece of cake, thanks to the user-friendly interface and clear layout.

When it comes to web scraping, Bright Data is your best bet. You can easily import data from a website into Excel with Bright Data, making it easier to analyze and comprehend.

Bright data is the appropriate web scraper if you need a large number of data quickly and easily. Over ten million data points have been pre-collected in these datasets, so you can use them to evaluate patterns, identify persons and social media influencers, and do much more.

Additionally, you won’t be inundated with promotional emails from Bright Data, unlike other competitors. Only essential information is sent to you. Isn’t it time you tried Bright Data for yourself? There is no need to be concerned.


Acquiring data from websites has never been easier with Apify. Scraping data from a website to an Excel spreadsheet is made easier with a simple interface. Apify is the ideal tool for gathering data for a variety of purposes, including market research and advertising. It’s a breeze to extract data from the web with Apify. Apify is a great solution for crawling websites and extracting data using bots and other automated techniques.

When you’re ready to get your hands on the data, you can do it in a variety of ways based on your preferences. In this way, you can receive the data you need instead of having to go through the difficulty of acquiring it by yourself.

Apify is one of the most popular data extraction programs on the market. The sole reason this app is so popular is because of its user-friendly UI, which even novices can operate. Multitasking is a need when gathering data from hundreds of sources. Apify has shown itself worthy of this.


Q. Can my data be saved in another format?

Yes. Data can be obtained in a variety of forms once it has been scraped from a website and saved to an excel spreadsheet, which I’ve previously discussed as a way to scrape website data into an excel spreadsheet.

Q. Why should I extract data from websites?

You can think of no better reason to scrape data than if you’re a company looking to learn more about your competition in order to do effective market research.


To summarize, obtaining data from websites and converting it to Excel or another format is much simpler than you would have expected. No one disputes its legality, regardless of how many websites say otherwise. Finally, I’d want to stress the importance of being courteous when scraping web pages and avoiding submitting too many requests.

At night, you might be able to set a delay between requests and scraping. If the material you’re looking for isn’t time-sensitive, you can save time by using the Internet Archive instead of the destination site’s servers.

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