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The 15 Best SERP API 2024: Scrape Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Data

Are you tired of managing proxy infrastructure or encountering CAPTCHAs whenever you want to scrap data from search engines? This article will show you how you can scrape data from search engines with no CAPTCHA pop-up.

Are you searching for the perfect SERP API for your company’s digital marketing? If you said yes, this is the spot for you. I have collected a list of the best SERP APIs to receive real-time data and results from well-known SERPs in order to boost your SEO. The amount of information that can be gleaned from a simple internet keyword search is astounding. Search results must be narrowed down to only those pages that contain relevant information.

The ultimate goal of every blogger and webmaster is to have their work appear at the top of search engine results (SERP). To achieve high search engine rankings, you’ll need to do things like conduct keyword research and monitor your site’s position on search engine results pages. A SERP API is a terrific method to keep an eye on your competition and your SEO strategy’s effectiveness. With so many choices out there, how can you possibly decide which is best for you? You’ll find the answer to this question in this article.

15 Best SERP APIs to Scrape Real-time Search Engine Results

1. Smartproxy’s SERP Scraping API — Best for Collecting Parsed Data from Google

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD monthly
  • Result Format: JSON, Raw HTML
  • Response Time: 0.61 on average
  • Free Option (3 days free trial of 1000 free requests daily up to 3000)

Climbing the Google ranks without spending a lot of money could be an issue. But not with the help of Smartproxy’s SERP Scraping API. This full-stack solution can scrape the immense amount of data for your research 100% successfully by sending just one API request. It combines a proxy network (both residential and datacenter proxies) with a powerful scraper and a parser.

This tool makes sure that you could gather data not only from any search engine but also get it in a flick of a moment. The scraped results are delivered in raw HTML or JSON formats, depending on your target and preferences.

What’s really cool – the 40M+ proxy pool makes it possible to scrape data from any country or city and receive any localized information which could be relevant for your SEO game. Try this tool without shelling out – it’s only from $50/month + VAT.

2. Bright Data (Bright Data’s Search Engine Collector) — Fastest SERP API with Support for All Major Search Engine

  • Price: Begins at 5 USD for 1000 Requests
  • Response Time:92 Seconds on average
  • Data Format: Parsed JSON, Raw HTML

Search Engine Collector is run by Bright Data, a major proxy service provider. The application can be used to get search results, images, maps, and much more in an organized format. This application is capable of scraping a variety of additional search engines. There are options for selecting a location, browser, and device in the Search Engine Collector. A proxy-like integration is extensively emphasized in the text; although you can also use an API to send and receive requests and data in batches, Bright Data’s interactive playground makes it simple to get started.

I have tested a number of search APIs, and this one is the best. It fulfilled requests in an average of fewer than four seconds, compared to the competitors. The most important factor is cost. Bright Data SERP API has friendly pricing.

In comparison to the usual fee, pay-as-you-go costs 5 USD every 1,000 requests. Even though starting at 500 USD for 200K requests is preferable, it’s still prohibitively costly (2.5 USD per 1,000). I can, therefore, safely state that this solution is intended for medium and large-sized organizations. If you work on smaller-scale projects, it may not be a good fit.

3. Apify (Apify Google Search Result Scraper) — Best for Scraping Google Search Result Pages

  • Price: Begins at 0.25 USD for 1000 Results
  • Data Format: XML, Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML

Apify is the second SERP API to be included in this list. Apify, a web scraping and automation tool, allow you to develop APIs for any website you choose. Using the built-in proxy service, you can access your data from your home or data center. The ApifyStore offers ready-to-use scraping software for the most popular websites (including Facebook and Instagram) as well as custom solutions for any project size.

You can use an Apify scraper to get a list of both organic and sponsored results from Google Search, along with additional information such as snap packs and Snapchats. It is possible to conduct a search within a given area and get tailored data.

Keeping tabs on your competition’s rankings and seeing how their advertising stack up for the keywords you’re aiming to rank for is also possible. There is a free trial available if you’d like to learn more about the service. There is a starting price of 49 USD monthly for the company’s top-tier subscriptions.

4. ProxyCrawl (Proxycrawl Google Scraper) — Best SERP API for Automatic Web Scraping and Provision of API for Google Searches

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly for 50,000 Credits
  • Data Format: JavaScript
  • Free Option (1000 free credits)
  • Response Time: Less than 5 minutes

ProxyCrawl’s Google search API is an alternative to the official Google API, which has a limited set of features. This API’s main goal is to scrape Google search results, just like Apify’s. Proxycrawl makes it simple to scrape data from Google from anywhere in the globe with a simple cURL request. There is a lot of free information available on Google. When utilizing this software, you won’t have to be concerned about Captchas or blocks. It’s completely free to use. Proxycrawl offers 50K credits monthly for 29 USD monthly. There is also a risk-free trial version available.

5. ScraperAPI — Best SERP API for Large Scale SERP Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly for 100,000 API Credits
  • Data Format: HTML, JSON
  • Free Option (7 days free trial for 5000 requests)

If you’re concerned about your web scraping activity being shut down, you should use the Scraper API. With the Scraper API, proxy, browser, and CAPTCHA handling are all made much more convenient and straightforward. API calls can be used to get the HTML code of any website. Due to its capacity to retrieve Google search results, this tool is ideal for low-budget SEO and market research.

All that’s needed to get started is a GET call to the API endpoint with the API key and URL. A database spanning more than 40 nations contains more than 40 million IP addresses. This low-cost service provider offers a seven-day free trial with 5000 requests to new customers. Scraper API features a plan for every budget, from 29 USD monthly for 250,000 Google pages monthly to Enterprise subscriptions for hundreds of millions monthly.

6. ScrapingBee — Best SERP API for Extracting Local Results, Ads, Relevant Inquiries, and Organic Results

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly for 4000 searches
  • Data Format: HTML
  • Free Option (1000 free searches)

Known for its support of headless browsers and managing proxy, the ScrapingBee API is a popular choice for web scrapers. The API runs JavaScript on web pages and changes IP addresses for each web request to prevent being prohibited from reading raw HTML.

How to find out what people are looking for is one of the ways to find out what questions they have. A complimentary API credit of 1000 free searches is available to new users. This will lead to 40 different outcomes. They have reasonably priced packages. 4000 search results are included in the monthly fee of 29 USD.

7. Oxylabs (Oxylabs SERP Scraper API) — Best SERP API for Collecting and Structuring All Web and Google Searches

  • Price: Begins at 99 USD monthly
  • Response Time:82 seconds on average
  • Data Format: CSV, JSON

Other major proxy providers have smaller networks, but Oxylabs has the largest (and, on occasion, best-performing) proxy network. Its SERP Scraper API is compatible with a number of other popular search engines. Other Google services, such as Shopping, are also within its purview. The SERP Scraper API is the most feature-rich of these utilities. Data from any location can be collected with this tool, which allows you to retrieve data in batches via a webhook. If only a few search kinds are supported, it is the only Option that can export CSV files (mostly Google web search).

In my tests, the SERP Scraper API performed only fair (9.82 seconds avg. response time). Because of this, it was still able to finish all requests on time, despite the large throughput it had. Oxylabs has a Postman collection that you can use to test your setups, despite the lack of a playground. If you can afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a service, this tool is a better option than Bright Data’s API. It’s a great alternative to Search Engine Crawler in this sense.

8. SERPMaster — Best SERP API Offering Multiple APIs for Google Products

  • Price: 2 USD for 1000 results up to 200 USD monthly (Advanced plan), 2.30 USD for 1000 results up to 92 USD monthly (Regular plan), 4 USD for 1000 results up to 20 USD monthly (Micro plan)
  • Data Format: JSON, HTML
  • Response Time:4 Seconds on average
  • Free Option (250 free requests monthly)

The Google Search API, the Google Shopping API, and the Google News API are all available through SERPMaster. You can use it to mimic a variety of browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets, and analyze all of the SERP features. This program provides hyper-localized data down to the country, city, and even coordinate level. An average of 7.4 seconds later, SERPMaster returned my results. Even with a stringent delay of 30 seconds, 95 percent of the requests were successful.

With SERPMaster’s low pricing and powerful functionality and speed, the software’s best asset is its low price. Small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of some of the most affordable coverage options available. Getting 100,000 results, for example, costs only 2 USD for 1,000 requests. But there are a number of problems with the service’s user interface. The only thing to see at the playground is a Postman collection. There is no method to arrange plans, and there is no way to know how much data was consumed (the latter are available via an API call). It’s possible that you’ll have to wait a bit to receive a response because the service does not offer a live chat option. However, if you don’t mind these tiny inconveniences, SERPMaster is an excellent choice.

9. Blazing SEO (Blazing SEO’s Scraping Robot) — Best SERP API for Cheap Google SERP Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 1.50 USD monthly (for the Corporate plan), 1.70 USD monthly (for the Personal plan), and 2 USD monthly (for the Starter plan)
  • Data Format: JSON
  • Response Time:18 Seconds on average and up to 2 minutes
  • Free Option (5000 free scrapes monthly)

This SERP API is another amazing one on this list of best SERP APIs. Blazing SEO is the next item on the list. Blazing SEO’s scraping robot focuses on SEO’s foundational principles.

It is a desktop-only search engine that allows country-level targeting, integrates as an API through an open connection, and parses only the most significant components of web searching (related request, people also ask, paid, organic). It’s also possible to enhance the tool’s performance in other ways. The average request took more than 19 seconds to finish despite a large timeout of 150 seconds.

10. SerpApi — Provides Complete, Easy, and Fast API for Scraping Google Search Engine

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD monthly for 5000 Searches
  • Result Format: JSON
  • Free Option (100 free searches monthly)

Because of its extensive capabilities, SerpApi is trusted by enterprises such as The HOTH, Harvard University, and IBM when it comes to scraping search engine results pages. Users should expect fast, precise responses from the SerpApi API when performing routine tasks. Results can be received from anywhere in the world, regardless of where you are.

It is no longer necessary to stress over the quality of search engine results while using the SERP API. Because of their tireless work, SERP API is able to give millions of search results monthly with near-perfect data quality.

In addition to the typical organic results, the API provides direct answers, maps, e-commerce, and knowledge graphs for users to peruse and interact with. Memberships in the premium tier begin at 50 USD monthly and include a 14-day risk-free trial. This API isn’t the cheapest alternative because of the quality of its pre-built solutions and data.

11. Scale SERP — Best SERP API for Real-time and Free Google Search Results

  • Price: Begins at 9 USD monthly for 1000 Searches
  • Data Format: HTML, CSV, JSON
  • Free Option (125 free searches monthly)

Scale SERP is a Google search API. This SERP API is worth every of its charge because it provides you with friendly pricing and free 125 search results monthly forever. For only 0.29 USD, you can conduct 1,000 searches in your quest for a more cost-effective option. Search kinds, languages, and devices are all supported by Scale SERP. For the purpose of parsing pages, it makes use of a patented AI-powered visual inspection technology. For more precise and detailed findings, Scale SERP’s features might be utilized.

A small number of people will benefit from the extremely narrow outputs of scale SERP, which only apply to some. Many people may find Google Scholar and Sports useful features, but not everyone does. Scale SERP supports Python, Node.js and PHP. More than 15K simultaneous requests can be handled by this tool in an efficient and dependable manner. It’s versatile, dependable, and simple to use.

12. Zenserp — Best SERP API for Fast Search Result Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly for 5000 Searches
  • Result Format: JSON
  • Free Option (50 Free Requests)

It is also possible to scrape Google search results using the Zenserp tool. One of the most important factors in the design of the API was its “speed.” An excellent search engine API that is both fast and reliable. Searches can be performed at any rate, and all potential endpoints are available (all plans include unlimited concurrency). This approach can be readily integrated with PHP, Node.js, Python, CURL, or a web browser in a short period of time.

This company has gone above and above to ensure that data is provided as promptly as possible without compromising the quality of the data. The API provides tools for scraping answer boxes and highlighted snippets from SERPs in addition to organic and paid results. The only downside to Zenserp on this list is the sticker shock. Getting started with this API costs 29.99 USD; however, a free version is also available.

13. Value SERP —Best Lowest Cost SERP API

  • Price:50 USD (Pay As You Go) for 1000 Requests
  • Result Format: JSON, CSV, HTML
  • Response Time: Less than 2 minutes

Value, the service provided by SERP, is reasonably priced. The cost of 1000 searches is 1.5 USD if you pay as you go for the service. Its monthly plan is more reasonable in terms of package subscriptions because it lowers the cost of 1000 searches to 0.15 USD. Free searches are another perk of the trial.

No other search engine is currently supported. As with other HTTP APIs, this one also works. SerpWow is a more feature-rich and sophisticated service, despite its identical design.

14. DataForSEO — Best and Powerful SERP API for Data-driven Marketers

  • Price: Begins at 600 USD for 1 million SERPs
  • Turnaround Time: From 11 Seconds to 5 minutes on Average
  • Result Format: Parse JSON, Raw HTML

You can quickly scrape search results with the DataForSEO SERP API. This system takes care of proxy, network, and parser management for regularly changing variables. Scraping data from all over the world is made possible by having a large number of IP addresses. Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and Google are only some of the search engines supported by the API.

SERPs now provide more advanced elements, including carousels, maps, news, reviews, photos, knowledge graphs, and highlighted snippets in addition to the normal organic and sponsored results. Mobile or desktop search analytics can be selected. With DataForSEO’s “Pay Per Use” pricing model, you only pay for the services you use. It costs between 50 and 100 dollars for a free trial.

15. SerpsBot — Best SERP API for Software Organizations and Data Miners

  • Price: 1 USD for 1000 Requests
  • Result Format: JSON
  • Response Time: 1 Second
  • Number of Results per Request: 10

The last best SERP API on this list is SerpsBot. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! can be scraped with the help of SerpsBot. Because of its low cost and flexibility to access all of Google’s services, the API has become a popular tool for data miners, SEO pros, and marketing experts. SerpsBot can access Google data from a range of devices, regions, and languages. The search engine API allows you to tailor your search requests to your heart’s content.

SerpsBot API is able to make an API call in less than 1.5 seconds because of its proxy technology. While maintenance is being performed, all services using the Google search data API will be accessed through a third-party proxy provider. In terms of output formats, JSON and CSV are two of the options.

The API can be used to access organic results, snippets, and knowledge graphs. There are no rate constraints until you make 1,000 requests in a second. They charge affordable costs for their products and services. You only have to pay 1 USD for the first 1000 results to get started. There is also a risk-free trial version available.


A web scraper is a SERP API, as was previously described. According to some people, web scraping is legal, while others say that it is not. After winning a court dispute in the US, HiQ Labs scrapped LinkedIn since the data was open and accessible and not concealed behind a password or paywall, which the judge found to be legal. Scraping search engine results pages (SERPs) is allowed because they are accessible to the general public.

Q. Should I develop a SERP scraper or use a SERP API?

There are many options for scraping the search engine results page (SERP). You can either design your own or buy a solution that does the work for you. A SERP scraper built from scratch may be a better option depending on your level of technical expertise and whether or not you can code.

The cost of developing your own scraper is zero, and you can personalize it to your exact specifications without having to rely on the efforts of other people. Scraping browsers have the disadvantage that it records more than just IP addresses.

Untrained scrapers will never be able to circumvent the additional anti-scraping measures they employ. This is your best option if you don’t have access to a SERP scraper. Before selecting whether or not to pay for a product, you should consider how long it will take you to create, scale, and manage it yourself.

The value of your time cannot be overstated, and you should use it wisely. Most programmers would be better served by employing a SERP scraper tool than implementing it themselves unless you’re an expert programmer.


In the absence of Google, what would our lives be like? You’re not going to be able to accomplish it, are you? Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a slew of others have become indispensable to our online lives.

It used to be rather easy to gather search results from many search engines, but that has since changed. Your request was entered, the results were returned, and you were able to select the most applicable answer.

However, search engines have evolved throughout time in an effort to better understand user searches and provide more relevant results.

As a result, a wider variety of results should be returned for searches. It’s nearly impossible to find what you’re looking for on the first or second page anymore, thanks to the increasing complexity of search engine results.

SERP APIs can be used in this situation as well. Semantic search engine result page (SERP) scraping has changed the game when it comes to accessing search engines and collecting data, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

You can rely on the information above to help you choose the best SERP API for gathering search engine results and boosting the functionality of your applications. These SERP APIs are the best in the field and should be your first choice when it comes to solutions for SERP data.

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