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24 Best Web Scraping Software for Data Extraction (2023 Edition)

Do you want to extract and make use of data for your online business but don’t know which web scraping software to use? This article is here to help! This article will show you a list of the top best web scraping software you can use.

What is Web Scraping?

Website data and content are obtained through the practice of web scraping. An easy-to-understand form of this data is exported to the user. You can do web scraping manually, but it will take a long time. To speed things up, use a web scraping technology that will be automated, cost less, and be more efficient in general. Prior to the scraping process getting underway, the web scraper will be provided a list of URLs.

Then, it will download the entire HTML code and extract all of the information you need from the page. It is up to you to specify what information you need before a web scraper begins to gather it. The data that you require will be collected and exported in a format that is both usable and legible once it has been extracted. A webpage scraping tool can be used for a variety of different purposes.

In order to conduct market research for your brand, you’ll first need to gather information about potential customers. The price of your product or service is something you should keep an eye on when you’re in the early stages of pricing your product or service. When it comes to online scraping, the ability to keep tabs on the latest headlines is critical. An automated and orderly technique to download structured data from the internet using a web scraping tool is possible.

Scraping data that is freely available on the internet is permissible in the context of web scraping. Personal information and intellectual property should be avoided during scraping. Web scraping, contrary to popular assumptions, is not illegal or unethical.

Not all forms of site scraping are permitted. As with every human endeavor, it must adhere to certain parameters. Personal data and intellectual property restrictions are the most critical boundaries in web scraping, although other considerations, such as the website’s terms of service, can also play a role.

For those of you who have a brand online, web scraping is extremely vital, and this post is going to offer you an in-depth look at how to use web scrapers and why it’s so crucial. Consider your brand’s target demographic, cost, and drawbacks while making your selection among the best online scraping tools. Making an educated choice on the finest web scraping tool for your brand is made easier with this information at your disposal. Let’s get down to business.

24 Best Web Scraping Software

1. Bright Data — Best Web Scraping Tool for Collecting Customize Data Instantly from any Website

  • Price: 7 days free trial available

When it comes to data extraction, you can always rely on Bright Data as a scraping tool. Using it, you can collect and organize your data in a customizable and automatic way. Open-source proxy management makes it easy to access content that is prohibited by websites. A browser extension and proxy API are also provided, allowing you to utilize it from any web browser.

As far as pricing is concerned, it all boils down to what you’re attempting to do with your web scraper. Even if you’re collecting a large amount of information from the public web, using these people is a very cost-effective option because they automate the flow of data into a single dashboard. Their efficiency, reliability, and adaptability make them an industry leader in web scraper tools. You don’t have to worry about putting your reputation at risk because they are fully compliant with rules, and their customer assistance is available around the clock.

2. Apify — Best for API Creation and Data Extraction from any Website

  • Price: Free trial available and 5 USD platform credit
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Data Format: JSON

You can use Apify, a well-known and very effective scraping tool, to develop an API for any website, complete with data center and residential proxy integrations, so that you can maximize your data extraction efficiency.

All of your data can be exported to Excel or CSV in a variety of relevant formats from scraping programs for prominent websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their proxies are available for 30 days free, and they also provide frequent discounts to both existing and new customers, so you’ll never have to pay full price for their services.

3. ProxyCrawl — Best for Extracting Data and Crawling Websites Anonymously

  • Price: 1 USD (flat rate) monthly
  • Provides: Web-Based, SaaS, and Cloud

In order to help developers and organizations scrape the internet secretly for little and huge amounts of data, ProxyCrawl was developed as a leading online scraping software.

Using Proxy Crawl, a web scraper, is the best option for organizations that want to collect high-quality data at a low cost while remaining undetectable to the public. No proxy, infrastructure, or browsers are required to crawl and scrape websites in this way. Using ProxyCrawl, you can avoid captchas and avoid being blocked.

4. ScraperAPI — Best Web Scraping Tool for Managing CAPTCHAS, Browsers, and Proxies

  • Price: Starts at 49 USD monthly
  • Provides: Over 40 million IP addresses, JavaScript, over 12 Geolocation, and Unlimited Bandwidth

ScraperAPI assists designers in the development of online scrapers. You can access data from any website because it works with proxies, browsers, and other protocols. As far as web scraper tools go, I think they’re easy to use and integrate. You can even render JavaScript. In addition, it provides proxies so that you don’t have to expose your personal information, allowing you to develop scalable web scrapers. A monthly fee of 49 USD is reasonable for a hobbyist looking to learn online scraping, but 249 USD is a reasonable monthly fee for an enterprise looking to use web scraping as part of its marketing strategy and revenue stream. When you sign up for one of the more expensive plans, you have access to a slew of additional services.

5. ScrapingBee — Best Web Scraping Software for Effective Proxy Management and Handling Headless Browsers

  • Price: Starts at 29 USD monthly
  • Provides: Proxy rotation, JavaScript, Search Engine result pages scraping, General Web Scraping

One of the most popular data extraction tools in the market is ScrapingBee, which is another solid option for web scraping. Using the current version of Chrome, you can manage a large number of headless instances by rendering your webpage as if it were a genuine browser.

For typical web scraping jobs like price monitoring, real estate scraping, and the ability to collect reviews without being restricted or blocked without using their rotating proxies, you can use them. Their monthly subscription is 29 USD, which is on pace with other well-known web scraping services.

6. Octoparse — Best Web Scraping Software for Non-developers for Easy Data Extraction Management Procedures

  • Price: Starts at 75 USD monthly
  • Provides: Scraping Scheduling, Cloud Services, Infinite Scrolling
  • Extracted Data format: CSV, Excel, and API

Next on my list is a web scraper that caters to people who don’t want to write any code in order to scrape data from the web, like other web scrapers. You, on the other hand, are presumably someone who desires total command over the process and quick and easy access to a well-thought-out interface.

This online scraper program enables anonymous web data scraping, so you don’t have to be concerned about being blocked. In order to get the most out of the service, you’ll have to fork over 75 USD monthly for the “regular” plan that includes more features. For 209 USD monthly, you’ll get access to their professional plan, which isn’t cheap but worth the money if you can afford it.

7. Phantom Buster — Best Web Scraping Software for Data Extraction and Code-free Automation

  • Data Type: Lead Extraction and Social Media
  • Provides: Advanced Workflow via Chain Automation
  • Extracted Data format: JSON and CSV

In addition to helping you with data extraction, Phantom Buster can also help you with code-free automation of your online activities. As a business owner, they want to assist you in creating leads and building your brand’s internet visibility.

They give their clients the tools and the know-how so that they can expand their businesses faster and one thing that I really appreciate about these guys is that they have a lesson on their website so that you can quickly learn how they function and how they can assist you. It’s also possible to try out their tools risk-free for a period of 14 days without providing any credit card information.

Entering your email address is all that’s required to get started with them. You don’t have to download anything, and you can export all of your information, whether this is CRM or something else, to the appropriate format. With these folks, you can automate everything from complex to easy tasks.

8. ParseHub — Best for Online Data Extraction and JSON, CSV, Files, and Images Downloading

  • Price: Starts at 149 USD monthly
  • Provides: IP Rotation, Cloud-Based, Webhooks and API, Scheduled Collection

With the help of ParseHub, you can construct and develop web scrapers without ever having to write a line of code. Consequently, it’s quite user-friendly, and you get to pick and choose whatever information to retrieve. Anybody interested in experimenting with data extraction should consider these people, and the graphical user interface is quite user-friendly. In addition, they provide desktop clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as automatic IP rotation. The free version allows you to print 200 pages in 40 minutes and includes data retention, but only 14 days of assistance are provided. Because they are among the best in the industry at 149 USD monthly for the ordinary package and 499 USD for the professional package, it’s hard to disagree with these rates, even if you don’t agree with them.

9. Scrapy — Best Web Scraping Software for Python Developers

  • Price: Free
  • Language: Python
  • Data Format: XML, JSON, CSV

If you want to build a web crawler that can scale, Scrapy is an excellent scraping tool. It provides entire web crawling frameworks so that they can handle all of the capabilities on their own, and you don’t actually need to bother about things like coding. Because this is an open-source program with extensive documentation, you know you’re getting a product that’s dependable and easy to use. The fact that they are open source means that you can use them for free, making this web scraper an excellent option if you are on a tight budget but still want to maximize the amount of data you can extract for your business.

10. Mozenda — Best for PDF Content, Images, and Text Extractions from Web Pages

  • Price: Starts at 250 USD monthly
  • Data Type: PDF Content, Text, and Images
  • Provides: Data Cleansing and Harvesting

With more than 7 billion pages scraped, I think Mozenda is an excellent cloud-based web scraping tool for large organizations looking for a cloud-based application.

They provide an easy-to-use point-and-and-click interface for creating web scraping events, and you can even request blocking tools for real-time web data collection.

They provide some of the greatest customer service and account management in the market, as well as email and phone support for all of its clients. If you have the funds available, their platform and pricing are very fair, especially when compared to other options. As a result, this is a web scraping solution best suited to large corporations and brands. Their cost starts at 250 USD monthly.

11. Diffbot — Best Web Scraping Software for Automatically Identifying Pages Using Analyze API

  • Price: Starts at 299 USD monthly
  • Provides: SaaS (fully hosted), CSV and JSON format, HTML and Clean Text, Visual Processing, Structured Search

When you use Diffbot, a web scraping tool, you can extract data from online pages and identify those pages automatically so that they know exactly what you want to scrape, and they can begin the process for you. You will only get results that are relevant to what you are looking for because they are organized in this way, and they can export your data in CSV and other formats as well. After the 14-day free trial, their pricing starts at 299 USD monthly, which is quite expensive, but it’s well worth the money if you can afford it.

12. ScrapeBox — Best Web Scraping Software for Mass Scraping and Harvesting

  • Provides: Site Audits, List Filtering, Search Engine Scraping, Proxy Harvesting, Email Scraping, Webpage Meta Scraping, Sitemaps Creation
  • Price: 97 USD (one-time purchase)

There are a number of things you can accomplish using ScrapeBox, a website scraper tool and desktop software that is linked to web scraping. When it comes to online scraping tools, these guys are one of the top solutions for agencies and professionals looking to get the most out of a web scraping tool.

Having the ability to run this on your own computer is the nicest part, and there are a lot of features to make use of. They’re also quite reasonably priced.

13. Screaming Frog — Best for Data Extraction in Real-time

  • Price: Free (for the free version), 198.70 USD yearly (for the paid version)

Screaming Frog is a web scraping application that works on both Mac and Windows, making it simple to gather the data you need for your brand’s online presence. Crawl the URLs of web pages to conduct technical checks and assess their content. Your findings can be analyzed in real-time from both large and small websites. There are a lot of things you can take advantage of, and I believe it’s a good value for the money you spend.

14. Grepsr — Best for Routine Data Extraction Automation

  • Price: Starts at 199 USD monthly

As a data scraping tool, Grepsr can help you with lead-generating initiatives, as well as other capabilities like news aggregation, competitor data collecting, and even financial data collection. When it comes to lead generation, you can use site crawlers to find relevant information, and you can also extract the crucial email addresses. With the free version, you can learn the ropes of using this online scraper before spending 199 USD per source to upgrade. This may be one of the largest advantages of using this web scraper.

15. Scraping Dog — Best Web Scraping Software for Easy Handling of CAPTCHAs, Browsers, and Proxies

  • Price: Starts at 20 USD monthly
  • Provides: Headless Chrome, Webhooks, JavaScript, IP Rotation

You don’t have to worry about proxies, browsers, or CAPTCHAs when you use the next scraping tool on our list. If you want to scrape data for your LinkedIn profile, you can use the LinkedIn API, which gives you access to the HTML data of any web page on the internet.

Non-developers and developers alike can benefit from web scraping thanks to this service because it will automatically change your IP address each time you make a request. The cheapest package is 20 USD monthly, and the most expensive is 90 USD monthly.

16. (Previously — Best for Easy and Transparent Data Extraction

  • Provides: Wide Coverage, Multiple Sources, Structured Results, Historical Data, Multiple Languages is a scraping solution for services and platforms looking for a fully established web scraper. When compared to other online scrapers, their prices are reasonable, and they have a responsive customer care service.

They also have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to accomplish all of the duties required in a practical manner, and they can be easily integrated with a wide range of other solutions. They also provide an advanced function that allows you to perform granular analysis on data sets that you want to get. There is a free version that allows you to make up to 1000 HTTP requests each month.

17. Sequentum — Best for Web Data Extraction and Document Management

  • Provides: IP Rotation, Device Fingerprint, Data Collection from database, API, or file, Reusable Automation Routine

As far as web data extraction, this is one of the greatest web scraping solutions if you are looking to grow your company. It has features like a one-click editor and a visual point editor that are simple to use.

With these guys, you’ll be able to swiftly extract your site data and even construct web apps, thanks to their Web API. You don’t have to worry about switching between different systems.

18. Zyte (Previously ScrapingHub) — Best for Valuable Data Extraction

  • Price: Data Extraction Service starts at 450 USD monthly
  • Data Type: Real Estate, News and Article, Comments, Forum, Medical Drug, Movie, Music, Product Review, Organization, Flight, Job, Vehicle, and Restaurant.

To put it another way, ScrapingHub is one of the most comprehensive online scraping solutions on the market because it has a wide range of products and is open source. Developers of various skill levels can benefit from this service because it provides a wide range of tools for web scraping. If you’re looking for anything specific, they have a wide range of options, and their customer service appears to be on target.

19. Scrapex — Best for Code-free Data Extraction

  • Data Type: Marketing and Sales, Real Estate, E-Commerce
  • Extracted Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV
  • Provides: Handling of CAPTCHA, APIs Data Extraction, Cookie Support

Scrapex is my newest no-code data extraction software. When it comes to data scraping, this tool has all the bells and whistles you'd expect. You can export data in JSON, Excel, or CSV using Scrapex.

20. Web Scraper — Best Web Scraping Software for Easy Extraction of Data and Website Content Duplication

  • Provides: JSON, XLSX, exCSV

An easy-to-use tool called Web Scraper promises to make it possible to extract and replicate all website content, if necessary. For large volumes of data, the solution provides a cloud extension and a Chrome extension that operate with a predetermined sitemap to traverse and extract data.

21. ScrapeStorm — Best Web Scraping Software for Beginners

  • Data Type: Images, Links, Forms, Lists
  • Provides: Cloud Account, Several Options for Data Exportation, Visual Click Operation

My next data extraction software is ScrapeStorm. Because it can scrape data from any site and is compatible with all operating systems, ScrapeStorm is the greatest tool for beginners. Even better, it’s free and doesn’t necessitate any prior technological knowledge on your part.

22. Scrapio — Best for Code-free Web Scraping

  • Provides: Automatic Content Detection, Multiple Filetypes

No-code web scraper Scrapio helps businesses automate their workflow and spend less time extracting data. Any web page can be scraped for text, data, and even links, and you can manage and restore the scraped data.

23. ScrapingBot — Best for Safe and Secure Extraction of Data

  • Data Type: Product Info (Stock, Description, Price, Title), and Image
  • Provides: Headless Browsers Scraping and Big Data Scraping
  • Price: Starts at 39 euro monthly

Data can be safely extracted from a URL using ScrapingBot, a data extraction tool. Its primary function is to compile and analyze product information in order to target advertising better and build a stronger brand. API integration is also available for social network and Google search results data collection.

24. ProWebScraper — Best for Multiple Pages Data Extraction

  • Provides: Custom Selector, API for Accessing Data

This is my last data-scraping software, and it’s powerful enough to scrape 90 percent of the website’s data. In addition to allowing you to extract data from numerous sites at once, the application also generates URLs for you.


Q. How is information extracted from web pages?

When you’ve found the website from which you want to extract your data, use one of the tools from the list above to extract your information.

The web scraping tool will begin the process of extracting data from the business’s website using artificial intelligence and algorithms built by machine learning when you go to the store and paste the URL of the pages you want to collect data from.

Q. What can I use web scraping for?

Finding new customers, conducting market research and comparing products are just some of the many uses for web scraping.


Doing some market research to identify the type of audience you’re trying to reach is critical if you want to leverage and scale your business online. For this, scraping data from relevant websites is one of the greatest ways to compare prices and understand what your competitors are doing.

I have covered everything you need to know about web scraping tools in this article so that you cannot only choose the correct tool for your purposes but also figure out how to use it to your advantage. Use the best web scraping tool you can find, and good luck getting the data you need for your company’s website.

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