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10 Best Web Scraping Services for Data Extraction (2023 Edition)

Do you want the best web scraping services for a better and more convenient web scraping experience? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best web scraping services in the market.

It is possible to extract large amounts of data from the internet using automated web scraping. Most of this data is in HTML format, which is subsequently transformed into structured data in a spreadsheet or database for further usage.

With a range of ways to choose from, web scraping offers both pros and cons. Web scraping can be as simple as utilizing an API or as complex as writing your own code from the ground up. The structured data on many huge websites, like StackOverflow, Facebook, Twitter and Google, is accessible through APIs.

Even if this is the greatest alternative, other sites may not offer organized data or may not be as technologically savvy as this one. Web Scraping is the greatest method for obtaining data from a website in this case.

In this article, I will show you the best web scraping services to choose from when you want to scrape data from the net.

10 Best Web Scraping Services in 2023

1. Apify — Best Web Scraping Service that Offers Solution for Extracting Data, Web Scraping, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • Price: Begins at 100 USD with 1 week delivery (for small/medium-size projects), 1k USD monthly with 1 to 4 weeks delivery (for large-scale projects)
  • Data Format: RSS, XML, Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

In terms of robotic process automation (RPA), data extraction, and web scraping, Apify stands out as a top choice since it offers everything you could possibly need in one package. If you're a data-driven firm, Apify for Enterprise is a wonderful option for you. In part, Apify's success as a service is due to its world-class professionals who stick with you from start to finish.

Professionals in site extraction and automation will assist you at every step of the way, from the first analysis of your needs to the completion of your order for the finished product. Custom integration will benefit you. You can use internal databases, CRMs, or APIs to incorporate your new web scraping technology into your workflow. An SLA (Service-Level Agreement) will be provided to you that guarantee timely delivery of data without sacrificing quality.

2. ProWebScraper — Best Cheapest Web Scraping Service with 24/7 Customer Support

  • Price: Begins at 40 USD monthly (for 5k pages scraping)
  • Maintenance and Setup fee: 0 USD
  • Data Format: CSV, JSON
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

To get the information you need quickly and inexpensively, there's no need to go any farther. You need ProWebScraper. ProWebScraper's service will leave you speechless from the moment you describe your requirements until the data is sent to you in the format of your choosing. In every way, ProWebScraper surpasses the competition: from the scraper's creation and ongoing maintenance to the data it provides.

They have a well-trained staff that will guide you through every step of the procedure, from planning to data delivery, without causing you any problems. Keep in mind that they do not charge any fees to set up or maintain their services. To put it another way, web scraping is now a thing of the past, enabling you to focus on expanding your business instead.

3. PromptCloud — Best Web Scraping Service with Provision of Effective System for Monitoring Site Changes

  • Price: Begins at 5 USD (for scraping 10k records)
  • Maintenance and Setup fee: 79 USD
  • Data Format: JSON, CSV
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

An online scraping solution that is both enterprise-grade and completely managed, freeing you to concentrate on your business, is PromptCloud. Yes, for a variety of reasons, PromptCloud is the industry leader in web scraping.

You'll be able to rest because this service will take care of everything. It shines at every step of the process, from constructing a scraper to assuring data quality to delivering the data.

Your job or demand doesn't matter at all; PromptCloud is a web scraping company that specializes in difficult and challenging web scraping assignments and bespoke data feeds. Monitoring systems ensure that even the slightest changes to websites aren't missed, so you don't have to.

4. Scrapinghub — Best Web Scraping Service with Quality Data Scraping Assurance and Provision of Robust Service to New Businesses to Fortune 500 Companies

  • Price: Begins at 450 USD monthly (Data Subscription), 2k monthly (Custom projects)
  • Data Format: XML, JSONLines, JSON, CSV
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

Types of Delivery: Google Drive, Dropbox, Email, Google Cloud Storage, AWS S3, SFTP, FTP

Scrapinghub is a web scraping powerhouse with over a decade of expertise and a monthly page delivery rate of 8 billion! Scrapinghub has established itself as a prominent online scraping service with a growing worldwide customer that includes start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations. For every size organization, Scrapinghub can provide a comprehensive online scraping solution.

Because of its unique skills, it has been able to become a global leader in web scraping. Many data scientists work tirelessly to develop systems and methods so that they can better serve you. You can scale it up or down according to your needs. Scrapinghub enjoys scaling things up, but it doesn't sacrifice quality.

In order to offer you accurate and actionable data, it has implemented industry-leading quality assurance methods and systems. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated test procedures have all been developed to meet this need.

5. Sequentum — Best Web Scraping Service with Provision of Custom Data Scheme to Help with Special Needs

  • Price: Begins at 15k USD annually
  • Platform Supported: Web-Based, SaaS, Cloud
  • Device Supported: Windows, Desktop
  • Data Format: SQL Server, PDF, XML, Parquet, JSON, Excel, CSV
  • API: YES
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES
  • Customer Support: YES

Sequentum is the unchallenged leader in online data extraction solutions for the corporate. Sequentum has established itself as a leader in online data extraction at scale and with high reliability. It is Sequentum's duty to serve you to the best of its ability from beginning to end. In terms of online data extraction agent creation, hosting, ongoing maintenance, data compliance and delivery, Sequentum succeeds on every level of the project lifecycle.

Rather than stressing about data access, you can now concentrate on the business insights that can be gleaned from the data. It is also important to note that Sequentum works directly with enterprises and handles the complete online data extraction process instead of just scraping the data.

Aside from handling your compliance criteria and creating the finest unique data schema for your specific output requirements, Sequentum uses smart agents to pull out data, maintains the system in a timely manner, and gives the data to you in the format of your choosing.

6. ScrapeHero — Best Web Scraping Service with Custom API

  • Price: Begins at 150 USD monthly (for 10k pages scraping)
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Data Format: XML, Excel, CSV, JSON
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

In the event that you're in quest of a tool that can extract useful information from billions of web pages, go no farther than ScrapeHero! ScrapeHero extracts high-quality structured data from unstructured online data, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-world evidence. Many customers prefer ScrapeHero because it does all the work for them without the need for any additional software, hardware, scraping tools, or abilities on their part.

ScrapeHero creates a custom API for websites that don't give API or that have API that is rate-limited or date-limited. Scalability is one of ScrapeHero's most sought-after features. Crawls and scrapes thousands of online pages per second and millions of pages each day. For this reason, a huge number of well-known firms throughout the world rely on ScrapeHero to provide their information.

7. Scraping Solution — Best Web Scraping Service with 100 Percent Data Scraping Management

  • Price: Begins at 99 USD one-time fee (for 50k data records)
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30 days
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES
  • Data Format: Excel, CSV

Scraping Solutions has established itself as a reliable online scraping service by responsibly automating its data extraction requirements. It offers data extraction and web scraping services that are 100 percent controlled and ethical. Scraping Solutions is the appropriate company for you if you're seeking web analytics, consumer behavior, and a slew of other useful information.

You won't have to deal with any problems or conduct any troubleshooting because it's a completely automated data extraction and distribution method. You will receive useful information. Data export criteria are also fully configurable so that you don't have to enter anything manually. There are no terms and conditions or bandwidth use restrictions violated in the process of using this web scraping service.

8. Datahen — Best Web Scraping Service with Quality, Timely, and Fast Data Delivery

  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly
  • API: YES
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Data Format: JSON, XML, CSV
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

If you would like to scrape data and utilize it to make smart business decisions, Datahen should be your first choice. This decision was made for a variety of reasons. It's a one-of-a-kind data collecting platform that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Web scraping, API connections, and ETL operations are just a few of the features it provides.

Web data collecting and cleaning can be time-consuming. Datahen, on the other hand, can standardize and simplify everything for you in the best possible way. You can't afford to wait in this fast-paced world, can you? Because Datahen is one of the fastest web scrapers, you should utilize it. Long feedback loops, missing data, and discussion over your specs and requirements are all avoided. It only expedites the delivery of what you require.

9. Datahut — Best Web Scraping Service for Scraping Millions of Records Daily

  • Price: Begins at 40 USD monthly (for personal site), 100 USD monthly (for Business site)
  • API: YES
  • Data Format: JSON, CSV
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

Datahut is one of the best web scraping services out there. Here's why it's so unique. As a result, the web scraping process is made more streamlined and organized. It is responsible for delivering vital Internet data to the world's most prestigious corporations.

Either you receive your money back, or they clean up your info. This is why Datahut is such a trustworthy service. Clean data is extracted and delivered by the company's exceptional staff. Otherwise, you'll be able to request a refund.

Datahut ensures that you don't miss a single piece of vital information that you need. A lot of data points might be missed when you do it manually rather than using software. When it comes to complicated websites, Datahut guarantees that you acquire even the slightest bits of information.

10. Grepsr — Best Web Scraping Service with Provision of Custom Web Scraping Solutions to Different Sizes of Companies

  • Price: Begins at 199 USD per site (for 50k records scraping)
  • API: YES
  • Data Format: XML, Excel, CSV, JSON
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Ability to Extract Data from Ajax and JS: YES

Grepsr is the most reliable online scraping solution for companies wishing to outsource their normal data scraping tasks. It's a web scraping service platform that is totally self-managed. It allows you to delegate the tedious labor of web scraping to someone else while you rest.

Forget about web scraping tools and technology and instead focus on your business strategy and how to grow it. Grepsr can take care of the complexities of web scraping for you. Grepsr is the best choice if you're looking for scalability. Data can be retrieved from any website using the company's strong scrapers.

Moreover, Grepsr is a web scraping company that specializes in bespoke solutions. Grepsr has delivered great bespoke web scraping solutions for businesses of all sizes and shapes, as requirements vary. Automated and manual inspections are carried out for any failures in quality control, which is based on AI and machine learning. They are able to deliver clean and reliable data thanks to this method.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Web Scraping Service

1. Customer Support

As a business, you will always require customer service. So don't forget about this. Get to know their customer service before signing up for web scraping. Even if two services have the same level of technical competence, their levels of customer service may be vastly different. Check out customer support records before you sign up!

2. Functionality

It should also be able to deliver on its promises. If you need to scrape any very difficult or specialized websites, you should hunt for a provider that can meet your needs. With regards to mass data scraping, you'll need to find a solution that can handle it. Determine your needs and seek a service that fulfills your needs!

3. Price

It all comes down to this in the end. Even if a service is excellent, it may be of little use if it is out of your price range. It's important to find a web scraping service that is within your price range. To do this, you must be crystal clear about your financial constraints from the outset. As a result, price is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a web scraping service.


The issue of web scraping legality is a sensitive one. Non-commercial scraping of public data that isn't copyrighted is generally lawful. To get into trouble, you have to do it all on your own. Many facets of it may be unfamiliar to you. As a result, it is preferable to leave the legal complexities of online scraping to a scraping provider.

Q. Is scraping data from websites difficult?

Online scraping is still a difficult task, even with today's advanced web scraping technologies. In addition to scraping the data, it's important to do it in a lawful and safe manner that doesn't affect the website or your own personal data. There's more. Clean and reliable data are also a problem to get. Web scraping is tough and time-consuming because of the numerous nuances involved.

Q. Which is the best between web scraping tools and web scraping services?

Web scraping tools are still a work in progress for you. You must build up and administer a scraper. A web scraping service can save you a lot of time and effort if you don't. In this way, you will be able to concentrate on your main business rather than web scraping's complexities.


This article has successfully examined the best web scraping services for you. Web scraping services come in various types, and each one stands out due to its own set of service differences. As a result, making a decision is a challenge.

This site, on the other hand, is here to help! Now that you've read this, you should be able to choose a web scraping service that meets your needs in terms of cost, scalability, or any other factor. Select the best online scraping provider for your needs, then use that data to grow your business!

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