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10 FREE Web Scraper 2024: Pick the Best Free Web Scraping Tool

Are you a non-programmer who wants to carry out data scraping for your business online? This article will show you the best free web scrapers to help you out without the need for programming or coding.

You've never heard of web scraping before, haven't you? Are you a non-programmer who needs to extract data from a database? Well, in both circumstances, you'll need web scraping tools and applications that don't require any scripting or coding. Online scraping is a method of extracting data from web pages using a scraping bot, so the entire process is automated.

Using this method, a vast volume of online data can be quickly and easily obtained. For non-programmers, there are several free web scraper applications available online that don't require any coding. In this article, I am going to show you the best free web scrapers you can use.

10 Best Free Web Scrapers in 2024

1. Bright Data — Best Free Web Scraper for Extracting Public Data

  • Data Format: Excel, HTML, CSV, JSON
  • Free Option (7 days free trial)

The first free web scraper on my list is Bright Data. It's imperative that you look at Bright Data's free web scraper if you want to save money on your online scraping endeavors. Additionally, the fact that they are free implies that you will be able to go a long way with your web scraping without having to worry about how much money it will cost you. You can either start using them right away, or you can request a demo so that you can have a better idea of what they can do without sacrificing your budget.

Clients can use Bright Data's data collector, search engine collector, and proxy solutions, all of which are available to them. Using a free web scraper with a proxy is essential since the more you can secure yourself when using software like this online, the better off you'll be. Their proxy management and data center proxy database allow you to maintain tabs on your proxies' activities without having to wonder if they're keeping you secure. They also have access to millions of residential and data center proxies.

2. Apify — Best for Powerful Web Scraping for Free

  • Data Format: HTML, XLSX, XML, CSV, JSON
  • Free Option (30 days free trial)

The next is Apify. Using Apify, a web scraping tool, you can extract data from any website and turn it into an API. You can use Apify's free web scraper tool, as well as its web integration, to integrate many services and APIs and automate tasks like filling out forms (web automation). In order to extract data from several URLs, Apify provides a variety of techniques. It shields your identity while you're collecting data from the web. As a result, web scraping is a breeze and completely secure.

3. Octoparse — Best Free Web Scraper for Scraping Web Data Easily and Fast without Coding

  • Supported Device: MAC OS, Windows
  • Supported Data: Real Estate listing, Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media
  • Free Option (Unlimited pages per crawl, Unlimited computers, 10,000 records per export, 2 concurrent local run, 10 Crawlers, and Community, lazy support)

Octoparse is another free web scraper to make this list. As a non-programmer new to the web scraping world, Octoparse is the ideal solution for you. With this tool, anyone can now easily and quickly retrieve data from the internet. In order to extract data, there is no need to write any code. Only a few clicks, and you're done. Octoparse breaks the web scraping process into three stages. When you begin, you only need to copy and paste the URL of the website you wish to extract data from. For the second step, you need to decide what information you want to extract from the website you are visiting. Phase three involves the tool extracting data and making it available for download within one or two minutes. This data is available in Excel, API, and CSV formats for your convenience.

4. Diffbot — Best for Extracting Data on Demand for Free

  • Data Format: Excel, JSON, CSV
  • Free Option (14 days free trial)

When it comes to free web scrapers, Diffbot is one of the best options on the market today. It's one of the most popular online data extraction tools. In order to extract blogs, products, photos, and videos, it features an automated page recognition mechanism (Analyze API function).

5. OutWitHub (Browser Extension) — Best for Harvesting the Web for Free

  • Data Format: CSV, HTML, SQL, XLSX, JSON
  • Free Option (free trial limited to scraping 100 rows of data)

Web scraping using OutWitHub is completely free. It's quite simple to add this extension to your browser. It's a user-friendly tool, especially for individuals who aren't familiar with coding or programming. In order to extract data from any website, you don't need to go through a lengthy process.

6. ScrapeHero Cloud (Browser-Based) — Best Easy Web Scraper for Extracting Data for Free

  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV
  • Free Option (No free trial services for full-service plans, but provides free pre-built scrapers for Walmart, Twitter, and Amazon websites)

Web scraper ScrapeHero Cloud has been around for a long time. Extract and store data with ScrapeHero Cloud, a browser-based data extraction application. It's a great deal, too, with a slew of built-in APIs and other goodies. Using this application, data can be retrieved from e-commerce sites like Walmart and Amazon, amongst other options. Using its free edition, you can evaluate the tool's speed and consistency by using a variety of data extraction options. Web scraping for non-programmers and novices alike is made simple with ScrapeHero Cloud. You don't have to download, install, learn, and run the complicated web scraping tools and software. This saves you time and effort. This program can be accessed through a web browser.

Operating it does not necessitate any programming or coding. It's as easy as copying and pasting the text. All you have to do is paste the URL into the tool, and it will handle the rest for you. Just open your browser and log into your ScrapeHero Cloud account. Once you've selected the crawler, you'd want to use, simply click on it. Getting started is as simple as clicking on the button labeled “Gather Data.” You'll be able to download CSV, Excel, or JSON files of the extracted data in no time. Your Dropbox or other cloud storage account can also be linked to retrieve the data.

7. — Best for Extracting Data for Free and Transforming Websites into Reliable Data Sources

  • Data Format: CSV, JSON
  • Free Option (free trial limited to 1 concurrent process and 1.5 hours of web data extraction) is a free web scraper that I often use for scraping the web. It's a cloud-based solution that helps hundreds of users quickly and accurately retrieve necessary data. Automated data extraction software that does not include misleading or fake information is provided by this technology.

In, bots are pre-installed. Using these bots, web scraping can be fully automated from start to finish. is one of the greatest data extraction solutions for users who are unfamiliar with coding. It's easy to use, even for first-timers, thanks to the point-and-click interface. There is a free version of that enables you to use some of the functions, but the paid or premium version gives you access to all of the capabilities. For a single feature, the monthly fee is 119 USD.

8. ParseHub — Best Easy-to-Use Free Web Scraper

  • Supported Device: Linux, OS X, Mac, Windows
  • Free Option (free trial limited to 200 pages per run, 5 public projects, and limited support)

ParseHub is a well-known and free online scraping tool among non-programmers. Desktop apps for this tool are readily available for download. This simplifies its use and makes it more accessible. If you are looking for a tool for web scraping, this is one of the better options out there.

9. ScrapingBot — Best for Scraping and Extracting Data from any Webpage for Free without Getting Blocked

  • Data Format: JSON
  • Free Option (free trial limited to 5 concurrent requests and 100 credits to use on 1 endpoint)

When it comes to web scraping, there's no better tool than ScrapingBot. It's made specifically for scraping product pages for data. Using this free online scraper tool, you can extract information about a product's price and title as well as its availability, stock, and delivery. When it comes to collecting data for eCommerce companies, ScrapingBot is an invaluable tool. This tool includes a number of APIs for obtaining data in a variety of areas, such as real estate and social media.

10. — Best Free Web Scraper for Extracting Web Data at Scale

  • Best for: PDFs and Image capturing in high-quality format, scraping large-scale data
  • Data Format: Excel, JSON, CSV
  • Free Option (30 days free SaaS trial)

In terms of web scraping, is a very popular and user-friendly application. One of the best free tools for beginners and non-programmers. This software is ideal for retrieving data from a variety of URLs. In addition, it can produce APIs that can be used by other internet apps to scrape updated data from the same sources, as well.

The user interface of is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Tools for web scraping are included in this package. In, selecting the data you want to extract from various websites is a straightforward point-and-click process.

A non-programmer will appreciate how simple this is. A completely online data scraping tool, it's what you'd expect from the name. It's quick, easy, and doesn't require any coding to get started.

Non-programmers who aren't familiar with the ins and outs of URLs would greatly benefit from this tool. It aids in the discovery of all related web pages in order to extract the necessary information.


Q. How do I use web scraping?

Using free web scrapers and tools to collect data from a variety of websites, web scraping has grown in popularity in the field of data science. Bots are used to access and extract data from any web page that is available on the internet. Quick and accurate data collection is possible. Web scraping software can be used to clean data during scraping so that you can retrieve the most accurate and complete information from a web page possible.

In the same way that humans browse the web, web scraping software mimics this behavior. An HTML file is generated by submitting a query to the server. Using this HTML file, you'll be able to replicate the design of that website exactly. This file helps the software get to the data and begin scraping data from the page. The data can also be cleaned if the software is properly configured. Scraped data is sent in a ready-to-use downloaded format that you can import into your database.

Q. What are the benefits of scraping the web?

Business owners can gain a lot from the utilization of data that has been scraped from the web. The modern internet has become a congested environment. Every day, the internet generates around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Doesn't it seem like something out of science fiction? It makes no difference if you are just establishing an online business or have been doing so for some time. In order to turn visitors into customers and keep them from going elsewhere, it's important to use the data available on the internet in the most effective way possible.

You can also use this information to keep these clients coming back for more. Automating web scraping and transforming the scraped data into spreadsheets that can be readily accessed and used can rescue your company from failure. Today's firms, especially those aiming for a strong online presence, must take this into consideration. Web scraping can also assist you in generating leads, which is a must for any online business.

Web scraping's most important feature is that it allows businesses to make use of it. Web scraping makes it simple to learn about your potential clients' preferences, purchasing habits, and virtually any other data point relating to your business.

You can also use this data to find out where and how many prospective customers there are, so you can fine-tune your advertising efforts. You can tailor your campaigns and offerings to the specific needs of your target audience since you have access to their unique preferences. Consider how much time and effort it would take you to manually extract this information. Probably, you'll be doing this for a long time. In this case, scraping tools come into play.

You can get a lot of information in a short period of time with these automated technologies. The sheer number of web scraping programs and tools available on the internet makes it difficult to pick the right one for your needs. However, you can pick from the list in this article.


You must take into account your company's needs and scope when choosing a web scraping program. For those who manage an online business, these free web scrapers can be suitable. Web scraping for surveys and lead creation can be a good fit for some of the others. Choosing a free online scraping tool or browser extension can include considerations such as functions, restrictions, pricing, features, and more.

Online scraping technology is important to your business's performance; therefore, you should exercise extra caution while making your choices. If you don't know anything about coding or programming, free web scraper programs are a great option because they offer many useful functions.

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