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The 14 Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper of 2024

Do you want to scrape data with a cloud-based scraper, but you don’t know which is the most reliable or authentic? This article will show you the best cloud-based web scraper you can use for your web scraping activities.

Cloud scraping uses browsers hosted in the cloud to collect data. Web scraping can be accomplished using any one of three major methods: PC applications, cloud services, or browser plugins.

Cloud-based solutions are the most adaptable, despite the fact that they each have advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, scraping tools don’t rely on a specific operating system, and the data they collect is stored on the cloud. In terms of processing capability, these cloud-based solutions are light years ahead of anything else now available.

However, you should keep in mind that these benefits come at a price. The flexibility, computing power, and cloud-based storage solution they offer are well worth the cost, so it’s up to you whether or not you’re willing to shell over the cash they’re asking for. Choosing a good cloud-based web scraping tool is a difficult task.

Fortunately, the most reliable and proven cloud web scrapers are right here at your fingertips. The greatest cloud-based web scraping services on the market will be discussed in this article.

14 Best Cloud-Based Web Scraping Solutions & Tools

1. Bright Data — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Instant Public Data Extraction

  • Price: Begins at 5 USD per 1,000-page loads
  • Data Format: Microsoft Excel, HTML, CSV, JSON

My number one best cloud-based web scraper on this list is Bright Data. For collecting data, Bright Data is the best cloud-based web scraper application available. As a data collector, it creates an automatic data flow that can be tailored to meet specific business needs. It has a built-in data unblocker tool that makes it possible to acquire access to previously restricted data.

A no-code and open-source proxy management solution also mean that beginners can use it for extracting data without coding. Using Bright Data, users can access information from search engines as well as from the websites they visit.

Web scraping tools are great since they can be installed as browser extensions, making the extraction of data much easier. In order to choose a plan that suits your needs, you’ll need to compare a number of different paid subscriptions with a wide range of features. There are two options for scraping in the cloud.

First, it has a web unlocker, which is an automated website unlocking tool that reaches the target websites and delivers correct data. It contains a powerful unlocking technology that aids in gaining entry to secured areas. IP priming, cookie management, and an automated IP selection option are also available. Users can then select the format in which they want to retrieve reliable data from the websites using the data collector.

Google Cloud Storage, emails, Amazon S3 Buckets, Amazon S3 API and webhooks can be used to deliver data automatically. Last but not least, it features a sophisticated algorithm for extracting information particular to the industry and delivering structured and processed data.

2. Apify — The Most Powerful and Reliable Cloud-Based Web Scraper

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

In order to create an API for a website, Apify uses web scraping technology that is both cloud-based and fully automated. Incorporating residential proxies and data centers makes data extraction easier. Scraping tools for every big website, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Maps, are available in the Apify Store.

Various forms of data can be downloaded, such as XML, CSV, JSON, and Excel. HTTPS data extraction, Geolocation targeting, and Smart IP rotation are all provided by the proxy. Data processing features are included in a variety of modules. To improve data extraction and transformation, Apify turns web pages into APIs. It is equipped with a website crawler to ensure thorough data extraction from a website.

It is possible to transform the HTML data into a PDF file once it has been retrieved. It can also access Google Search and Google Places, as well as other Google pages. In order to verify the content of a webpage and assess its SEO, a defacement monitoring option is accessible to users. Additionally, it can check the webpage for broken links.

3. ProxyCrawl — Authentic Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Data Crawling and Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly

The third cloud-based web scraper that has made my list is ProxyCrawl. It’s possible to store your scraped data, screenshots, and HTML pages permanently or temporarily with ProxyCrawl Storage, a cloud-based storage solution.

There is no need to worry if your target page of the website is developed in any language such as Angular, Meteor or JavaScript using ProxyCrawl API. Using ProxyCrawl’s API, you can quickly extract the data and get the HTML file formatted for your use.

Using this method, you’ll be able to quickly and easily scrape your desired page. The ProxyCrawl is the best choice if you want to build a cloud-based web scraper with the most professional web scraper tool. Scraping data from a website and then modifying it so that it can be used in your future system is possible.

4. Scraper API — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Developers and Designers to Extract Raw HTML Data

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

Cloud online scraping service Scraper API is developed for web designers and developers to extract data from the web CAPTCHAs, proxies, and numerous web browsers can all be handled by it. API calls can now be made to obtain raw HTML data from any website. It renders JavaScript reliably and is easy to use in a variety of applications.

Rotating proxies ensure that your IP address will never be linked to your location, making it nearly impossible for anyone to identify or track your activity. E-commerce, social media, and search engine proxies are all accessible in specialized pools. For the most part, it’s not a good option for browsing. When a request fails, Scraper API can get it. It’s easy to use and customize because of the user-friendly UI. The request type, headers, and IP Geolocation can all be customized using JavaScript.

5. ScrapingBee — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Scraping the Web without getting Caught

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly

ScrapingBee, a cloud-based online scraping tool, is gaining a lot of attention. Use it to render the website as if you were using a browser. Essentially, this means that the newly available Chrome version of the extension is capable of managing many tens of thousands of headless data sets. There is no need to worry about ScrapingBee slowing down your RAM or CPU because it promises to be trustworthy.

The information is displayed in the browser and delivered as an HTML file using JavaScript rendering. The rotating proxies capabilities of ScrapingBee, a cloud-based web scraper, ensure that a website owner cannot track your IP address.

In general, it can do things like price tracking and real estate scraping, as well as extract reviews. Search engine results pages can also be scraped with this cloud-based web scraper. A growth hacking tool is also included to assist with the extraction of contact information, social media-based data extraction, and the establishment of new lead generation sources of business.

6. Octoparse — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Easy Web Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD monthly
  • Data Format: SQLServer, MySql, JSON, Excel, CSV.

When you need to extract data from a website, Octoparse is a cloud-based web scraping application that can do the job for you in only a few mouse clicks. Octoparse is a visual scraping tool that only requires a point-and-click interface to extract data.

With this amazing cloud-based web scraper, you can use extract data from any website. This is possible because it can handle AJAX, authentication, and even infinite scrolling. In order to prevent being blocked, it uses a rotating IP address, and you can even plan a scraping activity. As many as four web scrapers can operate simultaneously.

7. Scrapy Cloud — Best for Monitoring and Hosting Scrapy Spiders in the Cloud

  • Price: Begins at 9 USD monthly

Web scrapers and crawlers need a cloud hosting platform like Scrapy Cloud, which is why it is so useful for online scraping. When you use Scrapy Cloud, you don’t have to worry about servers anymore because they supply you with web scraping optimized servers that can scrape at any scale.

Crawlers and web scrapers have been successfully run on it time and time again. There are several more tools that work well with it, like Crawlera, Splash, and Spidermon.

Without a doubt, Scrapy Cloud remains one of the best cloud-based web scraping tools for Python developers. It is the finest web scraping framework to employ when constructing a web scraper to host on Scrapy Cloud.

8. ParseHub — Powerful Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Advanced Web Scraping

  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

As a cloud-based web scraper that you can use to extract data from online pages, ParseHub is an excellent choice. It is necessary to download software in order to use their free plan, and there are some restrictions.

The actual strength and flexibility of their cloud-based solution are only available with their subscription plans. Personally, I appreciate the fact that their REST API point allows you to access the scraped data on their servers. It was able to scrape JavaScript-heavy websites without any issues.

Regular expressions, scraping of schedules, and IP rotation are all supported. DropBox or S3 are used to store downloaded photographs and files. Storage periods range from 14 days to 30 days.

9. Mozenda — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Easy and Reliable Web Scraping in the Cloud

  • Price: Begins at 250 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

One of the more popular online scraping service providers, Mozenda, has more than 10 years of experience in web scraping, making it possible to scrape millions of web pages without any issues, thanks to their scalable architecture. A number of Fortune 500 organizations rely on Mozenda. Using the Mozenda web scraping stack, you don’t need to create any code or have someone else do it for you because it contains all the tools you need to scrape any data available online. Interesting, you can test it out for thirty days with some restrictions without having to pay for it. Many of the scrapers on this list will save your data on their servers for a set length of time, and you can access it through their API.

10. — The Most Trustworthy Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Web Data Extraction at Scale

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD monthly
  • Data Format: Excel, CSV is a cloud-based tool that helps you get insights from data collected from web pages without any need for infrastructure. As a cloud-based web scraper, Import-io helps you manage all the hardest duties, including setup and monitoring and maintenance, to ensure that the quality of data collected is in line with specifications, irrespective of whether you know how to code or not.’s developer-centric capabilities feature API integration and complicated data collection. As a programmer, you’re in good company. If needed,’s team can provide on-site training as well.

11. Diffbot — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Easy Integration of Web Data and Extraction at Scale

  • Price: Begins at 299 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

In order to extract and sanitize structured data from web pages, Diffbot uses Artificial Intelligence. Data from any website can be automatically extracted with Diffbot, a cloud-based web scraping service. You can scrape any amount of data you want from its system, as long as you have the funds to do so.

No more writing rules for different websites because of their AI Web Extraction technology. The system will accomplish that automatically. Developers can use Diffbot because it includes clients and APIs designed for them.

12. Dexi — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Extracting Data without Installation

  • Price: Begins at 199 USD monthly
  • Data Format: CSV

Dexi, a cloud-based web scraper, is one of the highest-rated cloud-based web scrapers. It is cloud-based and does not need to be installed because it can be accessed through your browser. Dexi has a deduplication mechanism that removes any duplicates from the collected data and allows scraping from any website.

Dexi has a distinct edge over many of the other scrapers described in this post because it supports a wide range of add-ons that enhance the functionality of Dexi and make it more user-friendly. When it comes to creating the database you need, Dexi robots are up to the task.

13. Cloud Scraper — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Automating Data Extraction

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD monthly
  • Data Format: JSON, Excel, CSV

Are you interested in creating a database that will be useful to your company? That’s where Cloud Scraper, an automated data extraction tool, comes into play., a free extension-based web scraper, is the source of this information. JavaScript execution and Dynamic website scraping are both supported by Cloud Scraper, a for-pay service.

Post-processing of data is made possible by the parser built into the system. A large pool of IP addresses is used to efficiently route its queries. In addition, the API allows you to plan your scraping operations and manage your scrapers.

14. ScrapeHero Cloud — Best Cloud-Based Web Scraper for Easy Data Collection

  • Price: Begins at 5 USD monthly
  • Data Format: XML, JSON, CSV

ScrapeHero is the developer of ScrapeHero Cloud. Scraping data from Amazon, Google, and Walmart has never been easier, thanks to these pre-built crawlers and APIs. There are only three simple steps to setting up a crawler: Create a ScrapeHero Cloud account and select the web crawler you wish to use to scrape the website data from any web browser you like.

Crawlers can be added and checked on the ScrapeHero Cloud Platform, as well as data fields that have been scraped and the total number of pages that have been crawled. Infinite scrolling, pagination, and pop-ups can all be scraped by the interface’s crawlers. The maximum number of crawlers you can run at a time is four. An XML, JSON, and CSV file of the scraped data can be downloaded as well as delivered to Dropbox.

ScrapeHero Cloud allows you to set up and schedule web crawlers so that you can obtain updated data from the website on a regular basis. In order to prevent being blocked by the websites, ScrapeHero Cloud plans come with an option for automated IP rotation. Free and lite plan customers get email help from ScrapeHero Cloud, while customers on higher plans get priority service.


Q. Which is the best Cloud-Based web scraper?

Choosing the finest cloud-based web scraper might be tough, especially for beginners, because there are many of them on the market. Cloud-based web scrapers on this list offer a wide range of features and pricing options, so you can pick the one that’s right for your project based on your individual needs.

Q. What is the difference between cloud scraping and local craping?

Scraping your browser’s current page content is a form of local scraping. Cloud scraping uses browsers hosted in the cloud to collect data. With local scraping, you can easily download the information that you see on one page. Cloud scraping is the way to go if you need advanced scraping features like scheduling, infinite scroll, multiple pages, and an API.


As you can see from the list above, there are a plethora of possibilities. You’ll find that only a few of them will work for your individual use case if you evaluate your budget, your specific use case, and the qualities that differentiate them. If you’re looking for a broad scraping solution, any of the cloud-based web scraping services listed above should do the trick.

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