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Getting More Instagram Likes and Followers with Automation

Getting More Instagram Likes and Followers with Automation

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with over 1 billion monthly active users. For brands, influencers, and regular users alike, gaining more likes and followers on Instagram can help increase visibility and reach.

While consistently creating high-quality, engaging content is key, automation tools have made it easier than ever to get more Instagram likes and followers.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore how automatic Instagram likes work, the best tools to use, and tips to grow your account the right way.

The Power of Instagram Likes

Let‘s start with why Instagram likes are so coveted in the first place. Here are some key statistics:

  • Posts with higher engagement are 50% more likely to appear on the Explore page, according to SocialInsider. The Explore page accounts for over 50% of post impressions and traffic.

  • Hashtags with higher recent engagement tend to rank better in hashtag search results. More likes can help raise your rankings.

  • 70% of Instagram users say they look at the like counts on posts, per an Iconosquare study. High numbers signal popularity and trendiness.

  • Accounts with more likes and followers appear more influential and authoritative. People are more likely to follow and trust popular accounts.

In summary, more likes can make your content appear more popular in Instagram‘s algorithm, putting your posts in front of more potential followers. It‘s an important metric for growth.

What are Automatic Instagram Likes?

Automatic Instagram likes refer to services or bots that automatically like posts and engage content for you. They work by literally pressing the "like" button on targeted accounts and hashtags so you can get more engagement without manual work.

Some services sell auto-likes directly. You pay a fee, usually based on the number of likes or followers delivered, and the service sends likes to your posts from bot accounts under their control.

Other Instagram automation tools allow you to set up an auto-liker directly within your own account. These tools search via hashtags, locations, followers of influencers, etc. based on filters you configure. They then automatically like – or perform other actions on – relevant posts and accounts fitting your criteria. This is done by actually controlling your account rather than using separate bot accounts.

Benefits of Automatic Likes

More likes generated by auto-likers can make your content appear more popular in Instagram‘s algorithm, and improve its ranking and visibility in key areas:

  • Hashtag search results
  • The Explore page
  • Instagram Stories
  • Accounts suggested to follow
  • Related post recommendations

According to research by SocialInsider, posts with higher engagement are 50% more likely to appear on the Explore page. The Explore page accounts for over 50% of post impressions and is vital for content discovery. More likes also help raise your rankings in related hashtags, exposing your posts to new audiences searching those keywords.

Auto-likers also enable hands-free engagement at scale. Rather than manually liking posts one-by-one, you can leverage automation tools to target thousands of posts matching your niche and engage far more users than would be humanly possible. This saves a tremendous amount of time while still benefitting your growth in the early stages.

Many growth services that provide auto-likes claim to deliver likes exclusively from real, active user accounts on Instagram. However, while not explicitly disclosed, many predominately use fake bot accounts or low-quality like farms to provide large volumes of cheap auto-likes. This can actually hurt your reputation rather than provide meaningful engagement.

Risks of Buying Likes & Things to Avoid

There are several significant risks to watch out for when it comes to services selling Instagram likes and followers:

  • Fake likes from bot accounts are easy for Instagram to detect. Having an abnormal percentage of likes from suspicious accounts can get your profile flagged. Extreme cases with totally fabricated, artificial engagement can even get accounts banned by Instagram.

  • Spammy services simply automate likes indiscriminately, engaging completely irrelevant content from low-quality accounts, bots, and banned hashtags. This wastes your time and money and does not contribute to meaningful growth.

  • It‘s easy to overuse auto-likes if not metered carefully, getting your account blocked for engagement limits or flagged as spam. Moderation is key.

  • There is little recourse if bought likes are deleted in Instagram‘s regular sweeps of fake engagement. You may pay for likes just to see them disappear.

  • Having a public like count mainly comprised of obvious bot accounts looks very suspicious to real human visitors. It can hurt your credibility rather than help.

So in summary, while services selling Instagram likes and followers promise quick, easy growth:

  • The bulk of the likes often come from bot accounts that offer little real value.

  • Excessive volumes of suspicious likes can actually damage your account reputation and risk bans.

  • There is minimal targeting, just broad, untargeted likes.

  • You have little control, recourse, or transparency into the questionable sources.

For these reasons, buying likes should generally be avoided. A better, safer approach is to set up your own auto-liker within the boundaries of an automation tool.

The Best Tools for Automatic Instagram Likes

Rather than buy Instagram likes yourself, a more sustainable option is using an automation tool to set up auto-likes directly from your own account.

This puts you in control – you can carefully target relevant posts, moderate your usage to safe levels, and ensure you only engage quality content from real users. The likes come across as more authentic, and you reap long-term benefits by connecting with genuine accounts in your niche.

Some top solutions for auto-liking within compliance include:


  • Advanced filters let you drill down to target only the most relevant content and accounts to engage. Options include keywords, hashtags, locations, followers of influencers, etc.

  • Provides excellent built-in delays and safeguards to mimic natural human behavior. This avoids detection from overly-fast automation speeds.

  • Rotates through residential IPs on each action to prevent blocks from repeated likes from the same IP.

  • User-friendly workflow for setting up and monitoring your auto-liker campaigns.


  • Long-standing Instagram marketing platform with auto-liking, following, commenting, DMs, and more.

  • Easy setup and interface for basic automation needs. Allows scheduling posts as well.

  • Less sophisticated targeting and delays compared to FollowLiker but still effective for general use.

  • (Downside) Requires more manual checking to maintain safe limits and avoid blocks. Does not offer robust IP rotation.


  • All-in-one social media manager allows Instagram auto-likes along with posting, analytics, etc.

  • Decent filters for targeting relevant content by keywords, tags, etc.

  • Provides general account security and moderation to avoid blocks.

  • (Downside) Pricier than competitors with less flexibility in auto-liker customization and limits.


  • Budget Instagram growth service focusing solely on auto-likes and followers.

  • Very easy to setup and use for beginners.

  • Limited targeting options based mainly on hashtags.

  • (Downside) Actions lack sufficient delays/limits for long-term use without blocks. No proxy support.

Best Practices

When using any of these tools, be sure to follow best practices:

  • Carefully target hashtags, locations, followers, etc. closely related to your niche. Engaging relevant users has a much better conversion rate to potential followers. Broad engagement does not necessarily translate to growth.

  • Set optimal timing delays between actions to mimic natural human behavior patterns (don‘t like 500 posts in 10 minutes). This blending in helps avoid detection.

  • Limit auto-likes to 500-1000 per day maximum. Going overboard with thousands of untargeted likes may get your account flagged for spam-like activity. Moderation is key.

  • Use a proxy service or IP rotator to mask your IP and prevent blocks from too many actions coming from one IP address. Residential proxies work best.

Growing Your Instagram Account Organically

While auto-likers can provide an initial bump in engagement, long-term Instagram growth stems from high-quality content and strategic organic promotion:

Post Consistently

Posting daily, customized content tailored to your audience is essential. Consistency keeps your brand top of mind. Use an Instagram content calendar to plan and organize posts efficiently.

Optimize Hashtags

Leverage a targeted mix of popular and niche hashtags to put your content in front of both general and specialized audiences. Here are some pro tips:

  • Research competitor hashtags and steal the top ones they use.

  • Search hashtags and sort by recent posts – target ones actively used in your niche.

  • Mix around 5-10 very popular hashtags with longer-tail niche tags.

  • Use a hashtag research tool like Display Purposes to identify banned tags. Avoid these.

  • Include relevant tags in the first comment rather than your caption to look more natural.

Run Giveaways & Contests

Giveaways that encourage users to like, comment, tag friends, and follow you can rapidly grow followers when promoted appropriately. Tactics include:

  • Require users to follow you to enter – this converts participants to followers.

  • Have users post about the contest on their own profiles to expand reach.

  • Consider contest entry services that automatically filter entries by valid actions to cut down fake entries.

  • Promote the giveaway through influencers and paid ads to maximize reach. Make the prize enticing!

Leverage Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers in your niche with 5K-100K engaged followers are affordable partners that can promote your brand and content to a hyper-targeted audience.

  • Search relevant hashtags and geotags to find potential influencers passionate about your products/services.

  • Offer free products in exchange for reviews and co-branded social posts.

  • Use affiliate incentives – offer a commission of sales driven by their promo.

Join Engagement Pods

Engagement pods involve groups of Instagram users committed to liking and commenting on each others‘ content. This reciprocal engagement helps increase visibility.

  • Search Instagram and Facebook for relevant pods to join – or start your own!

  • Use tools like PodSquad to organize pod member activity and ensure equitable engagement distribution.

  • Be careful not to participate in excessive POD activity – stay within reasonable daily limits to avoid issues.

Respond & Engage Followers

Personalized engagement goes a long way. Respond to all comments and build relationships with followers and industry peers.

Analyze Performance

In-depth analytics help refine your strategy. Review key metrics like:

  • Best Post Times – when your followers are most active
  • Top Performing Post Types – photo vs video vs Stories etc.
  • Engagement Rates – likes/comments per follower
  • Follower Demographics – location, gender, age
  • Traffic Sources – Explore page vs hashtags etc.

Tools like Iconosquare and Sprout provide powerful analytics.

The Bottom Line

When used strategically, auto-likers can give your Instagram growth a helpful boost in the beginning stages. However, high-quality content and authentic engagement are necessary to sustain growth long-term.

The most successful brands use a holistic strategy encompassing:

  • Consistent, high-value content
  • Targeted, optimized hashtags
  • Creative giveaways & collaborations
  • Developing micro-influencer relationships
  • Engaging followers & industry peers
  • Monitoring performance analytics

Focus on providing value to others in your niche. Cultivate an authentic community – not just vanity metrics. While automation offers efficiency, a genuine human touch will take your Instagram presence much further.

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