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Elevating Retail Intelligence: How Datacenter Proxies Empowered a Software Leader

CommerceIQ, a long-time partner, is a pioneer in using data to deliver powerful retail intelligence. As a leading provider of commerce execution software, CommerceIQ enables major retailers and brands to turn raw data into strategic insights through its SaaS platform.

With customers relying on CommerceIQ for continuous updates on market trends, inventory, pricing, and more, access to fresh retail data is essential. This presented complex data extraction challenges requiring specialized proxies. Here‘s how our datacenter proxies became the foundation empowering CommerceIQ‘s retail intelligence workflows.

The Critical Role of Retail Data

The retail industry runs on data. From optimizing supply chains to monitoring competitors, data insights drive strategic decisions. Market projections don‘t lie – the retail intelligence space is booming. With the global market expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2027, demand for data and analytics continues rising.

For over 15 years, CommerceIQ has helped define what‘s possible with retail intelligence. Its digital shelf analytics, market share tracking, pricing intelligence and other innovations reveal what‘s really happening across the retail universe.

CommerceIQ‘s cloud-based platform consolidates data from numerous sources into a single source of truth. The company‘s pedigree is unmatched – its solutions are used by 25 of the top 50 retailers worldwide.

The Challenges of Large-Scale Data Collection

To build such a robust intelligence platform requires ingesting vast amounts of data from thousands of sources non-stop. CommerceIQ extracts data multiple times daily across over 5,000 retailer domains globally. We‘re talking terabytes of data flowing at immense velocity and variety.

Most organizations simply aren‘t equipped for data extraction at this scale. Just some of the challenges include:

  • Coverage gaps – Lacking adequate global proxy IPs causes blind spots.
  • Network failures – Unreliable proxies lead to data loss and downtime.
  • Speed barriers – Slow proxies bottleneck workflows.
  • Cost overruns – Inefficient proxies waste budget.
  • Analysis lags – Delays in data access inhibit quick insights.

For CommerceIQ, gaps in data collection were not an option. Their customers know that if something is happening in retail, CommerceIQ will have the data and perspectives. Maintaining this expectation required specialized proxies.

Datacenter Proxies – Built for Scale and Reliability

CommerceIQ required a proxy solution as dynamic as the retail landscape. After thoroughly evaluating the market, they chose our Datacenter Proxies. Why are these proxies ideal for large-scale retail intelligence workflows?

Global Scale and Reach

Our network spans 188 countries giving CommerceIQ the broadest data access. With 100 million+ residential IPs and over 1 million fresh IPs added monthly, the proxies provide diverse, rotating IP addresses to avoid blocking.

Continent Countries Covered
North America 23
Europe 55
Asia 47
South America 33
Africa 52
Oceania 14

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Built on world-class infrastructure, our Datacenter Proxies offer blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gbps across this vast network. We deliver:

  • 99.9% uptime – Keeping CommerceIQ‘s mission-critical data pipelines flowing
  • Low latency – Median latency of under 150 ms for smooth data workflows
  • High bandwidth – Options up to 1 Gbps to avoid throughput bottlenecks

Optimized for Scale

Our proxies easily handle heavy-usage from CommerceIQ with:

  • Concurrent connections – Each proxy supports up to 1000 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited threads – No restrictions on parallel scraping


With our proprietary network backbone, we offer ironclad reliability:

  • High availability – Constant health monitoring and failover keeps proxies running
  • SOC 2 compliance – Adhering to strict data security protocols


Our usage-based pricing ensures CommerceIQ maximizes ROI on proxy spend:

  • Per-use billing – Pay only for the data extracted
  • Volume discounts – Cost savings for heavy usage
  • No traffic limits – Unlimited bandwidth options

Partnering for Success

In the fast-changing world of retail, CommerceIQ couldn‘t settle for just any proxy provider. They needed experts who could understand their use case and deliver the right solution.

For over 10 years, we‘ve specialized in enabling large-scale data extraction for a range of industries. Our team took the time to grasp CommerceIQ‘s unique needs and challenges.

We advised CommerceIQ on proxy best practices – optimal IP rotation schedules, which metadata to fingerprint, debugging techniques and more. We also continuosly fine-tune the Datacenter Proxy infrastructure and locations to maximize performance for CommerceIQ.

This partnership provides them with a dedicated proxy platform that evolves alongside their business.

The Results – Retail Intelligence Powered by Data

With robust, scalable Datacenter Proxies in place, CommerceIQ gained:

Expanded data access

CommerceIQ extracts data seamlessly across more domains and geographies than ever before.

Faster insights

By eliminating data delays, CommerceIQ delivers insights faster to keep customers ahead.

Cost optimization

Usage-based billing reduced CommerceIQ‘s proxy costs by 19% last year.

Unmatched reliability

Uptime exceeds 99.9%, keeping intelligence workflows running 24/7.

Enhanced customer success

Comprehensive, reliable data enables CommerceIQ to provide exceptional service.

Industry leadership

With our proxies, CommerceIQ continues pushing the boundaries of what‘s possible with retail intelligence.

The proof is in the pudding – CommerceIQ‘s solutions have never been more robust. Our partnership empowers them to turn mountains of data into high-value intelligence their customers rely on.

The Takeaway

Retail moves fast. Businesses need data and insights that move faster. For organizations like CommerceIQ that live and breathe web data, powerful proxies are indispensable.

They provide the backbone enabling enterprises to achieve data extraction at tremendous scale with efficiency. If your business needs customized proxies to unlock greater value from web data, let‘s talk. For over 10 years, we‘ve helped leading data-driven companies maximize their potential – we can do the same for you.


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