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How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud and Get More Plays

SoundCloud is one of the top music sharing platforms for new and emerging artists. With over 250 million tracks hosted and over 20 million creators on the platform, SoundCloud offers a unique opportunity to get your music heard. However, the platform is highly competitive and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the most effective tactics to promote your music on SoundCloud and get more plays:

Optimize Your SoundCloud Profile

  • Fill out your artist bio completely and include relevant keywords that will help you rank better in search results.

  • Upload an eye-catching profile and track artwork that represents your brand.

  • Include links to your website and other social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to drive traffic.

  • Add high-quality metadata like song titles, tags, descriptions to all your tracks. This helps SoundCloud‘s algorithm understand your music better.

Follow and Engage with Your Target Audience

  • Find playlists and profiles that fit your music style and engage with them by liking, commenting, reposting, etc. This builds relationships with fans.

  • Reply to all comments on your tracks. Thank listeners and respond conversationally to show appreciation.

  • Follow users who follow similar artists and regularly check out the music they repost. Repost tracks you love to gain a new audience.

  • Use hashtags relevant to your genre/style so your music is discoverable by those browsing these tags.

Promote Smartly on Social Media

  • Share your tracks regularly on all social media platforms. Use captivating text, embedded players, visually appealing artwork.

  • Run giveaways and contests on social media to drive listeners back to your SoundCloud. Offer prizes to incentivize shares, follows, reposts.

  • Use video snippets of your tracks on social media for greater engagement. Add animated visualizers or lyrics videos to stand out.

  • Collaborate with artists in similar niches and cross-promote your music to each other‘s audiences.

Look Into Paid Promotion Options

  • Consider paying influencers or curators to feature your tracks on their high-follower SoundCloud accounts or playlists.

  • Promote your music by running SoundCloud ads that target your perfect demographic and listener psychographic.

  • Pay for articles or interviews on popular music blogs in your genre to gain exposure and credibility.

  • Buy legitimate SoundCloud plays from reputable providers. This will help you appear more popular and get on more radars.

  • Hire a skilled SoundCloud promotions company to implement a marketing campaign customized for your needs.

Analyze Your Data and Pivot Accordingly

  • Use SoundCloud analytics to identify your top-performing tracks, demographics, and listener locations. Double down on what‘s working.

  • Pay attention to the contexts your music is shared and reposted in. Join conversations where your work resonates most.

  • Monitor the keywords and hashtags driving the most visits. Optimize your future content around these.

  • See when your followers are most active and engage with them more during those windows.

  • Identify spam followers and remove them. Focus on increasing genuine, active followers.

With persistence and by leveraging these tactics, you can gain more exposure and listeners on SoundCloud. Test different strategies and find the right balance between organic and paid promotion. Analyze the data frequently to see what resonates best with your audience and help your music reach its full potential.


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