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The Best Instagram Bots and Automation Tools in 2023

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. For brands and influencers, having an active presence on Instagram is almost a necessity these days. However, constantly creating content, engaging with followers, and growing your account can be extremely time-consuming.

This is where Instagram bots and automation tools come in handy. Used properly, they can help you save time and effort while effectively managing your Instagram account. However, you need to be cautious with automation to avoid getting banned by Instagram.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about using Instagram bots and automation tools in 2023:

What are Instagram Bots and How Do They Work?

An Instagram bot is a software that automates various actions on Instagram such as liking posts, following users, unfollowing users, commenting, etc. Bots use artificial intelligence and algorithms to perform these tasks in an automated manner, based on parameters set by the user.

Here are some common features of Instagram bots:

  • Auto Liking: Bots can automatically like posts based on hashtags, locations or user accounts you specify. This helps increase engagement on your posts.

  • Auto Following: Bots follow targeted Instagram users and accounts that are likely to follow you back, helping you grow your audience.

  • Auto Unfollowing: They can also unfollow accounts that don‘t follow back to keep your following list relevant.

  • Auto Commenting: Leave generic comments like "Nice post!" or custom branded messages on relevant posts.

  • Direct Messaging: Send automated DMs to new followers, promote products, or broadcast messages.

  • Analytics: Get insights into your followers and their engagement to optimize your Instagram strategy.

Benefits of Using Instagram Bots

When used properly, Instagram automation tools offer several benefits:

  • Save Time: Bots automate the most tedious and time-consuming Instagram tasks like liking, commenting, following, etc. This frees up a lot of time for you to focus on creating content.

  • Increase Reach: Auto following and commenting helps you connect with more relevant users in your niche and grow your audience.

  • Improve Engagement: Strategic liking and commenting on target posts leads to more engagement on your content.

  • Stay Consistent: Scheduling bots to post at optimal times keeps your account active consistently.

  • Get Valuable Insights: Analytics from bots provide data to optimize your Instagram marketing.

  • Avoid Burnout: Letting bots handle repetitive Instagram tasks helps avoid burnout.

However, there are also some risks involved which we‘ll cover next.

Risks of Using Instagram Bots

While Instagram bots can automation help grow your account, improper usage can get you banned. Here are some risks to keep in mind:

  • Ban for Spam: Mass liking, commenting, following without limits is seen as spam and can get accounts banned.

  • Ban for Automation: Instagram discourages automation and can ban accounts for using bots.

  • Ban for Violating Terms: Actions like mass following/unfollowing violate Instagram‘s terms and can warrant a ban.

  • Security Risks: Bots often require access to your account, risking hacking and compromise of personal information.

  • Low-Quality Growth: Aggressive following/unfollowing leads to irrelevant followers and inflated vanity metrics.

The key is to use automation tools judiciously and mimic natural human behavior as much as possible. Use proxies to avoid mass actions from the same IP address. Also, don‘t depend solely on bots for growth – focus on quality content and community building.

Next, let‘s look at some of the best Instagram bots and automation tools you should consider in 2023.

5 Top Instagram Bots & Automation Tools

1. Jarvee

Jarvee is one of the most well-known Instagram automation tools that offers a wide range of features to help you grow your Instagram without putting in a ton of manual work.

Here are some of the tasks you can automate with Jarvee:

  • Auto liking and commenting to increase engagement
  • Finding relevant hashtags to reach your audience
  • Unfollowing non-followers and inactive accounts
  • Post scheduling for consistency
  • Competitor analysis to optimize your content


  • Basic: $49.99/month
  • Standard: $99.99/month
  • Premium: $149.99/month

Overall, Jarvee is one of the most comprehensive automation tools for Instagram available today. The Premium plan unlocks features like analytics, making it great for social media managers and agencies.

2. Combin

Combin focuses on Instagram growth automation tailored specifically to businesses and influencers. Their tools help you get more real Instagram followers, likes, and comments from targeted audiences.

Some key features include:

  • Detailed audience targeting tools
  • Hashtag and competitors research
  • Automated content liking based on hashtags and locations
  • Commenting on relevant profiles and posts
  • Auto direct messaging new followers
  • In-depth analytics dashboard


  • Starter: $15/month
  • Business: $50/month
  • Agency: $100+/month

Combin is ideal for brands and creators who want to tap into sophisticated targeting and analytics for Instagram automation.

3. Robotify

Robotify is an easy-to-use Instagram growth service that handles DM outreach to get more followers, engagement, and traffic for your brand.

Key features:

  • Targeted account and hashtag research to find potential new followers
  • Automated, personalized DM sequences to engage new followers
  • Commenting automation to improve visibility
  • Post engagement automation with liking and commenting
  • Schedule Instagram posts for consistency
  • Support for multiple accounts

Robotify pricing starts from $15 per month, with options based on the number of accounts and monthly messages you need. It‘s great for small businesses looking for an affordable Instagram growth service.

4. Follow Adder

As the name suggests, Follow Adder focuses heavily on automation tools to help you get more Instagram followers. Some key features include:

  • Auto follow/unfollow based on targeted keywords
  • Options to only follow real, active users
  • Schedule posts and stories for optimal timing
  • Comment liking based on hashtags or locations
  • Competitor benchmarking


  • Starter: $27/month
  • Professional: $47/month
  • Business: $97/month

Follow Adder is ideal if you want to quickly grow your followers and target relevant users in your niche. Just be cautious not to overdo the follow/unfollow.

5. Social Buddy

Social Buddy touts itself as the only AI-powered Instagram growth tool. Here are some standout features:

  • AI that mimics human behavior for natural automation
  • Targeted account searching to find relevant followers
  • Smart unfollow/refollow for better retention
  • Automated mass DM campaigns with personalization
  • Post schedule and posting
  • In-depth analytics

Social Buddy starts at $79 per month for individuals, going up to $899/month for agencies. The AI and advanced analytics make it one of the smarter Instagram automation tools.

How to Use Instagram Bots Safely

The key to success with Instagram automation is using your chosen tools safely and effectively. Here are 5 tips to make the most of Instagram bots without getting banned:

1. Don‘t Automate Everything

Don‘t go all in on automation. Instagram wants to see real human engagement on accounts. Post your own content, engage manually, and build relationships.

2. Set Limits for Automated Actions

Don‘t Like 500 posts a day or Comment 10,000 times a week. Keep your automated actions to realistic limits suited for a human.

3. Use Proxies

Rotate different IPs using residential proxies so all automated actions don‘t come from the same IP address.

4. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Don‘t just follow/unfollow randomly. Target users carefully for better retention and engagement.

5. Analyze and Refine

Use analytics from your automation tools to identify what‘s working and refine your Instagram strategy accordingly.

The ideal Instagram growth strategy combines automation with genuine user content and engagement. Maintaining this balance is key to long-term success.

Pairing Proxies with Instagram Bots

To avoid detection by Instagram‘s systems, it‘s highly recommended to use proxies along with your Instagram bots and automation tools.

Here are some benefits of using residential proxies with Instagram bots:

  • Hide bot activity: Proxies allow you to mask the bot‘s IP address and avoid getting flagged for suspicious behavior from the same IP.

  • Mimic human behavior: Residential proxies make your bots‘ activity appear more dispersed and human-like.

  • Access from any location: Proxies let your bot access Instagram from any city or country, further masking automation.

  • Avoid captcha: Rotating IPs help avoid captcha after repeated actions from the same IP.

  • Stay within limits: With thousands of IPs in rotation, your limits on likes, follows, etc. are greatly increased.

When choosing a proxy provider, look for fast residential proxies with a large pool of IPs covering global locations. Smartproxy has one of the largest pools of residential IPs perfect for use with Instagram automation.

Their network has 50 million IPs globally, 99.99% uptime, fast speeds, and advanced rotation configurations ideal for use with bots. Plans start from just $75 per month.

Top Instagram Automation Tips and Best Practices

Here are some additional tips to maximize your Instagram automation safely:

  • Don‘t automate on new or unstable accounts – Wait till you have an established presence before introducing automation.

  • Automate no more than 60-70% of your activity – Leave room for genuine actions to mimic natural behavior.

  • Avoid automated actions on competitors‘ accounts – This can get your account shadowbanned or banned.

  • Always obey Instagram‘s limits – Stay within limits for likes, follows, comments etc. per hour/day.

  • Use multiple bot accounts – Spread automation across multiple throwaway accounts to insulate your main account.

  • Analyze stats regularly – Check likes/followers growth, engagement, etc. to optimize and avoid abnormalities.

  • Focus on content first – No amount of automation can fix low-quality, irrelevant content. Put content strategy before automation.

The Instagram landscape is always evolving. By following best practices and mimicking natural behavior, your automation efforts will yield better long-term growth and engagement.

The Future of Instagram Automation

Instagram will likely continue finding ways to discourage automation and bot usage on their platform. Some recent changes include:

  • Stricter limits on follow/unfollow, liking, and commenting
  • Improved detection of fake engagements and bot accounts
  • CAPTCHA implementation for suspicious activity
  • Limiting visibility and reach for bot-heavy accounts

Instagram wants to keep promoting genuine engagement and relationships. So the future of Instagram automation will depend on tools that can successfully mimic human patterns and behavior.

AI and machine learning will become increasingly important. Expect automation tools to integrate more advanced technologies to act in an indistinguishable manner from real humans on Instagram. The tools that adapt will thrive.

Overall, automating Instagram can still be very effective if done properly. But you‘ll need to put extra emphasis on quality content, legitimate engagement, and forming real connections with your audience.

The takeaway? Automation complements a solid overarching Instagram strategy rather than replacing it completely. Use it judiciously to augment your efforts without over-relying on it.


When used judiciously, Instagram bots and automation tools can enhance your growth and free up more time to focus on content and engagement. Just be cautious to avoid over-automation.

Prioritize quality over quantity, analyze data frequently, use proxies, and mimic natural human patterns. Focus on value for your audience first, and let automation amplify those efforts.

The top Instagram automation tools currently are Jarvee, Combin, Robotify, Follow Adder and Social Buddy. Evaluate them based on your specific needs and budget.

Pairing them with quality residential proxies like Smartproxy is highly recommended. And make sure to always use automation ethically and within Instagram‘s guidelines.

With the right balance of automation, genuine content, and human interactions, your Instagram presence can thrive more efficiently than ever.

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