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Oxylabs Assembles AI Brain Trust to Power the Next Wave of Innovation

Oxylabs, a rapidly growing player in the data extraction and web scraping industry, recently formed an elite AI and machine learning advisory board in a strategic move to ramp up its AI/ML capabilities. This brain trust of leading data scientists and AI experts will provide key insights and guidance as Oxylabs expands its footprint in the booming big data solutions market.

The Data Technology Specialist Setting Industry Benchmarks

Founded just over a decade ago in 2009, Oxylabs has emerged as a trailblazer bringing disruptive innovation into the proxy and data gathering space. The company offers a diverse portfolio of data acquisition, management and analytical solutions empowering businesses, researchers and individuals to tap the wealth of data available on the web.

Oxylabs‘ flagship offerings include:

  • Residential Proxies – A global, rotating proxy network that guarantees anonymity and bypass geographic restrictions for large-scale web scraping.
  • Real-Time Crawler – An intelligent crawler that simplifies targeted web data extraction.
  • API Hub – Unified API access to their product suite for seamless integration.
  • Data Monitoring Suite – Tools providing insights from brand monitoring to social media analytics.

The company has pioneered unique product capabilities like machine learning-based proxies that offer superior scraping performance. Continued technical breakthroughs have enabled Oxylabs to emerge as a preferred data technology partner for enterprises across ecommerce, travel, market research and other sectors.

Oxylabs Growth Stats

Oxylabs registered 70% revenue growth from 2019 to 2020, a testament to its market traction. The formation of an AI/ML advisory board marks the next chapter in Oxylabs‘ rapid ascent within the data technology arena.

AI/ML – The Driving Force in Data Industry Growth

The timing of Oxylabs‘ move aligns perfectly with the explosive growth in big data analytics worldwide. As per IDC forecasts, the global big data and business analytics market will chart a 12% CAGR from 2024 to 2026 to exceed $430 billion.

AI and ML technologies are the growth accelerators fueling this data boom. Tractica estimates that enterprise AI revenue will rocket from around $4.5 billion in 2016 to $36.8 billion by 2025. The proliferation of data combined with more powerful AI/ML capabilities is enabling real-time customer insights, predictive analytics, intelligent process automation and other data-driven decisions.

Common Applications of AI/ML in Data Industry Examples
Web Scraping Automated scraping, bot detection avoidance
Text Analysis Sentiment analysis, topic modelling
Personalization Content recommendations, custom ads
Anomaly Detection Fraud and cybersecurity triggers
Predictive Analytics Forecasting demand, product trends
Process Automation Structured data extraction, classification

Oxylabs is betting big on AI and ML to drive the next wave of innovation for its product suite. The advisory board convened by Oxylabs will both guide and benefit from the company‘s push into augmented data intelligence.

The All-Star Lineup Advising Oxylabs‘ AI Game Plan

Oxylabs has assembled an unparalleled advisory board covering the full gamut of AI/ML research and applied use cases in industry:

Pujaa Rajan – AI Expert Bridging Academic Rigor and Real-World Impact

Pujaa Rajan is a self-professed AI translator – adept at bridging theory and rigorous research with practical business outcomes. She currently heads Applied AI research at Anthropic, an AI safety startup. Rajan comes with over a decades‘ experience leading AI/ML teams at technology pioneers like and industrial AI giant GrammaTech. She holds a Masters‘ degree in Intelligent Systems from the University of Bristol.

Rajan‘s academic lens and industry savvy is complimented by her passion for AI democratization. She founded and leads the Google Developer Group DC, the largest community of Google developers in Washington DC. She also serves as a USA Ambassador for Women in AI, actively working to increase diversity in the field.

Adi Andrei – Strategic Perspectives Across Domains and Disciplines

With a PhD in solar astrophysics and expertise across data science, quantum machine learning and renewable energy, Dr. Adi Andrei offers both depth and multi-domain perspectives. His core competencies center around AI strategy, business value realization, and change management.

Andrei has crafted AI solutions and data-driven transformation initiatives for organizations such as NASA, British Gas, HSBC, Unilever and Diageo. He provides an outstanding blend of scientific rigor and pragmatic, results-oriented strategic thinking.

Jonas Kubilius – Trailblazer at the Intersection of AI and Life Sciences

A pioneer in applying AI to genetics, medicine and the life sciences, Kubilius brings valuable insights on leveraging AI for scientific discovery and social impact. His research has led to breakthroughs like AI-discovered antibiotics and machine learning-based molecular generation.

In addition to publishing prolifically in research journals, Kubilius is also an active entrepreneur. He is co-founder and CTO of Herlab, a venture using AI for synthetic biology automation. He also co-founded Three Thirds, which develops a social robot assistant. Kubilius‘ ability to translate AI research into real-world innovations will inform Oxylabs‘ technology strategy.

Ali Chaudhry – Award-Winning AI Scientist and Entrepreneur

Dr. Ali Chaudhry is an internationally recognized leader in AI research, especially in the domains of computer vision and visual understanding. He obtained his PhD in AI/ML from University College London in 2017 and has authored over 15 publications in top conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

Chaudhry has been honored with multiple awards during his academic career, including the Facebook Fellowship in AI. He founded Veracious AI, which develops AI automation solutions for enterprise. With his demonstrated research excellence and entrepreneurial drive, Chaudhry adds tremendous value to Oxylabs‘ advisory board.

Gautam Kedia – Instilling Rigor and Reliability in Applied AI

Gautam Kedia is a seasoned AI/ML leader with experience instituting reliability and rigour in applied AI functions across industry giants like Microsoft, Uber and Lyft. At Microsoft, he served as their Applied ML Lead, while also leading AI strategy for Uber‘s marketplace as an AI Architect.

Currently Head of Fraud Intelligence at Stripe, Kedia brings deep expertise in extracting business value from AI while carefully managing risks. With numerous patents and publications to his credit, he contributes an ideal blend of academic depth and business pragmatism.

Global AI Market Size Global AI Market Size
Source: Statista

Oxylabs has certainly assembled an all-star roster packed with complementary expertise across the AI/ML landscape. This brain trust covers the spread from core research to shipping performant AI solutions at scale. Their mandate aligns perfectly with Oxylabs‘ roadmap to catalyze innovation and maximize competitiveness through cutting-edge AI capabilities.

The Force Driving Data Industry Innovation into Overdrive

Oxylabs‘ new advisory board represents the company‘s commitment to expand beyond its core competence in data gathering into augmented analytics. The board‘s insights and guidance will prove invaluable as Oxylabs integrates more AI/ML across its product stack and business functions.

Members like Rajan and Andrei highlighted Oxylabs‘ passion for continuous innovation as a key driver for joining the board.

"The proxy market is undoubtedly competitive, yet the board Oxylabs has created is the first of its kind in the industry," said Pujaa Rajan.

Oxylabs CEO Julius Černiauskas also reiterated how the board will feed into their technology vision:

"The addition of the board will play a vital role in ensuring we achieve our vision and that we continue developing innovative data extraction solutions for our clients."

The timing couldn‘t be better, as AI increasingly becomes the competitive differentiator in the data space. Major tech firms like Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft have all constituted AI research groups and advisory councils. IDC predicts worldwide AI investment to double in the next four years, reaching $110 billion by 2024.

The data industry‘s future belongs to companies who can best harness AI‘s potential early across their people, processes and products. By convening one of the most well-rounded boards guiding AI strategy today, Oxylabs has signaled its intent to lead from the front.


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