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The Ultimate Guide to Nike Sneaker Bots

Sneaker culture has exploded in popularity over the last decade. Limited edition collabs and exclusive drops from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy have made sneakers a hot commodity with 50% growth year-over-year [1]. As a result, sneaker bots have become an essential tool for copping the rarest kicks.

In this comprehensive 3000+ word guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about Nike sneaker bots as an industry expert:

What is a Nike Sneaker Bot?

A sneaker bot is software that automates the purchasing process on sites like, Footlocker, Eastbay, and more. Bots run advanced automated tasks that add items to your cart and checkout in seconds, far quicker than a human ever could.

Top Nike bots include NSB, TSB, Balko, Kodai, and Ganesh. These bots harness advanced technology like lightning-fast servers, multi-threading, and machine learning algorithms to defeat queues, captchas, and other anti-bot measures implemented by retailers.

Why Use a Nike Sneaker Bot?

The main reason sneakerheads use bots is to cop limited shoes on release day. Bots massively increase your odds of checkout success through features like:

  • Multi-tasking – Running hundreds or thousands of tasks across different sites to increase chances. Top bots can automatically generate and run an unlimited amount of tasks across threads.

  • Lightning speed – Checking out in under 1 second before stock sells out. The fastest bots boast checkout speeds of under 0.3 seconds compared to 15+ seconds manually.

  • Captcha solving – Automatically solving captchas that stump humans. Advanced OCR and machine learning defeat reCAPTCHAs over 90% of the time.

  • Account generation – Automatically generating new accounts to avoid bans from mass purchases. Some bots can generate thousands of new accounts per month.

Even for general releases, bots help you effortlessly buy multiples to resell or keep on ice. Manually purchasing even one pair often requires sitting at your computer right at launch and getting lucky.

In fact, over 50% of all limited sneaker purchases are estimated to be bot-assisted [2]. The odds are heavily stacked against manual coppers.

How Do Nike Sneaker Bots Work?

Sneaker bots automate everything from product monitoring to final checkout. Here‘s the basic process:

  1. Product monitoring – Monitors sites 24/7 for upcoming releases, restocks, price changes, and inventory. Checks keywords,Product SKUs, and more.

  2. Add to cart – Adds desired shoes to your cart instantly via API calls when they drop or restock. Bypasses splash pages and cart limits.

  3. Checkout – Autofills all shipping and billing info instantly and provides solutions to defeat captcha and phone verification.

  4. Account generation – Generates new accounts continuously to avoid bans. Checks account validity before tasks.

  5. Bot analytics – Provides detailed analytics on checkout rates, errors, declines, and successes for performance optimization.

Advanced bots also include other features like coupon code support, Yeezy Supply zone selection, integrated discord notifications, and more.

Under the hood, sneaker bots are highly complex software programs finely tuned over years for checkout domination.

Setting Up Your Sneaker Bot

Getting started with a sneaker bot involves a few key steps:

1. Choose Your Bot

Do your research to choose the right bot for your needs. NSB, Kodai and Balko are top options for Nike sites. AIO bots like Cyber provide an all-in-one solution. Make sure to buy from an authorized retailer.

Consider key factors like sites supported, success rates, speed, support, and cost. Join Discord cook groups to gain insight from real users.

Avoid shady resellers. Only buy bots from official sites or reputable resellers like BotBroker. There are many pirated or stolen bots out there being resold illegally.

2. Acquire Proxies

Residential proxies are essential to prevent IP bans when running hundreds of concurrent bot tasks. Proxies from providers like Smartproxy and Oxylabs mimic real residential internet connections down to the device level.

Stock up on thousands of proxies across different locations to effectively mask your tasks. Expect to use 10+ proxies per task for optimal results.

Static residential proxies work well for maintaining sessions. Use rotating proxies for manipulating limited-time stocks or solving captchas.

3. Rent Servers

Bots require significant computing power to run smoothly, especially for multicarting. Look into renting enhanced Nike-optimized servers from your cook group or providers like Nexus.

For small scale botting, a home PC or cloud server may suffice. But high-performance dedicated servers are ideal for serious use.

4. Set Up Your Bot

Install your bot and walk through the initial setup wizard. Upload your proxy lists, configure your checkout delays and modes, setup billing profiles, and create tasks.

Take the time to dive into all the settings to optimize performance for the sites you will target. Watch tutorial videos if needed to familiarize yourself.

5. Test Everything

Conduct trial runs of your bot setup on restocks and general releases before a big Yeezy or Travis Scott drop. Work out any proxy issues, captcha problems, declines, or checkout errors.

Testing will help you fine-tune your delay times, mouse movements, and other anti-ban tweaks. Smooth operation takes trial and error.

With the right setup and preparation, your chances of eating on those coveted shoes are greatly increased.

4 Top Nike Sneaker Bots in 2024


NSB (Nike Shoe Bot) pioneered the sneaker bot game starting way back in 2010. Over a decade later, it still shines as a top choice specifically for Nike sites with a 70% average success rate [3].

It also works well across Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, Yeezy, and hundreds of other sites. NSB is a solid pick for beginners and experts alike.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one bot with every feature you‘ll need
  • Easy to use interface suitable for newcomers
  • Built-in captcha solving like 2Captcha integration
  • Native Nike account and gift card support
  • Over 350 supported sites and retailers


The Sole Retriever burst onto the scene in 2020 and has already become a top choice with veterans and newcomers. It works great across Nike, Shopify, Footsites, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, and more.

TSB is cloud-based so you can run it easily without proxies or servers. It boasts high success rates across all major sites.

Key Features:

  • Insanely fast checkout speeds under 0.3 seconds
  • Dedicated servers and support for optimal performance
  • Unlimited tasks with free proxy tester
  • Beginner-friendly and powerful advanced modes
  • Easy bot rental options starting at just $30/month


Balko has long been a favorite for hitting Shopify, Footsites, and Yeezy Supply. It recently expanded Nike support with Azure servers, making it more versatile. Balko is ideal for serious users willing to learn advanced configuration.

Key Features:

  • Custom cookies, headers, and delays for any site
  • Leading captcha solving via 2Captcha integration
  • Built-in lightning fast account generator
  • 1-click auto-configuration for major sites
  • Proxy tester and neat Discord integration


Kodai gained fame by dominating Yeezy Supply before expanding to Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, and Nike. It has an intuitive interface making it easy to master. Insane speeds and success rates make it a top choice.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous and intuitive user interface
  • Lightning fast 0.1 second checkout speeds
  • Free auto-updating Discord monitor
  • Built-in account generator and proxy tester
  • Advanced anti-ban measures and captcha avoidance

These four bots represent the elite choices for Nike sites as of 2024. With regular updates and fierce competition, rankings fluctuate as developers battle for supremacy.

Complete Proxy Guide for Nike Botting

High-quality proxies are absolutely mandatory for running sneaker bots successfully. Here is a complete overview on how to select and use proxies:

Why Proxies Are Essential

Proxies allow you to mimic thousands of real users by funneling requests through residential IP addresses. This prevents easy flagging and banning of your tasks.

Nike and other sites easily detect bot usage by watching for repetitive tasks from the same IPs. Running all your tasks raw off one IP is a recipe for disaster.

Choose Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are the best and most crucial option because they originate from real home connections like your own. This makes your bot activity indistinguishable from a normal user.

Datacenter IPs are faster but easily detected. Avoid them as they will likely get your Nike accounts banned swiftly.

Purchase Plenty of Proxies

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 10 residential proxies per bot task as the minimum. 30-50 proxies per task is ideal for optimal performance and anti-ban evasion.

You‘ll likely want pools of thousands of total residential proxies to have enough for hundreds of concurrent tasks during big Yeezy drops. Never cheap out – pay for quality and quantity.

Create Dedicated Proxy Lists

Set up different proxy lists for each bot/site combo you run. If you run Balko on Nike and Shopify and TSB just for Yeezy, have separate lists.

This allows you to pinpoint issues by isolating proxies. You can also tailor locations and rotation speeds for each list.

Always Match Proxy Location to Site

Make sure to use US-based residential proxies when running your bot on and other American sites. The location matching is critical for avoiding basic detection.

Likewise, use EU proxies for European Nike sites, etc. Geo-targeting your proxies is powerful anti-ban tactic.

Frequently Rotate Proxies

Proxy rotation randomly cycles your list to minimize repeat usage. Rotate proxies used for Captcha solving every few solves and checkout proxies every 1-2 checkouts.

This prevents patterns that indicate bot usage. Proxies already banned on Nike can be cycled out to strengthen your list‘s integrity.

With enough geo-targeted residential proxies, your bot tasks will handily avoid IP blocks and achieve massive success.

Find a Sneaker Cook Group

Joining an experienced cook group (CG) provides invaluable guidance for maximizing your botting profits and success.

For a monthly fee, you gain access to:

  • Exclusive bot discounts & restocks – Get the best bot deals and easiest access to limited copies. Bot prices are 10-25% cheaper.

  • Early info & monitors – Get early info on shock drops and product monitors for your bots. Be first in line.

  • Discount proxies & server rentals – Access discounted private residential proxies and lightning fast servers.

  • Settings & tricks – Learn the latest tweaks to your bot, delays, checkout methods, and more to stay ahead.

  • 24/7 set up help – Get help fine tuning your proxies, bots, and servers from experienced members. Avoid beginner mistakes.

  • Restock notifications – Get instant pings across services like Discord when restocks happen.

Top groups like The Bot Stand, Shoe Palace Notify, The Kick Station, and Secret Sauce have helped members cook millions in rare shoes. Their combined knowledge is invaluable.

I recommend joining multiple CGs to get the best information. Monthly fees typically range $30-$150 depending on group size and experience.

How to Cop Manually Without Bots

Bots certainly make copping new and restocked Nike shoes far easier, but they aren‘t your only option. Here are a few tactics for scoring Ws without bots:

  • Leverage presales & draws – Use the SNKRS app for first access to releases without bots. Presales like EA give you a big head start.

  • Enter every raffle – Sign up for Nike raffles through apps like Sole Retriever and local raffles to increase your chances.

  • Follow restock accounts – Twitter feeds like @snkr_twitr provide instant restock notifications so you‘re first in line.

  • Persist through shock drops – Occasional unannounced drops favor manual users willing to grind through crashes.

  • Try new sites early – Hop on new sites and retailers right as they launch before bots tune their checkout methods.

  • Browser extensions – Extensions like Kodai Kith Extension provide basic purchase automation for free.

  • Buy pre-verified resale – As a last resort, buy pre-verified shoes through GOAT or StockX to avoid fakes.

The reality is copping limited shoes manually requires an immense amount of luck compared to botting. But it remains possible with dedication and preparation.

Sneaker botting occupies a gray legal area. Botting itself is 100% legal in the United States, as there are currently no laws against using automated checkout software to purchase products for personal use.

However, many sites prohibit bot usage in their terms of service and actively try to detect and ban bots through various anti-bot measures with mixed success.

So while bots are technically legal, you use them at your own risk of being banned when used recklessly or without proper proxies. Avoiding detection is crucial.

Some final tips:

  • Only run bot tasks on sites you have legitimate accounts and payment methods for.

  • Do not overload sites and be reasonable with your checkout quantities. Copping 50+ pairs from one release via bots can cause backlash.

  • Use bots as a tool for guaranteed access to products you genuinely want to purchase, not just to blindly destroy stock.

Final Thoughts

Sneaker bots allow you to break through the artificial scarcity created by sneaker brands. But ultimately, the culture should remain focused on demand for great products, not profits from reselling them at extreme markups.

With the right setup and thoughtful usage, bots are incredible tools for guaranteed access to the shoes you‘re passionate about, not just limited hype.

Hopefully this guide has provided ample tips and education to help you successfully navigate the world of Nike sneaker bots. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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