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Level up Your NFT Game – A Comprehensive Guide to Using Bots and Proxies

Hey there! The world of NFTs is exploding in popularity right now as new digital artworks are being minted every day. As an investor, it can be hard to keep up with all the new projects and assets. Some NFTs gain huge value rapidly, fueling serious FOMO among flippers and collectors. All this hype might seem daunting, especially if you‘re new to the space. But being a beginner doesn‘t mean you can‘t get a leg up by automating parts of the NFT investing process.

The solution is straightforward – NFT bots paired with residential proxies. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to leverage these tools effectively. With the right setup, you can scale your trading, avoid headaches, and maximize profits from NFTs. Let‘s get started!

The Case for Automation in NFT Investing

Being early is critical for NFTs. According to experts, the projects that end up exploding in value are often spotted within the first few hours or days of minting. As an investor, you want to identify and buy into these assets before everyone else piles in.

But doing this manually is incredibly challenging. New projects are dropping constantly across various platforms and communities. No single person can monitor everything, so you‘ll inevitably miss opportunities.

This is where automation comes in. Bots can monitor platforms, discords, and social media to detect promising new projects in real-time. By using bots, you essentially "outsource" this tedious work so you never miss a hot new drop.

Some statistics showing the power of automation:

  • Bots can monitor 10x more sources than a human manually could. This means more coverage and fewer missed gems.

  • The average human takes 10-15 minutes to mint an NFT. A well-configured bot can do it in under 60 seconds, giving you a huge advantage.

  • During a hyped mint, bots have ~80% success rates compared to ~20% for manual minting.

As you can see, bots running around the clock provide immense utility. Now let‘s look at some specific bot options.

Reviews of the Top NFT Bots

Dozens of NFT bots exist, but I want to focus on five of the best:


NFTinit is one of the most popular all-in-one NFT bots. It offers a robust set of features including:

  • Minting – Automatically mints NFTs from new projects rapidly. Success rates of 60-90% based on mint conditions.

  • Bidding – Places bulk bids on NFTs according to parameters you set. Great for accumulating floor assets.

  • Analytics – Charts historical sales data to identify trends and value. Optimizes your bidding strategy.

  • Profit calculation – Estimates potential profit from different bid prices/strategies. Removes guesswork.

NFTinit also has a free tier with basic minting/bidding capabilities. Overall, it‘s one of the best "set and forget" bots for automated NFT investing.

NFT Handshake

Whereas NFTinit is a generalist, NFT Handshake specializes in bid automation. It focuses on boosting your bid acceptance rate using tactics like:

  • Dynamic overbidding – Automatically outbids competing offers within your max budget.

  • Whitelist bid advantages – Prioritizes bids on legit whitelisted wallets.

  • Parametric bidding – Set multiple tiers of bid pricing and durations.

  • Bid randomization – Varies bid style/timing to appear more human.

Handshake is great for accumulating floor NFTs across different collections over time. Less comprehensive than NFTinit overall but superior for bidding.

Disko AIO

Disko AIO excels at gaining whitelist spots for hyped projects. It leverages tactics like:

  • Following/engaging with key accounts on Twitter and Discord.

  • Entering giveaways and sweepstakes en masse.

  • Checking into discord channels repeatedly to gain rank.

This is extremely helpful given that ~75% of the supply for top projects is often reserved for whitelisted members. If you want early guaranteed access to hot drops, Disko is very useful.


CyberBox takes a unique approach of automating post-mint activities like:

  • Sniping – Monitors listings and auto-buys NFTs per your bids/parameters.

  • Auto-flipping – Resells NFTs automatically once a target profit threshold is met.

  • Floor sweeping – Buys up listed NFTs from a collection to raise floor price.

For investors adept at valuing NFTs, CyberBox provides helpful post-mint automation to simplify flipping and arbitrage.

Custom/Freelance Bots

If the existing bots don‘t fit your strategy, consider paying a developer to create a custom bot. You provide the logic, and they code it into a program for you. With a custom bot, you can automate extremely specific behaviors and workflows.

The main downside is the cost, which can run $5,000+, and the wait for development. But for advanced traders, the investment is worth it.

Which is the "best" NFT bot?

There is no universally best NFT bot – it depends on your goals and strategy. For example:

  • New investors should start with NFTinit to automate core activities like minting and bidding.

  • If you want to accumulate floor NFTs, NFT Handshake is ideal.

  • Disko AIO is great if you prioritize getting whitelist spots for hot projects.

  • CyberBox excels at post-mint automation like flipping and arbitrage.

I suggest starting with one of the major multipurpose bots (NFTinit/Handshake) and branching into specialized bots once you validate their value.

Why Proxies Are Essential for NFT Bots

Now that you know about the major NFT bots, let‘s talk about how to maximize their performance and avoid issues.

The most important optimization you can make is adding residential proxies.

Proxies act as an intermediary layer between your bot and the internet, providing many benefits including:

  • Avoiding IP bans – Most sites ban IPs after too many requests. Proxies rotate IPs to prevent this.

  • Faster speeds – Proxies optimize routing for fast connections essential for quick minting.

  • Hitting CAPTCHAs – Bots get stuck on CAPTCHAs unless proxied, costing you mints.

  • Scalability – You can scale to thousands of concurrent proxy connections to grow your bot fleet.

According to experts, bots running without proxies have 50-70% lower performance across metrics like number of mints, bids placed, etc. Proxies are essential, especially as NFT platforms increase anti-bot efforts.

Now let‘s cover how to choose and integrate residential proxies specifically for NFT use cases.

Choosing the Right Residential Proxies

It‘s important to choose proxies optimized for usage with NFT bots, rather than other proxies like datacenter IPs. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Provider Reputation – Choose an established proxy provider with a history of reliability. Avoid fly-by-night operators.

  • Residential IP Geolocation – Global residential IPs emulate real worldwide users, unlike datacenter IPs.

  • Unlimited Connections – You need simultaneous connections to scale bots, so unlimited plans are ideal.

  • Fast Residential Proxies – Speed is important, so look for providers with proxies under 500ms latency globally.

  • CAPTCHA Solving – Some proxies offer built-in CAPTCHA solving to fully automate bot workflows.

  • Reliable Customer Support – Pick a provider with multiple live support channels in case you need troubleshooting.

  • Affordable Plans – Entry-level proxy plans start around $50/month for 1-2GB of traffic which is enough for most beginners.

Smartproxy is my top recommendation for residential proxies for NFT bots based on these criteria. But do your own research to choose the provider that best fits your needs and budget.

Integrating Proxies with NFT Bots

Once you’ve chosen a proxy provider, you’ll need to integrate the proxies with your bot to route traffic through them. Here are tips for integrating with some popular NFT bots:


  • In NFTinit, navigate to “Proxy Manager” and create a new residential proxy group.

  • Copy the residential proxy credentials from your provider‘s dashboard into this group.

  • When configuring tasks like minting/bidding, check the box for “Use Proxy” and select the proxy group you created.

Easy! NFTinit will now perform those tasks via the proxied IPs for maximum effectiveness.

NFT Handshake

  • After logging into your proxy provider, copy the IP:Port credentials for your residential proxies.

  • In NFT Handshake, click “Settings” and paste the proxy list into the text box under the Proxy section.

  • Check the box to enable proxies before starting your bid automation.

With those steps complete, your bids will be placed through proxies to avoid blocks.

Disko AIO

  • Disko has an integrated quick proxy setup menu. Click on “Proxy” in the left sidebar.

  • Select the number of proxy ports you want to use, enter your proxy provider username & password, and click “Submit”.

  • Disko will automatically pull the proxy IPs and authenticate them using your credentials. Very convenient!

General Tips

  • Refer to your proxy provider‘s documentation for specific credentials to use in bot proxy configurations.

  • Start with a subset of proxies to test before scaling up. 20-50 proxy connections is a good starting point.

  • Monitor proxy performance in your bot dashboard and debug any issues with your provider‘s support team.

Integrating proxies takes a bit of initial setup, but is well worth it for the performance gains, especially at scale. Take the time to do it right.

Maximizing Your Trading with Proxied NFT Bots

By combining optimized NFT bots with fast residential proxies, you gain a powerful automated setup to take your NFT investing to the next level.

Here are some tips to maximize the potential of your proxied bots:

  • Use multiple bots – Each bot excels at different functions, so combine them to automate more workflows.

  • Scale strategically – Add more proxies/bots gradually in 20-50 unit increments and monitor performance.

  • Stay on budget – Use profit calculations to avoid overbidding and stick to your investment limits.

  • Go for whitelist – Leverage Disko AIO and proxies to gain more whitelist spots for hot drops.

  • Monitor closely at first – Check bot activity logs frequently when starting out to ensure effective configs.

  • Update settings – Tweak your proxy usage, bidding, minting and sales rules as you notice areas for improvement.

With the right approach, proxied NFT bots can transform investing from a grind into a seamless, profitable experience. The time investment into setting them up properly pays off exponentially.

While bots can never fully replace human insight, they augment your abilities significantly. Let the machines handle the grunt work so you can spend more time on high-level strategy and evaluation.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide provided a comprehensive overview of leveraging NFT bots and residential proxies to enhance your investing strategy.

The core takeaways are:

  • Bots automate tedious NFT workflows to help you scale. Start with multipurpose tools like NFTinit.

  • Residential proxies optimize bot performance by preventing blocks and scaling connections.

  • Integrate proxies properly into bots using provided credentials from your proxy provider.

  • Monitor and tweak your setup continuously for maximum efficiency.

NFTs represent an amazing new digital frontier. But thriving as an investor takes tools. Used properly, bots and proxies provide the automation you need to unlock the full potential of NFTs.

Here‘s to profitable investing! I‘m always happy to answer any other questions you think of on your journey.


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