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Instagram Error: Feedback Required… What to Do?

We all know the feeling. You‘re cruising around Instagram without a care in the world when – bam! – the dreaded feedback_required error slaps you in the face. It stops you dead in your tracks and leaves you confused about what just happened. But don‘t worry, this is a common error that happens to even the most seasoned Instagram users. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explain what causes the feedback required error, how to fix it quickly, and tips to avoid triggering it in the future.

What Triggers The Feedback Required Error on Instagram?

The feedback_required error essentially means Instagram‘s automated systems detected your account behaving outside of normal parameters. There‘s a few potential triggers:

  • Using automation tools or bots – Anything that mimics human behavior like auto-likers, followers apps, etc. will cause this error. Instagram is very sensitive to bot activity.

  • Actions done too quickly – If you like, comment or follow too fast, the system will flag your account. Pacing your actions is important.

  • Spammy behavior – Mass commenting, tagging, liking, or other spam tactics will result in this error.

  • Server issues – Sometimes it‘s just an Instagram server glitch. Heavy traffic can cause account issues.

  • Buggy app issues – The Instagram app itself may have a bug causing authentication issues.

So in summary, the feedback required error often appears when Instagram believes your account is behaving more like a bot than human. But don‘t worry, there are ways to recover quickly.

Fixing The Feedback Required Error

Here are the best troubleshooting tips for getting your account back up and running when the feedback_required error strikes:

  • Try again later – Allow some time to pass before logging in again. Issues are often temporary.

  • Use a different network – Switch from WiFi to cellular data or vice versa. This grabs a new IP address.

  • Update the app – Download the latest version of the Instagram app in case it‘s a bug.

  • Clear the app cache – This erases temporary app files that may be corrupted on iOS or Android.

  • Try alternate devices – Attempt logging in on a phone, tablet or computer to see if it works.

  • Change your password – Reset your account password in case it was compromised.

  • Contact Instagram support – If all else fails, report the issue directly to Instagram through their help page.

With some patience and troubleshooting, you can usually resolve feedback_required errors fairly quickly. Instagram will re-enable your account once it realizes you‘re not a bot.

Preventing Future Feedback Required Errors

Once you recover your account, it‘s smart to implement some best practices to avoid further issues:

  • Pace your activity – Don‘t like, comment, follow too fast. Mimic real human behavior.

  • Vary your actions – Don‘t just auto-like posts. Leave real comments, engage with Stories, etc.

  • Limit automation tool use – Be sparing with any bots, auto-likers or schedulers. They often trigger issues.

  • Avoid spam tactics – Don‘t tag spam, mass-comment, or use other shady tricks.

  • Use Instagram proxies – Proxies give you new IP addresses to prevent blocks.

  • Check for Instagram status issues – See if outages are impacting the system before troubleshooting your end.

  • Keep your app updated – Use the latest Instagram app version to avoid glitches.

Using Proxies to Avoid Feedback Required

As mentioned above, using Instagram proxies is a great way to avoid feedback_required errors in the future. Here‘s a primer on how proxies work for Instagram:

  • Rotate IP addresses – Proxies provide tons of IPs, allowing you to switch them constantly.

  • Prevent blocks – With new IPs, your account is not associated with previous shady behavior.

  • Hide your identity – Proxies mask your real IP and location, adding privacy.

  • Access restricted content – Proxies can spoof your location to unlock geo-blocked content.

  • Scrape safely – Web scraping from many IPs avoids fast blocks.

High-quality residential proxies optimized for Instagram are your best bet for avoiding feedback_required errors for good. Just make sure to find a top-notch proxy provider that offers plenty of US/EU IPs at fast speeds.

The right proxies let you automate tasks, manage multiple accounts, and take other Instagram actions without constantly worrying about getting flagged. Used responsibly, they can save you the headache of restricted accounts.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with Instagram‘s feedback_required error can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your account for business. But with the right troubleshooting and prevention tips, you can confidently recover from issues and avoid future blocks.

Be sure to pace your activity, vary your engagement, update your app frequently, and consider leveraging Instagram proxies. With a bit of caution, you‘ll be back scrolling happily in no time. Just stay patient and persistent whenever the feedback_required strikes. Consistent effort can keep your Instagram account in good standing.

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