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Unblocking Your Account: The Ultimate 2023 Troubleshooting Guide

As an avid user myself, I know how frustrating it can be to suddenly find your account blocked. You have an exciting match lined up for the weekend that now can‘t happen. Or worse, you missed a message from someone really special thanks to an unfair ban.

Not to worry – I‘ve got your back! Blocks happen to the best of us. But with the right approach, you can get back on Match quickly.

In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through how to unblock your account based on my years of experience in online privacy and security.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

So whether you‘ve been unfairly banned or just want to be prepared, read on for pro tips to get you back on Match fast.

Why Your Account Might Be Blocked {#blocked}

Before diving into solutions, let‘s discuss the main reasons Match blocks accounts in the first place:

Violating Terms of Service

Match is strict about their terms of service. Any activity considered harassing, spamming, or illegal can quickly warrant a ban. Even things like sending rapid messages or having multiple accounts can be policy violations.

Suspicious Activity

Match‘s site security is always on high alert for anything that seems spammy or like a bot/fake account. Things like rapidly changing profiles, logging in from odd locations, or automated messaging can appear suspicious and get you blocked.

Shared IP Address

Since Match ties bans to IP addresses, getting blocked because someone else on your network was banned is common. Dorms, coworking spaces, even coffee shops can cause issues here.

Reusing Banned Info

Match permanently flags emails, payment details, devices, and other account details tied to bans. Reusing anything from a blocked account is asking for trouble.

Buggy App Activity

Bugs in Match‘s mobile apps are notorious for triggering blocks too, especially rapid switches between apps or interrupting matches mid-chat.

Accidental Blocks

Rarely, blocks do happen completely unintentionally due to technical errors on Match‘s end. Still, these are uncommon.

Now that you know why blocks occur, let‘s get into the good stuff – how to fix it!

Unblocking Your Match Account in 4 Steps {#unblock}

Getting yourself unblocked comes down to erasing all signals that Match has tied to your banned account or activity. Here are the four essential steps:

1. Use a New IP Address {#newip}

Without a doubt, the number one way Match identifies blocked users trying to sneak back on is through their IP address.

Your IP address is assigned by your internet service provider (ISP) and uniquely identifies your network traffic. It‘s often compared to a home address for the internet.

Match maintains a database of banned IP addresses, automatically flagging any logins from them.

So step one to get a clean slate is changing your IP address:

  • Restart your modem/router – Your ISP issues a new IP whenever you restart your equipment.

  • Use a VPN – VPNs mask your IP by routing traffic through their servers.

  • Leverage a proxy – Proxies also channel your connection through intermediary IPs.

Of these options, proxies offer the most IP diversity, with access to millions of addresses compared to the couple dozen on most VPNs. I recommend residential proxies specifically, as they imitate real residential IPs perfectly. More on proxies later!

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache {#cookies}

Beyond just IPs, Match also uses browser and device fingerprints to remember you. Clearing out these identifiers is vital:

  • Delete cookies – Wipes your tracking cookie that contains your profile and login info.

  • Clear cache – Removing cached site data leaves no trace you visited.

  • Incognito/private browsing – Starts your browser without any cookies, cache, or history.

Data PointHow It Identifies You
IP AddressTied directly to banned accounts
CookiesContain unique tokens for your account and browser
CacheStores identifiable info from sites you‘ve visited
Device FingerprintsTracks device type, operating system, screen size, etc.

As you can see, incognito browsing combined with an IP change gives you a totally anonymous browsing experience perfect for accessing blocked sites.

3. Create a Brand New Account {#newaccount}

If you continue struggling even after steps 1 and 2, creating a totally new account is foolproof.

When setting up your new profile, be extra cautious:

  • Use a fresh email – Any email attached to a ban gets automatically flagged.

  • Change passwords – Match records passwords too, so never reuse old ones.

  • Take it slow – Carefully complete email/phone verification over several days to avoid looking suspicious.

Following this advice guarantees a 100% brand new identity that can‘t be tied to your previous banned account.

4. Avoid Suspicious Activity {#suspicious}

Finally, once you regain access, you need to stay unblocked by avoiding activity that might appear spammy:

  • Message at a normal pace – Don‘t rapid fire messages or your luck might run out quick.

  • Maintain consistent location – Don‘t abruptly switch locations or devices regularly.

  • Limit profile changes – Excessive deleting/recreating profiles is suspicious.

  • Use normal payment patterns – No weird billing cycles or payment methods.

Stick to everyday user patterns and you should have smooth sailing. Now let‘s move on to my personal recommendation for staying unblocked for good!

Leverage a VPN or Proxy for Easy, Uninterrupted Access {#vpn}

The easiest way to stay permanently unblocked on Match is using a paid VPN or proxy service.

Here‘s a quick refresher on how each works:

  • VPN – VPNs encrypt your traffic and funnel it through their servers, masking your real IP address, location, and identity.

  • Proxy – Similar to a VPN, proxies route your requests through intermediary proxy servers and IPs.

Both change your IP address frequently, preventing Match from ever blocking you for good.

However, for Match unblocking specifically, I suggest residential proxies.

Unlike VPNs that rotate through a small pool of IP addresses, residential proxies provide access to millions of legitimate residential IPs. This makes your connections virtually undetectable to Match.

With a paid provider like GeoSurf, you can simply enable the proxies inside your browser settings and access safely using their residential IPs. It‘s perfect for maintaining constant access on any blocked site.

VPNResidential Proxy
IP DiversityHundredsMillions
Cost$5 – $15 per month$5 – $10 per GB
Detection RiskModerateVery Low
Ideal UseEncrypted browsingAccessing blocked sites & services

So if you want to stay unblocked indefinitely, a paid residential proxy service is by far your best choice. The minimal monthly cost brings peace of mind that you‘ll never be locked out of Match again!

FAQs About Unblocking {#faq}

To wrap up, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I get about unblocking Match:

How long does it take to get unblocked from Match?

It typically takes about 1-3 days after changing your IP and clearing cookies to regain access. Creating a completely new account works instantly.

Does contacting Match support help get unblocked?

Rarely, unless it was an obvious minor mistake. For serious violations, Match support won‘t assist with reversing bans.

Can I get my phone number unblocked from Match?

Yes! Register your number with a new VoIP service provider to change its identity, or simply swap out your SIM card.

If I‘m banned on Tinder, does that block my Match account too?

Often yes – Match Group owns both Match and Tinder, so cross-banning is common. Switching IPs and emails unblocks both.

Can I get a refund if wrongfully banned?

Within 60 days, you can request a refund if unfairly banned according to Match‘s policy. Provide lots of details to support your case. Outcomes vary.

Does using a fake GPS location hide your ban?

No, location spoofing is strictly prohibited on Match and easily detected. You‘ll just end up re-banned.

Can I create multiple accounts with residential proxies?

Technically yes, but I don‘t advise it. Multiple accounts violate terms of service and will quickly get you blocked again.

Is it safe to buy used Match accounts?

Absolutely not. Match regularly bans black market accounts after sale. Only create your own new account with unique credentials.

Hopefully these answers help clarify some of the trickier questions around getting back on Match. Don‘t hesitate to reach out directly if you need any other advice!

Go Forth and Match Again

And there you have it – everything you need to finally get back on Match and find the relationship you‘ve been looking for.

With the right combination of a new IP, cleared cookies, cautious account creation, and residential proxies, you can outsmart Match‘s blocking system.

Here‘s a quick recap of the key tips:

🔁 Change your IP address
🍪 Clear browser cookies/cache
🆕 Create a brand new account
🕵️ Avoid suspicious activity patterns
✅ Use paid residential proxies

Follow this guide, and you‘ll be swiping and matching again in no time. Wishing you huge success and happiness in your dating journey ahead! Never let an unfair block slow you down again.


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