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Getting Started with BNB Bot for Nike & Other Sneaker Sites

Sneaker culture has exploded in popularity over the last decade, with limited edition sneaker drops generating huge hype and demand. As more people try to get their hands on exclusive kicks, bots have become an essential tool for sneakerheads looking to up their copping game. One of the most popular bots in the sneaker scene right now is Better Nike Bot, also known as BNB. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide an overview of BNB bot, explain how to use it for Nike and other top sneaker sites, and share tips to maximize your success. Whether you‘re new to sneaker bots or a seasoned vet, read on to level up your knowledge!

What is Better Nike Bot (BNB)?

Better Nike Bot (BNB) is a sneaker bot developed specifically for Nike sites and products. It supports, SNKRS, Nike apps and more. BNB provides lightning fast checkout speeds and the ability to run an unlimited number of tasks thanks to built-in Nike account generators.

Key features include:

  • Robust support for Nike sites and mobile apps
  • Unlimited account creation with SMS verification
  • Fast browserless checkout module
  • Easy task scheduler
  • Detailed analytics and copping stats
  • Discord webhook notifications for successful purchases

While the standard BNB works great for Nike, the BNB All-In-One (AIO) version expands support to Footsites, Adidas, Supreme, Shopify and more. The AIO has quickly become a favorite for sneakerheads who want the power to target releases across multiple sites.

Setting Up BNB Bot

The first step is purchasing a copy of BNB bot – prices range from $500-$1000 depending on the version. Once you have a license key, download and install the software on your computer (Windows only).

When you first launch BNB, you‘ll need to input your license key and set up your profile. Make sure to enable notifications so you get alerts for successful checkouts.

Next, add your payment profiles. You can enter credit card details directly or use virtual cards for an extra layer of security.

To fully unleash BNB‘s potential, you need proxy support. Residential proxies are ideal, as they provide geographically diverse IP addresses that help you avoid blacklisting and throttling. Our SmartProxy residential network is optimized for sneaker bots with fast speeds and unlimited device IPs.

With your profiles and proxies set up, you‘re ready to start adding tasks!

Setting Up Tasks

The key to BNB is configuring tasks for upcoming releases. There are a few ways to add tasks:

SNKRS Calendar – The SNKRS calendar inside BNB shows upcoming draws and product releases. Just click a date to automatically generate a task.

Manual Entry – For sites besides Nike/SNKRS, you‘ll need to enter tasks manually. Fill in the product link, site, profiles, proxies and other settings.

Keyword Monitoring – This feature lets you create tasks that trigger based on keywords. It‘s great for restocks or surprise drops.

For each task, be sure to:

  • Use different billing profiles (name, address etc)
  • Assign residential proxies close to the sneaker site‘s location
  • Add multiple sizes/variants to increase chances

Utilizing BNB‘s bulk editing tools makes it easy to update multiple tasks at once. The more tasks you run, the higher your chance of copping.

Copping Releases with BNB

When running BNB for a hyped Nike or Adidas release, speed is critical. Try to start your tasks 20-30 minutes prior to the product going live. This gives the bot time to process and avoids getting flagged for abnormal traffic.

Be aware that some sites like Yeezy Supply will ban accounts for using bots. It‘s safest to stick to retail sites like Nike where botting is more tolerated.

If a site uses a waiting room or LEO drop, submitting as many entries as possible is key. BNB‘s unlimited account generation lets you mass enter to raise your odds.

For Shopify sites, BNB supports nanosecond-level response times needed to beat the restock crowds. Pair it with residential proxies to fly under the radar.

BNB Proxy Setup

Proxies are a must for running sneaker bots effectively. Without them, you risk getting banned or throttled on sites.

Here are some proxy best practices for BNB:

  • Use 1 proxy per task – Rotate proxies across your tasks to prevent overlap.

  • Mix proxy locations – For regional releases, use proxies from within that country.

  • Residential only – Avoid datacenter IPs, as sites can easily detect them.

  • Unlimited pools – Large proxy networks provide IP diversity needed for mass task creation.

  • Fast speeds – Latency matters, so choose proxies capable of quick response times.

Our SmartProxy residential proxies check all these boxes. With 195+ locations and unlimited device IPs, they take BNB bot copping to the next level.

Alternatives to Better Nike Bot

While BNB dominates for Nike copping, there are couple other bots that compete across Adidas and other top sites:

  • Kodai – Very fast checkout speeds, ideal for Yeezy and Shopify sites. No account generator.

  • Balko – Veteran bot with a ton of supported sites. Lacks NAS integration.

  • Cyber – Great for Footsites like Foot Locker and Finish Line. Weaker on Nike.

  • PD – Built for EU sites and releases. Good regional support.

  • GANS – Decent alternative to BNB for Nike copping. Lacks updates/support.

Overall though, BNB provides the best balance of Nike-specific features while still handling other mainstream sites through the AIO variant. For serious sneakerheads, it remains a proven top choice.


With coveted sneakers releasing almost daily, you need every edge possible to cop before sellouts. BNB levels the playing field against raffle bots and quick-strike resellers. Set up properly with plenty of accounts and clean residential proxies, BNB can help land your white whales.

Whether you just scored the Off-White Dunks you‘ve been dreaming about or filled your 10th cart of the month, sneaker botting puts the power back in your hands. Now get out there and start cooking!

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