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Another Nike Bot’s Nike SNKRS Bot: The Ultimate Sneaker Copping Tool

The world of online sneaker drops is a competitive one. Top releases from Nike, Adidas, Supreme and more sell out in seconds. As a sneakerhead, landing a highly coveted pair often comes down to luck. However, the experts utilize specialized tools and techniques to beat the masses.

In recent years, sneaker bots have become an essential tool for successfully copping limited edition shoes online. But not all bots are created equal. Another Nike Bot (ANB) is one of the leading solutions when it comes to dominating the biggest Nike releases. Their specialized Nike SNKRS bot gives users the upper hand on one of the toughest sneaker sites.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Another Nike Bot’s SNKRS bot. You’ll learn how it works, tips for optimal setup, and how to unleash its full potential. Let’s dive in!

What is ANB’s Nike SNKRS Bot?

ANB SNKRS Bot is a lightning fast checkout automation tool specifically designed for Nike SNKRS releases. SNKRS is Nike’s flagship shopping app that offers exclusive access to their most coveted shoes.

Here are the key features that make ANB‘s SNKRS bot so effective:

SNKRS Calendar Integration

The bot features a built-in SNKRS calendar that showcases upcoming releases. Instead of manually tracking releases, you can view launch dates and set up tasks with one click.

SNKRS Calendar

This makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of the latest Nike drops.

Ultra Fast Checkout Speeds

Checkout speed is the name of the game when it comes to competitive sneaker releases. ANB SNKRS leverages advanced multithreading to achieve blazing fast processing speeds.

By running on multiple threads, the bot can perform checkout steps simultaneously across all your tasks. Compared to single-threaded bots that process one task at a time, ANB provides a massive competitive advantage.

Device Emulation

The bot works seamlessly with iOS/Android emulators to run an unlimited amount of tasks. This eliminates the need for actual phones or tablets.

With reliable device emulation, you can scale up your operations without investing in costly mobile devices. According to data from Botmart, the average user sees a 10-20% increase in success rate when using device emulators compared to physical devices.

Powerful Proxy Support

Proxies are absolutely mandatory for sneaker botting. ANB SNKRS Bot has robust proxy support:

  • Easily import lists of residential or datacenter proxies
  • Automatically rotate proxies after a set number of requests
  • Group proxies into different lists per release or site

This makes it simple to manage proxies efficiently. residential proxies are highly recommended, as datacenters are prone to getting blacklisted by Nike‘s anti-bot systems.

Easy Account Management

Managing accounts is critical to avoid bans and maximize success. ANB simplifies the process:

  • Generate unlimited new Nike accounts right inside the bot
  • Organize accounts into groups for different releases
  • Built-in account checker to verify accounts are ready to use

According to Botmart’s community data, users with at least 10 accounts per task enjoy a 70% success rate compared to 50% with less than 10 accounts.

Global Site Support

The SNKRS Bot supports the SNKRS app and sites in the EU, USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. This means you can target releases anywhere they drop.

With so many features optimized specifically for Nike SNKRS, it’s easy to see why ANB SNKRS Bot has become a go-to tool for serious sneakerheads. Next, let’s walk through the optimal setup process.

Setting Up ANB SNKRS Bot for Success

Getting ANB SNKRS Bot properly configured is the key to copping Ws. Here is the recommended setup:

Step 1: Create Tasks

Start by navigating to the SNKRS calendar and double clicking any release. This will automatically create a task and pre-populate the product info.

You can also manually create tasks and enter the SKU, release date, etc. I recommend creating tasks for upcoming releases you want to target well in advance.

Step 2: Assign Accounts

Next, open the accounts menu and import your list of Nike accounts. Organize them into groups based on regions (US accounts, EU accounts, etc).

Then, assign your desired number of accounts to each task. 5 accounts per task is a good starting point. Be sure to use region-appropriate accounts.

ANB Add Accounts

Step 3: Add Proxies

Proxies are absolutely mandatory or you will get blocked. Import your proxy lists into the bot and enable them.

I highly recommend using residential proxies whenever possible as they provide IPs from real devices and internet providers. This results in very low block rates.

Rotate your proxies every 500-1000 requests for best results. Check out my guide on the best sneaker proxies to get started.

Step 4: Configure Settings

Lastly, open the settings tab to configure your checkout delays. Set the delays to random values between 3-8 seconds to mimic human behavior.

Enable auto-solve for captchas. This will prompt you to manually solve captchas during the checkout process.

And that’s it – with those 4 steps complete, your tasks are primed for success!

Executing Releases Like a Pro

When release day arrives, it‘s go time! Here are some pro tips for running ANB tasks smoothly end-to-end:

  • Start early – I recommend starting tasks 5-10 minutes prior to a release. There is usually a waiting room and you want to enter it early.

  • Monitor closely – Keep an eye on your tasks throughout the release. Be ready to manually solve captchas within 2-3 seconds to prevent stalls.

  • Don’t stop – Let your tasks keep running, even if stock shows sold out on the site. Nike often does restocks in waves.

  • Solve errors ASAP – Check console logs and be quick to troubleshoot any errors like payment failures, address issues, etc.

  • Use discords – Join cook groups and discords to receive pings on restocks, site updates, etc. This info can help maximize your success.

Persistence and dedication pays off. The more releases you execute, the more dubs you‘ll eventually cook up!

Making ANB SNKRS Bot Faster With Proxies

Bots are only one part of the puzzle. Using quality proxies is absolutely mandatory for getting optimal botting performance.

Proxies assign a new IP address to each of your bot tasks. This prevents your tasks from looking like duplicate users to SNKRS‘s anti-bot systems. Nike is notorious for swiftly blacklisting duplicate IPs.

Choosing the Right Proxies

Residential proxies are my top recommendation for sneaker sites like SNKRS. Here‘s why:

  • Provide IPs from real ISPs like Verizon, Rogers, etc which mimic real users
  • Extremely low block rate as the IPs are not suspicious or flagged
  • IPs are distributed across subnets so they appear more human
  • Fast network speeds essential for beating hype drops

Datacenter proxies are the alternative, which are banned much easier by sneaker sites. Datacenters provide worse performance and will cripple your botting success rate.

Smartproxy – My Go-To for Sneaker Proxies

As a veteran in the proxy space, I recommend Smartproxy for securing high-quality residential sneaker proxies.

Some key advantages:

  • Offer residential proxies from 70+ locations worldwide
  • Provides private proxies on a clean subnet for each user
  • Blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • 99.9% uptime and quality proxy stats
  • Easy API integration for importing into any bot

By pairing Smartproxy‘s proxies with ANB SNKRS bot, you have an unstoppable setup ready for cooking any hype sneaker release with ease.

Tips & Tricks for Botting Success on SNKRS

Cook groups love to share advice for copping the latest Yeezys or Off-White drops. But much of the wisdom is generic and repeated.

As a seasoned expert, here are my top tips specifically for running ANB on Nike SNKRS successfully:

Tip #1: Always Checkout Via Apple Pay

Nike actually prioritizes Apple Pay checkouts over credit cards. By checking out via Apple Pay, you essentially cut in line by 5-10 seconds. This small time savings can make all the difference on a heated release.

Tip #2: Double Check Shipping & Billing Info

It‘s devastating when you breeze through checkout only to get payment declined due to invalid shipping or billing details. Always double check your task‘s address and CC info beforehand.

Tip #3: Use Duplicate Cleaner Browser Extensions

Browser extensions like Duplicate Cleaner allow you to quickly generate new browser fingerprints for each task. This prevents your tasks from having duplicate browser IDs which SNKRS monitors heavily.

Tip #4: Close All Other Browser Windows & Tabs

To get maximum checkout speed, close all other browser tabs and windows before starting your tasks. The less browser processes running, the more CPU power is focused on your actual tasks.

Tip #5: Use iOS Emulators Over Android

SNKRS performs heavier throttling and monitoring on Android traffic. For best results, I recommend using iOS emulators which are stealthier and faster.

Tip #6: Warm Up Proxies Before Releases

Priming your proxies by sending some test requests in advance "warms them up". This helps avoid getting IPs flagged immediately at launch time. Always warm up your sneaker proxies.

Tip #7: Point All Tasks To One URL

Instead of running each task independently, point them all to a single profile link for the release product. Doing this allows them to checkout together when the product goes live.

These are just a few ways you can fine tune ANB‘s performance for the dub on SNKRS. Experiment to see what works best for your own setup and style.

Wrap Up

As you can see, Another Nike Bot‘s specialized SNKRS solution provides users with an incredible copping advantage. The combination of speed, automation, and support features let you execute releases flawlessly.

However, success ultimately comes down to prep work and execution. Take the time to properly configure your tasks, implement key tips above, and meticulously monitor during releases.

With ANB SNKRS Bot in your arsenal, cooking up your dream pairs is an achievable reality. Just don‘t be afraid to put in reps to master the art of the BOT.

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