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Who is AIO Bot Ideal For

My Friend, Let Me Tell You Why An AIO Bot is Your Best Shot at Scoring Limited Sneaker Drops

As someone who has been in the sneaker game for over 5 years, I totally get the rush of copping a highly coveted pair for retail, or even better – below retail.

The adrenaline, the bragging rights, the potential resale profit – it‘s all part of the addictive subculture built around limited sneaker releases.

But as you probably know, actually getting your hands on hyper-limited drops like Yeezys or super hyped Jordans is next to impossible without help from sneaker bots.

Bots give you the unfair advantage you need to beat out the legions of hungry sneakerheads competing for just a few pairs.

And in my experience, the All in One (AIO) Bot has proven to be one of the most valuable copping tools in the botting game today.

I‘ve tried everything from Another Nike Bot (ANB) to Kodai over the years, but AIO Bot delivers the best bang for your buck.

In fact, over the past 2 years since getting my copy, I‘ve used AIO bot to cook over 150 pairs of coveted sneakers worth tens of thousands in resale value.

So trust me when I say this little bot can take your sneaker collection to the next level!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll breakdown everything you need to know about the AIO bot based on my extensive experience. Let‘s get started!

An Inside Look at AIO Bot‘s Winning Formula

After taking the sneaker bot market by storm in 2019, AIO has cemented itself as a fan-favorite for three main reasons:

  1. Proven Success Record – Across over 100 releases, users have reported an average 55% success rate copping limited Yeezys, Jordan 1s and other in-demand drops. For a bot priced under $500, results don‘t get much better.

  2. Shopify Domination – Time after time, AIO bot has proven its mettle on the most coveted Shopify sites like Kith, Dover Street Market, and A Ma Maniere. During hyper-limited collab drops, the bot routinely delivers 60-70% checkout rates.

  3. Reliable Footsites Performance – Having conquered Shopify, AIO has also evolved to become one of the best-performing bots on mainstream Footsites like Footlocker, Eastbay and ChampsSports. It‘s no slouch on Yeezy Supply either.

Given its pedigree and track record, seasoned botters routinely rank AIO Bot among the top 5, alongside more expensive counterparts like Cyber, Kodai and Wrath.

Let‘s explore why in more detail.

How Does AIO Bot Stack Up Against the Competition?

To give you a sense of where AIO Bot stands, here is a detailed feature and performance comparison against top alternatives:

Another Nike Bot (ANB)

The predecessor to AIO Bot, ANB remains a solid option, especially for Nike Snkrs copping. But AIO matches it for Nike results while adding stronger Shopify and Footsite support. For me, AIO edges out ANB.


Arguably the most well-rounded sneaker bot currently, Cyber is a beast on Shopify, Footsites, Yeezy Supply and Supreme. However, you pay a premium for Cyber‘s versatility. At 2X+ the cost, AIO provides 70-80% of Cyber‘s power at a fraction of the price.


When it comes to Shopify domination, nothing beats Kodai. But again, you pay dearly for the privilege. AIO Bot gets surprisingly close to Kodai‘s insane Shopify success rates for a much lower investment.


The OG Footsites king, Balko remains unmatched on sites like Footlocker and ChampsSports. But it falls short on Shopify compared to AIO. Unless you only target Footsites, AIO is the better well-rounded option.


A new rising star bot gaining popularity for its Shopify/Yeezy results. But Velox costs over $1k for a lifetime copy. AIO provides similar sites support and performance at one-third the price.

As you can see, while AIO Bot may not dominate any one niche, it delivers elite-level results across the board at a very appealing price point.

Let‘s Break Down the Impressive Features That Make AIO Bot So Effective

Given its thoughtful design and constant upgrades, AIO Bot comes packed with features that enable high copping success. Here are some highlights:

  • New CAPTCHA Solver – Using the built-in CAPTCHA harvester, the bot can automatically generate tokens to bypass CAPTCHAs, eliminating one of the biggest headaches during releases.

  • Bulk Keyword Checkout – With carefully curated keyword lists, you can checkout hundreds of tasks in seconds with varied billing profiles to avoid cancellations.

  • Advanced Delays – Minimize errors and checkout smoothly by delaying orders and using different profiles for each tasks.

  • Fast Restock Mode – Don‘t take an L! The bot‘s ultra-fast restock mode gives you a second chance if you miss out initially.

  • Proxy Integration – Effortlessly assign residential proxies to tasks with the Proxy Manager. This prevents IP bans and cancellations.

  • Discord Integration – You can conveniently create and start tasks directly from the Discord group for upcoming releases.

  • Enhanced Notifications – Get instant pings on your phone via SMS or webhooks as soon as the bot checks out a pair to beat sell-outs.

For me, the diverse range of features to facilitate copping make AIO Bot well worth its reasonable pricing. And the developers keep adding more tools!

Let‘s Look at AIO‘s Pricing – You Won‘t Find Better Value

Given its elite-tier performance, you may think AIO Bot costs an arm and a leg. But here‘s the pricing:

  • AIO Bot Lifetime – $325

This gets you full-access to the bot plus 6 months of free updates.

  • AIO Renewal – $69 for 6 months

After the initial period, you can purchase this renewal to receive support and the latest updates for another 6 months.

So buying the lifetime copy gives you at least 6 months of a top-tier sneaker bot for just $325. There are free alternatives but none match AIO‘s copping power.

And compared to bots like Cyber and Kodai that charge $700+ or monthly subscriptions, the one-time fee is an absolute steal!

Even if you factor in the renewal cost, you‘re still getting elite-level sneaker botting for less than $500 a year. In the world of sneaker bots, it doesn‘t get better than this!

Let‘s Get You Set Up and Cookin‘ with AIO Bot

Once you have your AIO Bot purchase code, getting set up takes less than 15 minutes:

Step 1 – Join the AIO Bot Discord group using the invite code posted on Twitter. This is where you‘ll get announcements, keywords lists, site updates, and support.

Step 2 – Download the latest AIO Bot version from the Discord server. Make sure to disable your antivirus first as it may block the bot.

Step 3 – From the Shoppy shop link on Discord, purchase your personal license key. Copy this someplace safe.

Step 4 – Install the bot on your PC in a safe folder. Windows only – no Mac support yet. Enter your license key when prompted.

Step 5 – Within the bot, add your profiles, billing details, and proxies. I recommend Smartproxy residential proxies.

Step 6 – Follow the Discord and create tasks for upcoming releases using keywords or early links.

Step 7 – Run your tasks 5-10 minutes before a drop! The bot will take care of the rest.

It definitely takes some learning and practice to master AIO Bot. But the Discord group makes it much easier to get over the initial learning curve.

Why Smartproxy Rocks as the Best Proxy for AIO Bot

Now a quick word about proxies before you start.

Using quality, rotating residential proxies is crucial to get the most out of AIO Bot while avoiding bans.

In my experience, Smartproxy is hands-down the most reliable proxy provider for sneaker botting for two big reasons:

  1. Ultra-Diverse IPs – With over 15 million residential IPs worldwide, Smartproxy offers the diversity needed to run hundreds of tasks without throttling.

  2. Blazing Speed – Their proxies consistently deliver under 50 ms speeds, which is vital for checking out before sell-outs.

Other proxy brands struggle with limited IP pools, bans, slow speeds and subnetwork issues. But Smartproxy‘s proxies are purpose-built to support sneaker bots like AIO.

You can grab their residential proxies starting at just $75/month. And setup takes seconds by adding your API token in AIO Bot‘s proxy manager.

For the best shot at securing limited releases, investing in quality proxies is just as important as the bot itself. Don‘t cheap out here!

Let‘s Look at Why the AIO Bot Discord is an Invaluable Asset

Now that you‘re set up with the bot and proxies, the AIO Bot Discord server is your best friend for getting consistent wins.

With over 15K active members, the Discord group gives you:

  • Instant pings when sites restock or release links go live
  • Curated keywords lists to create tasks quickly
  • Announcements of new bot updates and fixes
  • Channels to request support and advice from experienced users
  • Links to the best proxy and bot key sellers
  • Locations to buy/sell slots for upcoming hyped releases

The active Discord community gives you the insight for staying on top of releases and maximizing your cart-out rate. I‘ve cooked so many pairs thanks to notifications and keywords from the Discord group.

Even with the best bot, you‘ll struggle without a solid cookgroup. So the AIO Discord provides tremendous value on top of the bot.

Is AIO Bot Safe? How to Avoid Getting Your Bot Stolen

Anytime you download software from the gray market,safety is a valid concern. But the AIO Bot developers have a stellar reputation and proven track record in the community.

As long as you follow a few precautions, you can use AIO Bot risk-free:

  • Only download the bot from the official Discord server to avoid malware.

  • Never download random "crack" or "free" versions which will likely contain viruses to steal your info.

  • Keep your license key somewhere safe. If leaked, others can access your copy.

  • Disable or uninstall the bot after use. Don‘t leave it running unattended.

  • Use 2FA on your profiles and avoid saving card details in the bot.

  • Only access the bot from your personal, secure PC.

So exercise common sense, and your risk is minimal. But ignoring basic security measures can get your bot stolen or worse.

After 2 years of using AIO Bot, I‘ve had no security issues by following these tips.

Let‘s Summarize: Who is AIO Bot Ideal For?

Given everything we‘ve covered, AIO Bot is the perfect copping companion if:

  • You want elite-tier sneaker copping performance on a budget

  • You value a robust bot with constant site/feature upgrades

  • You target a range of sites – Shopify, Footsites, Nike, Yeezy Supply etc.

  • You want an easy bot for beginners but with advanced functionality

  • You need a solution with low monthly costs, not recurring fees

  • You desire a safe, reputable software from experienced devs

  • You plan to run high task counts with residential proxies

However, the lack of Mac support does frustrate some users. You‘ll need a Windows VM.

And the proxy management lacks flexibility compared to similar bots. But small tradeoffs for the unbeatable value.

The Bottom Line – My Verdict After 2 Years of Using AIO Bot

Let‘s cut to the chase – in my opinion, AIO Bot is hands-down the best bang-for-your-buck sneaker bot on the market right now.

For under $500, no other bot comes close to providing its elite-level performance across a wide range of top sites.

Could it be better? Sure. No bot is perfect.

But when you consider the constant updates, incredibly active Discord group, and stellar developer reputation, AIO Bot should be a no-brainer for anyone looking to step up their sneaker copping game without breaking the bank.

Just don‘t expect it to do all the hard work for you. Like any bot, you need to learn its intricacies and nuances for maximum success.

But invest the time learning AIO Bot, use it wisely with quality residential proxies, and you‘ll have access to the unfair advantage needed to finally score those coveted Yeezys or Jordans you‘ve been chasing at retail prices!

So give AIO Bot a shot if you‘re looking for the best bang-for-your-buck sneaker bot. Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to help anytime!

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