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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of the website, category or product pages (for business analysis);
  • Information about the volume of web scraping (from existing links from the entire site / from a separate category / to specific pages / names of parsing objects);
  • Information about what information should be obtained: name, model, article, description, photo, characteristics, and others. Or the result you want to see in what form with a sample file structure, you can see various examples here. You can also send a screenshot of a site page with visually highlighted features that need to be mapped;
  • Information about what format you need to get the web scraping result - xls / csv / txt or any other format;
  • Information about the need for the frequency of analysis;
  • Other details are discussed as necessary.

The price is determined individually depending on your needs, the complexity of web scraping, and consists of the following factors:

The service that interests you, a one-time collection of a database of goods or periodic monitoring of competitors' prices;

Frequency of tracking changes in competing price / items / other information;

The number of sites on which one-time web scraping / periodic monitoring will be performed;

An asset or lack of a clear site structure where the data should be analyzed;

Number of site pages, data to be analyzed;

Number of positions and functions from each page (number of data columns);

The need to parse variations (for example, for clothes - color, size);

The need to use a proxy server during web scraping;

Using site scripts;

The need for authorization on the site;

You must skip the captcha (captcha));

The need to download files / images;

Implementation of single-threaded / multi-threaded parsing is required;

The need for an individual file structure, import to the site.

Web scraping cost estimation is free.

The data is provided as per your request in xls / csv / txt file format. The data in the files is customized according to our template or according to the template you provide. Here you can see examples of the results of our work.
Web scraping results can be provided once, periodically (every day / week / month). You can provide the results of the analysis in the following ways:
Send by Email;
By connecting the Onedrive (Cloud) network driver to your computer via the WebDAV protocol. This method provides an initial setup, but it is much more convenient for you. After installation, your computer will have a separate folder with automatically updated files (parsing results).
We are open to your suggestions on how to provide you with the parsing results.
Yes, we upload files on demand. The web scraping speed can be reduced in this case.
Monitoring of competitors ' prices. Import data to the site in the CMS. We optimize the uploaded images.
Acquiring – non-cash payment in any format that is convenient for you.
Relevant for any country.