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Best Residential Proxies 2023: Unblock Any Website (Never Get Blocked)

Do you wish to access any website without getting restricted? This article provides you with the top residential proxies you can use to bypass any website’s restriction and stay anonymous without getting caught or blocked.

The use of proxy servers is becoming a standard requirement online. Although there are two types of proxies available, many individuals are unaware that they can choose between those located in a datacenter and those located in residential throughout the world. Business users that need to utilize a proxy network are better served by selecting a residential option. When your IP address returns to a datacenter, most websites will automatically ban you as a proxy user.

Fortunately, with a residential proxy, you can bypass any restrictions that your network administrator can have put in place. Businesses now absolutely need residential proxies to ensure their continued success on a global scale. An unreliable residential proxy, however, is the same as going without service assistance altogether.

You should use caution while deciding on a residential proxy service. There are a plethora of proxy service providers to choose from, and this might be overwhelming to some. It’s harder to decide between alternatives if you don’t understand their differences. Every single residential proxy serves the same essential purpose. Nonetheless, you can determine which service is ideal by comparing its characteristics with those of other suppliers.

In this article, I am going to show you the best residential proxies to make your search easy for you.

10+ Best Residential Proxies in 2023

SmartProxyReliable and Trustworthy Residential Proxies

Smartproxy for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 7.5 USD
  • Benefits: Unlimited web scraping, provides SEO analytics for the growth of business, cheap proxy, large pool size of IPs, 24/7 customer support system, secure and safe connection

The residential proxies from SmartProxy are more feature-rich than the datacenter proxies. Smartproxy is unique in that it caters entirely to commercial clients, unlike the vast majority of residential proxy services.

SmartProxy’s IP rotation keeps you online and makes it possible to bypass website blocks, but its poor performance makes it the least desirable choice among those shown here.

SmartProxy has its own pricing structure that differs from the competition. If you just require 5 GB, you can subscribe to a plan with that amount. However, the lowest plan will have the highest price per GB. A tailored strategy can be developed to fit your specific requirements.

Soax — Best for High-Speed Residential Proxies

Soax overview

  • Price: Begins at 399 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Supports SEO, provides geo-targeting, high anonymity

Fast residential and mobile proxies are what Soax specializes in offering. It provides access to 8.5 million residential IPs. The IP pool is smaller than other competing proxy services, yet it remains stable. Users have the option of selecting a certain nation, area, location, and even service provider.

When using Soax, internet users can conceal their identities completely. Sending several requests for a session at once is permitted. The provider’s global reach means that you’ll have unrestricted access to any and all websites. Businesses can use the Soax proxy for a wide variety of purposes, including monitoring SEO, checking on their brand’s reputation, gathering data, doing market research, and assessing the speed of their websites.

Bright Data — Best for Static and Rotating Residential IPs

Bright Data for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 500 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Secure network, large pool size of IP, fast speed connection

When it comes to residential proxies, the majority of businesses choose Bright Data because of how well-known and respected it is. Numerous companies use Bright Data for trademark protection, structured and unstructured data collecting, and digital advertisement monitoring, among other services. IP blocking and Captcha solving are two more problems that Bright Data can solve for you.

When it comes to residential proxies, several Fortune 500 firms use Bright Data. The proxy network is trustworthy, and companies need not worry about being blocked because of the proxy’s IP addresses. Bright data is unique among residential proxies for sale in that it obtains opt-in permission from end users before selling IP addresses to companies.

Proxy-Cheap — Best Cheap Residential Proxies

Proxy-Cheap overview

  • Price: Begins at 4.99 USD per Gigabyte
  • Benefits: 24/7 customer support, dedicated chat agent, unlimited bandwidth, personal dashboard, no monthly commitment

Proxy-Cheap offers mobile, residential, and datacenter proxies. The lack of a recurring monthly cost is a major selling point of the residential proxies offered by this service provider. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your expenses, you might elect to pay by the gigabyte. Proxy-Cheap provides its customers with access to over 7 million unique residential IPs.

The added security that dynamic IP addresses provide is a plus for businesses as well. The service’s worldwide availability means you have access to any website whenever you want. Data scraping, ad verification, brand security, and market research are just some of the many possible applications for Proxy-Cheap. Your organization can choose from a number of suitable settings.

OxyLabs — Provides High-quality Residential Proxies

Oxylabs for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 100 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Offers over 100 million residential IPs, over 2 million IP pool size, 7 days free trial, 24/7 live support system, free proxy manager

With over a hundred million IP addresses, OxyLabs’ proxy network is unrivaled. By using the vast proxy pool, users from any location in the globe are able to access any and all websites. Both the quality and legitimacy of the proxies themselves are assured.

In addition to monetary incentives, this firm provides additional perks to anyone who provides them with access to their IP addresses. As opposed to other competing services, OxyLabs does not impose a restriction on the number of simultaneous user connections. With consecutive sessions, you can gather as much information as you want. Companies can schedule when their IP addresses will be updated. It’s also possible to request a random IP address swap.

Proxy Empire — Best Residential Proxies Provider for Web Scraping Data Collection

ProxyEmpire overview

  • Price: Begins at 45 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Unlimited bandwidth, over 9 million IP addresses, reliable and fast speed

I recommend Proxy Empire since it is so difficult to find residential proxies that are both reliable and affordable. For as little as 45 USD monthly, you can have access to rollover bandwidth and automatically rotating proxies without having to lift a finger. Proxy service from more than 150 countries, including email and, for additional money, live chat assistance.

The Social Proxy — Provides High-quality Residential Proxies for Easy Internet Access

The Social Proxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 89 EURO monthly
  • Benefits: Convenient customer service, available in various locations, provides high-quality residential proxies

Considering that The Social Proxy provides some of the finest residential proxies available online, I have no qualms with their desire to simplify your Internet experience. All of their proxies are fully automated, so you’ll be able to access the web instantly, and without any hassle, so they claim.

You can use any one of their many features, and if you ever have any questions or concerns, their support staff is only a chat away. They claim to provide servers across a variety of places, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and that you will never use the same IP address for more than a few hours at a time.

Shifter — Best for Unlimited bandwidth

Shifter for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 125 USD (for 10 ports) monthly
  • Benefits: 24/7 customer service, anonymous proxies for maximum protection, usable on search engines

With Shifter, a server automatically and repeatedly changes your residential IP address. When you need to hide your true identity while gathering information from websites, this proxy is your best option.

With Shifter’s pool of more than 31 million IP addresses, customers never have to worry about being barred from accessing anything online. In order to provide organizations with a more secure method of data scraping, the IP address is rotated every five minutes.

You can immediately begin reaping the benefits of the proxy once you decide on Shifter since the integration only takes a few minutes to finish.

IPRoyal — Best for Switching up IP Addresses

IPRoyal overview

  • Price: Begins at 4 USD
  • Benefits: Provides over 2 million IP addresses, good customer service system, high-quality proxies

If you prefer to constantly change your IP address and want to be able to dive into a very deep pool, then IPRoyal is the sort of residential proxy that you will want to take advantage of.

In case you were wondering, they have over two million IP addresses accessible, and you can either sign up right now or investigate their rates in more detail.

In addition to their many five-star evaluations on Trustpilot, IPRoyal also provides residential proxies, sneaker proxies, static residential proxies, and proxies from data centers for sale.

Froxy — Best for Geo-targeting and High-Speed Internet Connection

Froxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 60 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Provides limitless traffic and bandwidth, cheap prices, fast internet speed, high-speed proxy

If you need a residential proxy and are on a budget, Froxy is another great alternative. The proxy network can be set up quickly and reliably. Individual proxies are available to users using Froxy. This residential proxy service will allow you to conceal your online identity while doing everything from web browsing to social media account management. Thanks to Froxy, users can connect to a private network with a static IP address.

There are now just two options for server locations. The Ashburn, Virginia and Chicago, Illinois IP addresses are static. When deciding on a VPN service, Froxy’s high level of security and the availability of a free trial period should both be considerations. No matter the plan you choose, the maximum number of connected devices is 5.

Storm Proxies — Best for Anonymous Connection

Storm Proxies for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD monthly
  • Benefits: High speed performance, instant delivery, unlimited bandwidth, highly anonymity, 24 hours money back guarantee

The specialty of Storm Proxies is dedicated proxies and reverse backconnect. For its low cost, Storm Proxies is a popular choice among businesses. Their ten-port 50 USD plan is the least expensive one they provide.

Storm Proxies’ residential proxies are top-notch tools for checking ads, doing market research, safeguarding brands, signing up for several accounts at once, and scraping websites. In addition to its use with traffic bots, email security, and information validation, the system is compatible with all of these. These residential proxies can be used for any task that normally necessitates the use of a distinct IP address.

NetNut — Best Residential Proxies Provider for Unlimited Web Data Extraction

NetNut overview

  • Price: Begins at 300 USD for 20 Gigabytes
  • Benefits: Provides geo-targeting, offers 7 days free trial, effective and reliable customer service

NetNut facilitates SEO management, social media administration, online scraping, and data extraction. The supplier has been quite helpful to both researchers and marketers. All the other companies on this list that provide residential proxies depend on P2P technology. However, disconnections are inevitable in peer-to-peer networks. gets its IP addresses straight from ISPs so that you never lose your connection. The IP addresses are gathered, and then the P2P network is used to increase scalability in is a relatively recent player in the residential proxy industry in comparison to the others listed above. Despite this, the proxy provider’s IP pool has expanded to encompass more than 10 million residential addresses.

Geonode — Best for Continuous Proxy Rotation and Unlimited Web Scraping

Geonode overview

  • Price: Begins at 14 USD monthly
  • Benefits: High-quality IPs, instant activation, high success rate on secure sites, massive proxy network, real technical support

It is said that the residential proxies provided by Geonode are among the finest available. Claiming that their millions of residential proxies can enable you to scrape any site at scale, the company operates the proxies invisibly.

In addition to having no monthly activity limitations, you also have no data caps. During my research, I found out that this residential proxy barely offers a free trial. However, it allows you to have a taste of its features for about 7 USD which lasts for just 7 days.

If you’re like me and you want to do it correctly the first time and not sign up for anything, you’ll later come to regret it; I believe this is a fair price to pay.

PacketStream — Budget-friendly Residential Proxies Provider

PacketStream Homepage

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD for 50 Gigabytes
  • Benefits: Provides over 70 million IPs, 24/7 customer support, API for resellers, affordable prices

Due to its innovative business approach, PacketStream is able to provide residential proxies at very low prices. In order to resell it to others, it must first purchase it from its original sellers. Thus, PacketStream is able to provide IPs at pay-as-you-go rates as low as 1 USD per GB.

The network’s speed was comparable to others I’ve tried. However, there was nothing near 7 million distinct IP addresses detected. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to get many proxies from the same place, particularly if you choose a region outside of the United States or Europe. PacketStream is still a good alternative for novices because of its low cost and intuitive interface. Companies in need of a large proxy pool coupled with excellent support should seek elsewhere.

HydraProxySecure Connection (No monthly cost)

HydraProxy for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 5 USD for 1 Gigabyte
  • Benefits: Provides over 5 million IPs, unlimited access, HTTPS support, flexible billing, no monthly commitment, multi-credential generator

A large proxy pool of residential and mobile IP addresses are only two of the many benefits that make Hydraproxy stand out among proxy providers. You can use them with no surprise fees when you do it this way.

When compared to other providers, I think this one has a more fair price for the high caliber of service it offers. Thanks to Hydraproxy’s lightning-fast speed and high-anonymity proxies, nobody will ever know your true IP address. When using these proxies, no one will be able to tell.

GeoSurf — Provides Quality Residential Proxies

GeoSurf for Residential Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 300 USD for 20 Gigabytes (15 USD per Gigabyte)
  • Benefits: Simple and quick integration, reliable and undetectable, premium support, over 2.5 million IP addresses monthly, 24/7 customer support on Skype or email, provides extensive documentation, browser extension, and API

Adding to the list of top-tier residential proxy service providers is GeoSurf. It stands out from the competition because it prioritizes high-quality content above quantity. All 2.5M IPs were carefully selected from among the most popular consumer ISPs and top-tier nations. In addition to its already impressive strengths, the system’s rotation settings and its over a thousand city coverage are other notable highlights. Using geo-targeting can be made easier with the use of a browser extension and application programming interface (API).

Unfortunately, GeoSurf is one of the costlier service options. Given the small size of the proxy pool, you can find that you are increasingly confronted with compromised IP addresses. The future of the firm is in jeopardy after it just lost a lawsuit against Bright Data.

ProxyRack — Suitable for Businesses and Individuals

ProxyRack for Residential Proxies

  • Price:95 USD monthly (they also offer 3 days trial for just 13.95 USD)
  • Benefits: Unmetered data transfer, geo-targeting, money back guarantee, dedicated account support, discounts for bulk purchase

Packages are available for both people and corporations from this residential proxy service. Business owners using residential proxies will have access to dynamic, static, and geographically specific proxy choices.

More than 5 million unique IP addresses from cities and countries throughout the world are available for use with ProxyRack. Incredibly useful whether your goal is social media engagement or ad verification. A few of ProxyRack’s many uses include brand security, website A/B testing, and SEO analytics. The company provides a dependable and quick proxy network that customers can use to scrape webpages.


YourPrivateProxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 8.97 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Instant delivery, fast speed, unmetered bandwidth, unblock restricted content

If you require a residential proxy, YourPrivateProxy is a fantastic option; their website’s dated aesthetic is more than made up for by their robust proxy options.

They claim that all of their designs can be modified to accommodate certain parameters such as bandwidth, frequency of maintenance, number of threads per replacement, and so on. They provide their customers with dedicated IP addresses that are boundless in terms of both data transfer and capacity.

You can use proxies in numerous locations, and the company guarantees complete anonymity for your data and identity.

BeeProxy — *Avoid* (Nov 2022 Update)

BeeProxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 2 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Unlimited usage, state and city geo-targeting, fast speed, enables total control of IPs

Proxies from residential and datacenter are also available from BeeProxy. Since their residential proxies are so affordably priced, one of their biggest features is the absence of a minimum monthly payment need.

Seven million residential IPs are at users’ disposal on BeeProxy. Organizations can take advantage of an additional layer of protection provided by dynamic IP addresses. Access any website, anytime you choose, thanks to our global reach.

BeeProxy can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including data scraping, ad verification, trademark protection, and market research. Any and all of your company’s site selection criteria can be met by the abundance of options now accessible.

Benefits of Using Residential Proxies

1. It Provides Unrestricted Access to Blocked IPs

To bypass IP restrictions on games, applications, and websites, you can use a residential proxy. This way, you can keep using applications for social networking and more despite problems with your account or IP address.

2. It Provides Limitless Bandwidth

When using a residential proxy, you can transfer as much data as you want to and from your computer. When you utilize a residential proxy, you won’t have to worry about going over your data limit and incurring coverage costs. With their increased speed, you can use the internet for everything from downloading enormous files to watching high-definition films online in no time.

3. It Provides Access to Government-blocked or Geo-restricted Information

By using proxies, you can get around geographical limits. When using a residential proxy, you can bypass regional restrictions and get access to content that can otherwise be unavailable to you. No longer are restrictions placed on your education.

4. It Provides Security and Protection from Malware

Malware prevention that checks visited URLs for harmful software is included in many residential proxies. By using a proxy, you can avoid visiting malicious websites. It provides further security while visiting sites that may contain viruses or other threats. Downloaded data and photos from websites can also be inspected by certain residential proxies before they reach your machine.

5. Anonymity and Privacy

The usage of a residential proxy allows you to maintain your anonymity when surfing the web. The proxy server’s IP address, not your own, will be shown to the websites you visit. In this way, ad networks will be unable to track your web activities and provide you with more relevant ads. Furthermore, you should always conceal your traffic while accessing sensitive websites.

6. Online Security

To further protect your computer and data from hackers and other cybercriminals, consider using a residential proxy service. Most residential proxies are equipped with encryption software, making it impossible for hackers to monitor your online activity. By masking your IP address, a proxy can stop criminals from accessing your information. Given the prevalence of cybercrime in the modern world, protecting yourself from being a victim is a top priority.


Q. Can static residential proxies be purchased?

You can buy static residential proxies. There has been a recent uptick in the availability of residential proxies that originate from ISPs rather than individual consumers. Proxy servers hosted by an Internet service provider go by that name.

Q. Can I find residential IP addresses that have limitless bandwidth?

Yes, you can. Two services that come to mind are Storm Proxies and Shifter. Proxy servers that are hosted in private homes often have poor performance but are suitable for heavy traffic loads.

Q. Are there free trial residential proxies?

In certain cases, such as when joining up a business, the service provider will enable such a thing. Most, however, will refund your payment instead.

Q. What is the price of a residential proxy?

There is a significant price variation amongst providers, as there is with any other commodity. In any case, the going rate per gigabyte is somewhere between 1 USD and 20 USD. Everything will depend on the quantity you buy.


Because of the variety of residential proxies on the market, choosing the best ones to purchase might be challenging. It may take some time to locate the best residential proxy for your needs, but it will be worth it when you consider all of the options. It’s also a good idea to look at the pricing of each alternative. The finest proxies are an absolute must for every business, no matter how large or small. The people on this list are the ones you can count on for the most fundamental assistance.

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