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20 Best Socks5 Proxies for Anonymous Scraping (Safe & Fast)

Do you want to stay safe and secure while browsing the internet? This article provides you with the best Socks5 proxies to help you stay anonymous as you surf the internet without getting caught.

The need for privacy and anonymity online is growing, and more individuals are considering the options available to them. Because not everyone is well-versed in the particulars of today's technology, this may lead to a lot of confusion. Many exist, and there are many means by which one might conceal one's true IP address.

I believe that SOCKS5 is one of the most powerful technologies available today. A SOCKS proxy can be used to hide one's true Internet Protocol (IP) address, to get access to otherwise inaccessible websites, or to scrape data from such websites. Discover which Socks5 proxies are the finest for your needs with the help of this article.

Top 20 Socks5 Proxies for Web Scraping (Anonymity & Fast)

1. Soax — Best for Speed Testing and SEO Tracking

Soax overview

  • Price: Begins at 399 USD (for 8k proxies) per month
  • Permitted Currency: 500 threads
  • Location: Available in more than 100 countries
  • Pool size of IP: Undisclosed

Soax provides its customers with excellent SOCKS5 proxies, in addition to mobile and residential proxies. Claiming to be among the purest available choices, they maintain a constantly growing proxy pool of more than 8 million IP addresses from all over the globe.

Additionally, they provide customizable targeting down to the area, nation, city, and service provider levels. The company provides access to all of its geographic areas at any time with no use limits and a full complement of whitelisted alternatives.

As for cost, I believe they provide competitive plans, with 5GB of monthly data and 300 ports available for 75 USD monthly.

2. Bright Data — Best for Large Data Collection

Bright Data for Socks5 Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 500 USD (for 40 Gigabytes) per month
  • Free Option: 7 days free trial
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 40 million

When it comes to high-quality SOCKS5 proxy services, Bright Data is among the finest. The monthly cost of using Bright Data might reach 500 USD, making it one of the most expensive options out there. It's worth considering if you run a large company and depend on proxies to get as much information as possible since this will meet all of your proxy requirements.

3. OxyLabs — Best for Web Crawling and Web Data Extraction

OxyLabs for Socks5 Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 100 USD monthly
  • Pool size of IP: Over 2 million
  • Location: Available in 188 countries
  • Free Option: 7 days free trial

In my opinion, Oxylabs is right up there with the top of the proxy service providers. I love the added features, such as session control and the fact that they provide a free trial that lasts for seven days. SOCKS5 proxies are available from Oxylabs for use in data mining and web page crawling.

4. Proxy-Seller — Best for SEO Scraping

Proxy-Seller overview

  • Price: Begins at 1.59 USD (per 10 proxies) monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Location: Available in 6 countries

If you need an HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxy service, Proxy-Seller can help you discover one. It's unusual to find a proxy service that offers assistance with both types of proxies, so the fact that they do is a big plus. A virtual assistant appears at the outset to answer any queries you may have, and selecting the appropriate proxy type is a breeze.

You can purchase proxies from a certain area and set the rental duration right from their webpage. This prevents them from sending you a proxy that has nothing to do with your requirements at all.

5. Rayobyte (Previously called Blazing SEO) —  Best for Unlimited Bandwidth with API Support

Rayobyte overview

  • Price: Begins at 6 USD monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Permitted Currency: About 100 threads
  • Locations: Available in 9 countries

Even if you don't know much about a new firm and don't believe it looks amazing right now, it might still be worthwhile to research them. Be wary of Blazing SEO Proxy. They have a firm grasp of the wants and needs of their clientele, and they exert themselves constantly to meet those demands. Although their database size and number of locations now fall well short of those of larger proxy providers, I have no doubt that they will catch up to them eventually.

6. SmartProxy — Budget-friendly Socks5 Proxy

SmartProxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 7.5 USD (for 3 IPs)
  • Pool Size of IP: 70k+
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Location: The United States only

Quite a few similarities exist between Smartproxy and Bright Data. To be honest, the pricing is about the only thing that separates these two businesses. When compared to Bright Data's 500 USD, Smartproxy's minimum price tag of 200 USD seems very reasonable. Considering that they also have one of the largest server databases, you can be certain that you are getting your money's worth.

7. — Provides Advanced Control Panel

Rayobyte overview

  • Price: Begins at 125 USD (for 10 ports) monthly
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Location: Available in 130 countries
  • Pool Size of IP: 26+ million IP addresses

If you are seeking a reliable SOCKS5 proxy, go no further than, one of the largest proxy networks in the world. They boast an automated ordering process and a 3-day money-back assurance.

In addition to meeting any and all of your requirements for a proxy service, they provide round-the-clock assistance. It claims to be really quick and has a price comparison feature so you can check how competitive they are with the competition.

You can have as many sessions as you want, and the sophisticated dashboard will make sure you're never in the dark about anything.

8. IPRoyal — Best for High-quality Proxies

IPRoyal overview

  • Price: Begins at 4 USD
  • Location: 180+ Countries
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 2 million IP addresses

You can get high-quality SOCKS5 proxies and residential proxy lists with a back connection from IPRoyal, a reputable service. Register today for free to give them a try; they boast private Wi-Fi and over 2 million IP addresses. Their proxy plans are clear and well-considered, so you receive exactly what you pay for and don't have to skimp elsewhere.

9. Proxy Rack — Provides Complete Proxy Solution with Good Value for Money

Proxy Rack overview

  • Price: Begins at 15 USD monthly
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Pool Size of IP: Undisclosed
  • Location: Available in 140 countries

Proxy Rack is a service that will sell you proxies; they support HTTP and SOCKS5, and they claim to have more than 300,000 active proxies at any one time.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on proxies at the moment but still want to achieve decent results, they claim that their low prices are what set them apart from the competition.

With over 3000 happy customers, they are certain that they provide the full suite of services necessary to meet all of your proxy needs.

10. StormProxies — Best for Unlimited Bandwidth

stormproxies rotating proxies

  • Price: Begins at 39 USD monthly (40 Threads)
  • Free Option: NO (but offers 24 hours  money guarantee)

Affordable SOCKS5 proxies from Storm Proxies provide unmetered data transfer. In fact, as of 2024, polls show that Storm Proxies is the best option for a low-cost SOCKS5 proxy. They also provide residential proxies and fantastic assistance, which are two things you won't find at every proxy service. Storm Proxies can help you save money, so why not give it a shot? I'd like it if you could thank me afterward.

11. Lime Proxies — Largest Socks5 Proxy Network

Lime Proxies overview

  • Price: Begins at 25 USD (per 10 proxies) monthly
  • Free Option: 3 days free trial
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 40 million IP addresses

One of the nicest things about Lime Proxies is that they provide a free trial of their SOCKS5 proxy, which may help you move ahead. Therefore, you may learn more about them and how they function before making any final choices.

They boast a five-minute setup time and round-the-clock business support. You may cancel at any time. They provide their customers with access to millions of unique IP addresses that can never be banned, and their crew is very helpful and responsive.

More than 5,000 businesses have put their faith in them, and their rank monitoring service makes it easy to monitor your site's position in Google's search results. Moreover, data can be scraped if it becomes necessary. There are more than 50 different geographic locations available, and your IP address can be renewed at any moment.

12. Proxy-Cheap — Best for Scraping and Web Automation

Proxy-Cheap overview

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD for 10 Gigabytes
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 6 million IP addresses
  • Location: Available in 127 countries

Proxy-Cheap provides support for more than 127 countries across the globe. They have around 6 million IP addresses available for use in homes. It's priced similarly to Bright Data in that it's bandwidth-based rather than subscription-based. However, in terms of brand recognition, they are very affordable in comparison to other home proxies that charge by the bandwidth they use. Their proxies are top-notch, and they work with both HTTPS and SOCKS5. In terms of site scraping and automation, they perform well.

13. Proxy-Sale — Best Socks5 Proxy for Web Scraping

Proxy-Sale overview

  • Price:43 USD (per 10 pc.) monthly

Proxy-Sale provides affordable SOCKS5 proxies in a discreet and useful manner. Private proxies for use with web scraping tools, social networking, online casinos, and other online services are available from this company.

Besides providing location-specific proxies, Proxy-Sale also offers proxies that can be purchased at a set fee, giving you full control over both your budget and the origin of your proxies.

The momeny you get on the website, you'll be able to peruse a detailed list of all the available proxies, organized by country of origin. You may choose your own pricing as well, depending on how much money you have available.

14. Proxy6 — Provides API for Web Developers

Proxy6 overview

  • Price: Begins at 0.45 USD (per proxy) monthly
  • Permitted bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited

Proxy6 is a well-liked service that offers something no other supplier does: IPv6 proxies. If you buy their proxies, you'll be the only one who can use them. Both the HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols are supported.

You can choose between their inexpensive IPv6 proxies and their reasonably priced IPv4 proxies. They provide API and proxy servers in many countries. You can purchase proxies for as little as three days at a time. They also offer weekly and monthly subscriptions.

15. High Proxies — Best for High Anonymity Proxies

High Proxies overview

  • Price: Begins at 2.30 USD monthly
  • Locations: Available in 5 countries

What I primarily love about High Proxies is that you can demand your money back if after using the proxy for three days and you didn’t like it. This is what sets them apart from their competitors. You should give them a try if you want to use your proxies for social media; this is the case for which they have received the most positive feedback online.

Proxy Bonanza for Socks5 Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 59 USD (for 10 proxies) monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Permitted Currency: Unlimited
  • Locations: Available in 107 countries

Ignore the term “Bonanza” in the name of this proxy service; in comparison to other providers, I find their proxies to be somewhat pricey. However, they have some of the best-performing proxies available. A total of 107 nations are represented by their proxies, with the United States being the most valuable. If you want to get proxies from them on the cheap, you should choose their shared proxies. The SOCKS5 protocol is supported by their proxies. Common web browsers can be upgraded with their add-ons.

17. Proxy Guys — Best Socks5 Proxy Provider with 5G Network Support

Proxy Guys overview

  • Price: Begins at 20 USD per day
  • Locations: Available in over 50 cities in the US
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited

SOCKS5 proxies are supported by Proxy Guys, a proxy service provider that boasts more than 39 US-based server locations, download rates of over 40Mbps, and unlimited instantaneous IP address changes across all of their subscriptions.

The company boasts rapid account creation, a variety of subscription plans, and the ability to sign up even if you're not at your computer, so it's ideal for those who are always on the move yet don't have much time to spare.

I like that they provide round-the-clock chat service and that they have extensions for both Chrome and Firefox, two of my favorite browsers. This proxy service covers all your bases, ensuring your online safety at every step of the way.

18. Hydra Proxy — Socks5 Proxy Provider with Granular Control

Hydra Proxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 2.95 USD (per port) daily
  • Pool Size of IP: Over 5 million IP addresses
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited

If you need SOCKS5 proxies or residential proxies, go no further than Hydra Proxy. I enjoy that you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty and that there is no monthly commitment required.

Furthermore, they claim to provide convenient billing cycles and to charge no more than the first quoted price. With over 5 million IP addresses in their database and a money-back guarantee that works around the clock, I believe they've got a solid thing going.

19. The Social Proxy — Best for Automation

The Social Proxy overview

  • Price: Begins at 89 EURO monthly
  • Free Option: 24 hours free trial

With more than 8 million IP addresses at your disposal, this service is the finest of its kind on the web. It only supports the SOCKS5 protocol. It's compatible with over 32 different mobile networks and can be used as a personal proxy in 68 different countries.

There are VPN servers available in 10 different countries with this service. You can try out their services risk-free with their free trial offer before deciding whether or not to pay for them. In addition, they provide free pixies and a VPN service that can be used from home or on the go.

20. ProxyEmpire — Best Socks5 Proxy Provider that Functions with any Website and Software Program

ProxyEmpire overview

  • Price: Begins at 45 USD (for 3 Gigabytes) monthly
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Pool Size of IP: 9+ million IP addresses
  • Locations: Available in over 170 countries

Due to the compatibility of their proxies with any website or application, ProxyEmpire is regarded as one of the finest SOCKS5 proxies. When you first visit their website, you'll see that they provide a list of inexpensive proxies organized by region, and they'll also tell you upfront how much your proxy will cost depending on the country of origin you choose.

Aside from ensuring that your proxy comes from the precise area you need, this is also a wonderful method to estimate how much you'll be paid for proxies in advance, eliminating any unpleasant surprises.

The Benefits of Using Socks5 Proxies

1. It Is Capable of Bypassing Any Form of Internet Filtering

It is possible to use these proxy servers to establish an intermediary connection between your device and the internet. This implies that proxies are an excellent tool for bypassing restrictions on one's access to the World Wide Web. If your IP address is being prohibited from accessing a certain website, a SOCKS5 proxy can let you get around the barrier. As a result, it is easy and simple to visit restricted or limited-access sites.

2. There are no Traffic or Protocol Restrictions

An alternative proxy, such as an HTTP proxy, will restrict your online browsing to those sites that support the HTTP/S protocols. However, if you have access to the internet using a SOCKS5 proxy, you can visit any website you choose. Basically, it's a universal proxy that works with any network. However, this is not the case when using a proxy that is tailored to work with simply HTTP. On the other hand, SOCKS5 employs a low-level proxy. This proxy is capable of handling the traffic or protocol of any program.

3. Connections are both Fast and Dependable

Unfortunately, there aren't too many reliable proxies online that can both ensure your online safety and maximize your performance. They might be useful for overcoming those particular constraints. Although they claim to be able to guarantee fast speeds, in practice, they are unable to do so.

However, SOCKS 5 proxies make it easy to do this. When using this proxy, the TCP protocol is available. In this way, the data is guaranteed to be sent from client to server without interruption. Therefore, SOCKS5 proxies are fantastic for a steady connection, and they can transfer all your data swiftly too.

4. Increased Productivity with Decreased Error Rate

There are several proxies available that can alter the packet headers as soon as they are read. Because of this, there is a lot of possibility for mistakes, which might cause some data to be misdirected. By not rewriting data headers, SOCKS5 proxies are more reliable and efficient at their duties. That also implies the total performance of these proxies is about to increase dramatically.

5. Strengthened Peer-to-Peer Performance

These proxies perform better and quicker for a reason. In order to maximize throughput and decrease transfer times, these proxies only transport the data in the smallest possible packets.


Q. Which is better Socks5 proxies or HTTPS?

Socks5 proxies are better. When compared to HTTP proxies, SOCKS5 proxies are universally compatible and can forward any kind of communication. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a sophisticated protocol that is compatible with a limited subset of the available internet protocols. SOCKS5 proxies, on the other hand, are generic low-end proxies that can work with any application or protocol. Because of this, SOCKS5 proxies provide more flexibility than HTTP or HTTPS proxies.

Q. Can Socks proxies be used for web scraping?

Yes, you can. Web scraping can benefit from the use of SOCKS proxies. You can use a SOCKS proxy to do web scraping activities automatically, including verifying if a torrent or video streaming server is lawful.

Q. Is it free to use Socks5 proxies?

It's not easy to find a free Socks5 proxy. Although free Socks5 proxies are available, the premium versions are generally thought to be safer and more effective for online use.


The SOCKS5 proxy is a lightweight protocol that can easily manage a variety of network connections. This means they can be used for a wide variety of purposes while going about your internet business. When it comes to residential SOCKS5 proxies in 2024, two of the most reliable providers are Bright Data and

Due to its high price and exceptional dependability, Bright Data is best reserved for business applications. In addition, Soax is a great option for private usage since purchasing SOCKS5 proxies from them is affordable without sacrificing quality.

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