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The Best Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping (Tested 2024)

Do you want your privacy to get protected when you surf the internet? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the top rotating proxies you can use to get protected from cybersecurity attacks and online tracking.

If you care about being anonymous online, then you should only use a proxy service that regularly changes your IP address. When using the internet, a proxy server will operate as a go-between for you and the server you're connecting to. You can use a proxy server to view any website without having to save or receive data on your own computer. Having this option means you can safely explore the web without worrying about anybody else seeing what you're up to.

Although proxy servers can store some of your data, this is not likely to be a major issue. Ad tracking and cyber threats can both be avoided with the use of a rotating IP proxy. To prevent being banned from particular sites, IP rotating proxies can be used to help in web scraping and crawling. You can find yourself spoiled for choice due to the abundance of trustworthy and reasonably priced service providers.

In this article, I am going to show you the best and top rotating proxies to simplify your search.

Top 12 Rotating Proxies in 2024

1. Bright Data — Best Rotating Proxies Provider Suitable for Large-scale Businesses

Bright Data for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 3 USD per Gigabyte
  • Benefits: Mobile IPs, Geo-targeting, Large proxy pool

Bright data is one of the finest proxy servers available for rotating proxies. You can sign up for free. More than 70 million IPs are available to users. Even with proxy servers, many users still find it difficult to programmatically navigate the web. By providing default settings for proxy modification, Bright Data was able to find and fix this issue.

It's now safe to use tools like CAPTCHA bypass and header generators at will, without fear of being blacklisted. Bright data is an easy tool to use. You can speed up your web surfing by installing either their proxy management, API, or direct chrome extension.

2. SmartProxy — Provides Unlimited Threads and Connections

Smartproxy Overview

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD for 5 Gigabytes
  • Benefits: Browser extensions, limitless threads and connections, provides option to pay per Gigabyte

To rotate IP addresses, Smartproxy is a common choice. Smartproxy has more than 40 million proxies and provides individualized rotating sessions at a range of price points. With Smartproxy, you can surf the web anonymously without disclosing your physical location since it offers both geo-targeted and random IP proxy pools.

With a premium Smartproxy membership, you can enjoy limitless connections. Ranging from 75 USD for 5 GB of traffic all the way up to 400 USD for 50 GB of traffic, the prices are very steep. Smartproxy offers an adaptable solution if your use exceeds the aforementioned thresholds. Instead of upgrading your whole plan, you can just pay for the extra data you use on a per-gigabyte basis.

3. ProxyEmpire — Provides Geo-targeting and Unique Country IPs

ProxyEmpire for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 45 USD for 3 Gigabytes
  • Benefits: Provides rotating, mobile, and residential proxies, personalized user app proxies, unique IP proxies

ProxyEmpire provides a high-quality proxy service at an affordable price. ProxyEmpire is your best choice if you need a proxy service with dynamic IP addresses that are not shared with any other companies.

Over a hundred different nations are represented in their pool of rotating proxies, allowing you complete flexibility of choice. ProxyEmpire also provides Instagram proxies and verification proxies for more niche applications. These application-specific proxy pools are created to improve the user's time spent online.

4. ScraperAPI — Best Rotating Proxy Suitable for Web Scraping and Developers

ScraperAPI for Telegram Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • Benefits: Free rotating IP proxies, personalized web scraping, 7 days free trial

Unique proxy servers are required for web scraping. A developer can bypass CAPTCHA and browser cache with the use of the Scraper API, which provides access to any website's HTML code. If you want to make sure that your online surfing is always secure and free of annoyances, then you should use the smart routing logic that distributes requests for web scraping over various subnets.

Using the same IP address for online scraping might quickly get you blacklisted; thus, Scraper API switches your IP addresses across our vast proxy pool at regular intervals. Mobile, data center, and rotating proxies from over 50 countries are all at your disposal.

5. Zyte — Best for Scraping Multiple Websites

Zyte for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 29 USD monthly
  • Benefits: personalized web scraping tools, easy to use, various subscription plans

Zyte's secret route requests are particularly adept at evading IP blocks. Developers that need to scrape a large number of websites daily will find this a welcome improvement in the ease, security, and speed of web scraping. Zyte makes use of a distinct IP address for each scrape request it receives.

Zyte's additional services, such as JavaScript rendering and bespoke crawlers, further aid programmers in getting the most out of it. Compared to other specialized web crawlers, the starting price of 29 USD monthly for 50,000 queries is rather reasonable.

6. Oxylabs — Best for Large-scale Extraction

Oxylabs for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 340 USD monthly for 20 Gigabytes (rotating ISP proxies)
  • Benefits: Provides unlimited SOCKS5 support, large size of proxy pool

Oxylabs is the best option if you require an IP rotating proxy for massive data extraction. Their proxy pool has millions of IP addresses from all around the globe, and they provide proxies from both data centers and private homes.

Although the premium service offered by Oxylabs cannot be denied, some customers have complained that it is too pricey in comparison to other IP rotating proxies. You can use Oxylabs's help and a private proxy to remain anonymous even while scraping highly protected websites.

The ease with which users can navigate Oxylabs is its greatest strength. If you need assistance finding a clean proxy that works well with the site you're scraping, you can count on their quick support staff to get you one. Those developers with highly specific requirements can find that Oxylabs is the best solution.

7. BotProxy — Best Rotating Proxies Provider with Open Rotating Proxies with Ultra-fast Data Centers

BotProxy for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: 10 USD monthly (for 55 IPs daily)
  • Benefits: Fast rotating proxy network, access to all proxies via a single endpoint, rotates IPs with each request, ultra-fast proxies

Incorporate BotProxy's lightning-fast network, which has over 3000 fresh IPs and global server locations, into your existing infrastructure. They support full-speed, multi-threaded connections and only charge for the data sent.

You can avoid the hassle of managing lengthy proxy lists and get access to all proxies with a single point of access. In addition, you can take advantage of the session capabilities to change your IP address with each request, and the outbound proxy will automatically change IP addresses once every minute.

BotProxy's cutting-edge data centers have both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses, and its constantly-rotating pool of new proxies is updated hourly. It also can be integrated with any application or script in under 5 minutes.

8. Webshare — Best Rotating Proxies Provider Suitable for Web Scraping

Webshare for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 6.76 USD monthly (for 10 proxies unlimited bandwidth)
  • Benefits: 100% anonymity guarantee, proxy servers available in over 20 countries, periodic rotation, 100% private, backbone and direct connection

Webshare makes it easy to set up a rotating set of proxies for your web scraping project right away. They provide lightning-fast rotating proxies that are anonymous, SOCKS5, and HTTP. You can schedule rotating proxy anywhere from once every five minutes and once every month.

Either a proxy address or the backbone proxy endpoint can be used to connect to a proxy server. Webshare optimizes premium proxies only for usage by people accessing other sites; their browsing habits will not influence your own.

9. Limeproxies — Best Rotating Proxies Provider with 100% Safety Guarantee

Limeproxies for Rotating Proxies

  • Price: Begins at 25 USD monthly
  • Benefits: 3 days free trial, over 40 million proxies, reliable proxy source, provides up to 25 IPs with over 300 subnets

Limeproxies provides you with proxies from all around the globe, hiding your IP address so you can simply and privately gather exact data. They have over 40 million rotating proxies, can target down to the municipal level, and need no CAPTCHAs from the user.

Limit the amount of time spent browsing by filtering Limeproxies' IPs by relevant criteria. Add additional criteria to the provided username to narrow down IP addresses by autonomous system number (ASN), location, or country to match your specific business needs. Get rotating mobile IP addresses on a regular basis, and you can be certain that your success rates will continually rise.

Benefits of Using Rotating Proxies

1. Aids in Price Comparison

Due to globalization, the business has expanded significantly. Thanks to technological advancements, businesses can access a wider customer base. Online retailers that provide international shipping are proliferating. With globalization, however, prices vary depending on where you reside. There is often a large pricing variation available to customers. A product that retails for 100 USD in the United States may cost 150 USD in France and 117 USD in Asia. Accessibility can factor into market pricing, but it doesn't stop shoppers from looking for the best deals they can find.

In such cases, it is essential to use the use of rotating proxies. Customers can buy rotating proxies that can be used to shop for and compare the cost of this product at other retailers. For the purchase of digital products, this is of paramount importance due to the absence of shipping and customs taxes. Companies depend heavily on people finding and staying on their websites to compare prices. Competition from sellers that provide inflated or artificially cheap prices might hurt marketing efforts. Researching prices is one strategy that businesses use to acquire an edge in the marketplace.

The use of rotating proxies has made it much simpler to spy on the websites of one's rivals. Because their IP addresses are always changing, they are able to carry out consistent extractions. They hide their IP addresses so that they can react quickly to changes in the market.

2. Rate of Conversion Improvement

Competitor research is essential to any successful SEO strategy. You can't evaluate an organization's performance without checking its measures against those of its competitors. Examining the methods of your rivals might help you find gaps in the market. For an in-depth analysis of the competition, a careful perusal of their online presence is essential. In order to improve their Google page rank, they need to analyze the content, keywords, and meta tags that contribute to that rating. You'll need to spend a lot of time flipping through pages and looking for specific information amongst several entries.

If you use a proxy that just hides your IP address, the service is likely to terminate your account. With a trustworthy internet proxy, you can access any site and retrieve any information. Using rotating proxies will make it simpler to retrieve data, which will increase your lead generation and conversion rates.

3. Provides Great Performance and Security

One distinguishing feature of rotating proxies is that their IP addresses change often. If you use a rotating proxy, no one can keep tabs on your IP address. When you use a variety of IPs, it becomes more difficult for them to monitor your online actions. This prevents harmful software and other online dangers from compromising your computers. However, note that the most effective usage of paid rotating proxies. In the premium editions, you can modify your IP address range in greater detail.

In the realm of customer service, hired proxies can be relied upon to get the job done efficiently. Rotating proxies are a cost-effective way to maintain a safe network. When using a regular IP address, others have a lower chance of tracking you down. Even if someone knows your IP address, they won't be able to connect the proxies' actions to you.

In the thick of it all, though, remember to choose your service provider with care. How safe your proxy is will depend on the company you choose with. A reliable service provider will place a premium on the safety of your company and its applications.

4. Provides a Large Pool of IP Addresses

Conducting research online requires bouncing between many tabs often. The typical online user will go across many different pages of a site several times. If the proprietor of a website logs IP addresses, they can identify your browsing habits as suspicious. Any request you make may be denied or blocked by the website at any moment. This is more probable if you just have one IP address to work with.

Your computer's IP address is one of the most likely candidates for being blacklisted. Alternatively, a proxy that utilizes a fixed IP address, known as a static proxy, is available. If your IP address keeps being banned, you might try utilizing a rotating proxy. Rotating proxies have the ability to switch IP addresses often. By constantly switching between several proxies, you can be sure that your true IP address remains hidden.

5. Best for Keyword and SEO Research

Google has severe restrictions on the number of searches you can make; therefore, if you want to avoid being presented with CAPTCHA, you will need to change IP addresses. Search engine optimization (SEO) audits, keyword research and monitoring of rankings can all benefit from the usage of rotating proxies. They can utilize features like the “People Also Ask” boxes to generate fresh ideas for articles, for instance.

6. Provides Detailed Product Data

Businesses monitor price changes and product evaluations on e-commerce sites to determine how to best position themselves in the market. Amazon is an ideal target for this application since it requires a network of rotating proxies to retrieve any useful data.


As the queries, you make to servers come from a rotating pool of IP addresses, frequently in different geographical regions, this might increase the security and anonymity you enjoy. When proxies are utilized in a lawful manner, they can be considered legitimate.

Q. What does rotating residential IP mean?

An automatic rotating residential proxy service will substitute a different proxy for you with each request. Since your IP address will never remain the same from session to session, this will prevent many websites from blocking you. Back-connecting is how rotating residential proxies do this.

Q. Why is it important to use rotating IP addresses?

Suppose your Internet Protocol address (IP) changes with each request or at regular intervals. You can avoid any potential obstructions. The revolving proxy is analogous to a wardrobe that spins around. IP addresses are shared across a group of proxies; however, with a rotating proxy server, your IP address will change.


Selecting an appropriate IP rotating proxy need not be difficult. Keep in mind that things like the required number of concurrent connections, bandwidth, and site scraping technologies must all be taken into account. Keeping these in mind makes selecting the most suitable IP rotating proxy simple. Choose an IP rotating proxy that fits your budget by thinking about the various price options available.

Some IP rotating proxies provide high-end services, but their steep fees mean they're best suited for corporations. An IP rotating proxy with specific crawling and scraping technologies is the best choice for single-user choices or basic web scraping. If you use a proxy that constantly changes IP addresses, you might feel considerably more comfortable exploring the web. With a trustworthy IP rotating proxy, you can stop worrying about being the victim of a cyberattack or having your online identity stolen.

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