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Top 20 Best and Most Affordable Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has become one of Europe‘s top travel destinations in recent years, attracting visitors with its gorgeous vistas, fascinating history, and vibrant culture. However, one of the Portuguese capital‘s biggest draws is its incredible food scene. From tiny taverns to Michelin-starred restaurants, Lisbon offers an array of excellent and affordable dining options.

This guide highlights the 20 best restaurants in Lisbon for delicious food that won‘t break the bank, based on verified reviews, local recommendations, and quality of ingredients and preparation. To be selected, each restaurant needed a minimum average rating of 4 stars across major sites like Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. The focus is on moderately priced local gems rather than high-end establishments or fast food chains. The selections also aim to represent different neighborhoods and cuisines around the city.

1. A Travessa – Anjos

This cozy, relaxed restaurant in the Anjos neighborhood specializes in updated Portuguese classics made from locally sourced ingredients. The simple, warmly lit interior matches the modest prices but not the flavors – dishes like roasted codfish cakes, grilled octopus salad and duck rice consistently earn rave reviews. Signature items include the monkfish rice and the chocolate mousse.

Reviewers on Google and TripAdvisor highlight the excellent service and call A Travessa one of the best quality-for-price restaurants in Lisbon, with most main courses under 15 EUR. Its great value and consistently tasty local cuisine make it a can‘t-miss.

2. O Trevo – Praça da Alegria

For delicious Portuguese food at neighborhood prices, check out O Trevo in the Praça da Alegria district. This unpretentious local favorite serves up classics like caldo verde, grilled sardines and their famous duck rice. From the warm decor to the friendly staff, O Trevo offers an authentic Lisbon dining experience.

Reviewers praise the large, fairly priced portions and excellent dishes, with most entrees under 12 EUR. Their steaks, seafood, roasted chicken and daily specials also earn high marks. O Trevo provides an affordable and satisfying taste of Lisbon cuisine.

3. Solar dos Presuntos – Chiado

In Lisbon‘s scenic, central Chiado neighborhood, Solar dos Presuntos has been a destination for excellent Portuguese cuisine since it opened in 1995. The dining room is filled with cured hams hanging from the ceiling, hinting at specialties like smoked sausage, Iberian ham and other cold cuts. Hearty main courses like braised veal shank, baked salt cod and grilled meat and fish are also highlights.

Despite the refined atmosphere, Solar dos Presuntos offers good value with most dishes under 20 EUR. Reviewers consistently praise the quality of ingredients, expert preparation and generous portions. It‘s a great pick for Portuguese flavors in Chiado without the high prices of touristy restaurants.

4. O Tachadas – Alcântara

For delicious food and stunning river views, head to O Tachadas overlooking the Tejo in the Alcântara district. Specializing in chargrilled meats and fish, their diverse menu also includes great vegetarian options. Popular picks are the chargrilled octopus salad, Iberian pork skewers and whole grilled fish.

While the riverside location could make O Tachadas a tourist trap, its prices remain very reasonable with most mains around 15 EUR. Reviewers rave about the food, views and friendly service, though reservations are recommended. It‘s a perfect spot for sunset dinner overlooking the Tejo.

5. Cafe Tati – Ribeira

In the heart of the scenic Ribeira district, Cafe Tati serves up tasty traditional Portuguese fare at local prices. The menu focuses on codfish dishes, grilled meats and daily specials like feijoada bean stew and caldeirada seafood rice. The casual setting draws more neighborhood regulars than tourists.

Reviewers constantly praise Cafe Tati‘s delicious food and low prices, with main courses from 8-12 EUR. Standout menu items include the salt cod croquettes, grilled salmon, roast chicken and chocolate mousse. For classic Portuguese in Ribeira without inflated prices, Cafe Tati is a winner.

6. A Baiuca – Graça

For a fun, lively atmosphere and quality traditional Portuguese cuisine, check out A Baiuca in the hilltop Graça district. Often with live fado music at night, A Baiuca packs in neighborhood locals for plates of sardines, cod fritters, cheese and charcuterie, accompanied by affordable wines. The decor is rustic and cozy.

Google and TripAdvisor reviewers rave about big portions of tasty traditional food at neighborhood prices, with most dishes under 10 EUR. The baked cod with cream and the grilled mixed meats come highly recommended. A Baiuca offers an excellent value authentic Portuguese dining experience.

7. O Zé da Mouraria – Mouraria

O Zé da Mouraria is a top pick for delicious Portuguese food in the historic Mouraria district, known as the birthplace of fado music. The menu features classics like bean stew, bacalhau, grilled sardines, bifanas pork sandwiches and tasty daily specials. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Reviewers consistently praise O Zé da Mouraria for high quality dishes, excellent service and incredibly reasonable prices – most entrees under 10 EUR. Don‘t miss their famous octopus rice and chocolate mousse. It‘s some of the best value traditional dining to be found in Lisbon.

8. South Burger – Cais do Sodré

While Portuguese cuisine is a must in Lisbon, South Burger offers a nice change of pace for lunch or a casual dinner, with delicious gourmet burgers made from quality local ingredients. While prices are higher than local tascas and cafes, South Burger still provides good value, with burgers averaging 10-12 EUR using top ingredients.

With a great Cais do Sodré location, South Burger earns consistent 5-star reviews for its perfectly cooked burgers, generous portions and good ambiance. Menu standouts are the Blue Cheese burger, Veggie burger, fries and homemade lemonade. For a high quality burger, South Burger is a tasty and reasonably priced option.

9. Pap‘Açorda – Bairro Alto

Located right on lively Praça de Luís de Camões in the heart of Bairro Alto, Pap‘Açorda offers nicely updated versions of traditional Portuguese cuisine focusing on fish and shellfish. Signature dishes include their eponymous açorda seafood stew, shellfish cataplanas, salt cod fritters and grilled tiger prawns.

While reviews indicate Pap‘Açorda can get crowded with tourists, it maintains good value for the quality, with most main dishes around 15 EUR. Reviewers highly recommend the seafood stew, grilled squid and octopus salad. Pap‘Açorda brings creative flair to Portuguese seafood classics.

10. A Padaria Portuguesa – Multiple locations

With several locations around Lisbon, A Padaria Portuguesa makes our list for its tasty, affordable sandwiches, salads, quiches and baked goods. Everything is freshly made with quality Portuguese ingredients. Popular items include the roasted chicken salad, tuna and cheese toasties, vegetable soup and chocolate croissants.

A Padaria Portuguesa provides excellent value for breakfast, lunch or a snack, with most items under 5 EUR. Reviewers praise its delicious food at very reasonable prices. For an inexpensive but high quality meal on the go, it‘s a great option.

11. Páteo 13 – Alfama

Tucked away in historic Alfama, Páteo 13 offers gorgeous views and delicious contemporary Portuguese cuisine focusing on seafood and grill specialties. Creative dishes like octopus carpaccio, black pork medallions and passionfruit codfish ceviche earn rave reviews. The atmosphere is refined yet casual.

While Páteo 13 is pricier than a local tasca, its cuisine delivers excellent value with mains averaging 15-20 EUR. Reviewers recommend the seafood skewers, grilled shrimp, goat cheese appetizers and any daily market specials from the charcoal oven. Páteo 13 is an affordable spot to sample gourmet Portuguese fare and fantastic views.

12. Chapitô à Mesa – Santa Catarina

Located in the Chapitô creative center in Santa Catarina, this fun, quirky restaurant offers great views along with an eclectic international menu that combines Portuguese influences with dishes like risottos, burgers, quiches and wok stir fries. Prices are very reasonable for the location.

Patrons praise Chapitô à Mesa for tasty food, excellent service and good prices for dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The average price of main courses is around 12 EUR. The octopus salad, veggie burgers and wok dishes are favorites, along with daily specials.

13. Pois Café – Marvila

In Lisbon‘s historic but underrated Marvila district, Pois Café is a beloved neighborhood gem serving fresh salads, sandwiches, quiches and desserts made from local ingredients. Its charming backyard garden seating provides a relaxing oasis in the city.

Reviewers love Pois Café for its laid-back atmosphere, incredibly friendly service and fresh, reasonably priced dishes under 10 EUR. Highlights include their appealing breakfasts, tasty sandwiches and delicious cakes. For a break from sightseeing over relaxed brunch or coffee, Pois Café is a perfect choice.

14. Courthouse Restaurant – Ajuda

Overlooking Ajuda Botanical Garden, Courthouse Restaurant offers a nice change from typical Portuguese food with delicious international fare like burgers, seafood, steaks, pasta and risotto. The atmosphere is upscale yet modern and relaxed.

Reviewers highly recommend Courthouse Restaurant for high quality food at moderate prices, with most main dishes around 15 EUR. Standouts include the grilled salmon, pasta dishes, ceviche and chocolate lava cake. The weekday lunch specials are an excellent value as well. It‘s a nice option for globally inspired flavors.

15. Esplanada Furnas – Príncipe Real

Right in the lovely Jardim França-Brasil, Esplanada Furnas is a neighborhood favorite cafe in Principe Real serving light meals, coffee, drinks and snacks. Generous sandwiches, soups, salads, quiches and daily specials are all freshly made and priced under 10 EUR.

Patrons praise Esplanada Furnas for its friendly service, charming garden seating and reasonably priced fresh food and beverages using quality ingredients. It‘s a great spot for an affordable, delicious meal with a relaxing view.

16. Bla Bla – Bica

On one of Lisbon‘s iconic cable car lines in the Bica neighborhood, Bla Bla Café provides excellent people watching along with tasty sandwiches and coffee. Locals and tourists alike enjoy their generously sized toasts, burgers, omelets and daily specials priced around 5-10 EUR.

While simple, Bla Bla earns consistent praise for using fresh, quality ingredients to craft excellent sandwiches, salads, omelets and other light bites at reasonable prices. Its signature toasties and burgers come highly recommended by reviewers.

17. Santiago – Barata Salgueiro

One of Lisbon‘s most beloved seafood institutions, Santiago in Barata Salgueiro has been serving excellent simply prepared fish and shellfish since the 1930s. Specialties like octopus, baked whole sea bream and percebes barnacles keep prices higher than many tascas, but still a good value for the ultra-fresh ingredients.

While definitely not the cheapest option, Santiago is renowned for providing high quality seafood worth the moderate splurge, with most dishes 20-30 EUR. Their signature shellfish rice and whole grilled fish earn consistent praise. For classic preparations with the freshest fish, Santiago is a Lisbon treasure.

18. Floresta – Santa Marta

In the lovely Santa Marta neighborhood, Floresta serves fresh, healthy Portuguese and international cuisine in a sunny dining room or picturesque garden terrace. Salads, sandwiches, soups, small plates and daily chalkboard specials make up the menu.

Reviewers praise Floresta for its relaxing atmosphere and flavorful dishes under 10 EUR sourced from small local producers. Menu highlights include the salads, tacos, risottos and seafood of the day. Floresta focuses on freshness, seasonality and reasonable prices.

19. Tasca Kome – Rato

In Rato, relaxed Tasca Kome puts a modern twist on tavern classics like cold meats, cheeses, fado stew, bacalhau dishes and daily specials focused on seasonal ingredients. Its laid-back vibe draws more locals than tourists.

Well-reviewed for excellent service and quality updated Portuguese cuisine at reasonable prices (main dishes 10-15 EUR), Tasca Kome earns praise for items like the tuna tartare, meats and cheeses, duck rice, codfish cakes and octopus salad. Unfussy tavern fare shines here.

20. A Cultura do Chá – Baixa

A Cultura do Chá makes the list for their excellent value lunch specials, light meals, sandwiches, salads, soups, sweets and of course, premium teas served in their serene dining room hidden away in Baixa. Vegetarian options are plentiful.

Reviewers recommend A Cultura do Chá for delectable sandwiches, salads, quiches and daily specials under 10 EUR made from fresh ingredients. Their Creamy Mushroom toastie, Vitamin Salad and Lemon Cheesecake come highly praised. It‘s a perfect spot for an affordable, relaxing lunch.

Beyond these top 20 picks, Lisbon offers dozens more excellent dining options that provide delicious cuisine without breaking the bank, like Lost In, O Fumeiro, A Palmeira, Compañía das Culturas or the Time Out Market. Foodies should explore different neighborhoods to discover more local gems.

When dining in Lisbon, reservations are usually not required except at very high-end restaurants. Typical meal times are 1-3PM for lunch and 7-9PM for dinner. Casual tascas and cafes will serve food throughout the day. While credit cards are widely accepted, cash is still common, so carry some euros. Service is included, but it‘s customary to leave 5-10% extra tip for good service if paying cash.

Lisbon‘s dining scene has something for all tastes and budgets. By sticking to neighborhood tascas and cafes, foodies can feast on Portugal‘s incredible cuisine without overspending. Savoring delicious local specialties like seafood, grilled meats, codfish and desserts is one of the great joys of visiting this incredible city.

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