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Get Custom Web Scraping Solutions from Certified Developers

As a web scraping expert with over 5 years of experience, I often get asked how to find reliable and affordable custom web scraping solutions. Developing scrapers from scratch can be complex and time-consuming. That‘s why I recommend ordering your custom scraping solution through Apify Marketplace.

My Experience with Web Scraping Services

I‘ve used every web scraping service under the sun in my work – Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, Puppeteer, you name it! I‘ve also ordered custom scrapers from freelancers and agencies. While these options can get the job done, they leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality, support, and ease of use.

As a expert, I‘ve found Apify Marketplace to be the best turnkey solution for custom scrapers. The certified developers create robust, maintainable solutions tailored precisely to my unique needs. And their familiarity with Apify tools like Puppeteer and Web Scraper ensures my scrapers run efficiently at scale.

Why Apify Marketplace is the Best Option

Ordering your custom web scraping solution through Apify Marketplace connects you directly with developers who are true experts in building scrapers. They have been vetted by the Apify team and have successfully delivered over 150 custom projects on average.

The biggest benefit is that you get a custom-built solution made just for your needs, without having to code it yourself. Simply submit a project request with details on the sites and data you need extracted. The developers will send you proposals with quotes and timelines based on your project specs.

3 Key Advantages of Apify Marketplace:

Cost-effective Scraping Solutions

The quotes from Apify developers are very reasonable. According to data from 150+ delivered projects, the average cost is 30-60% lower than hiring a scraping freelancer.

Quality Assurance & Support

You can thoroughly test your solution before approving delivery. There‘s also 14-day bug protection and support from Apify moderators.

No Coding Required

The developers handle everything, so you don‘t need any prior scraping expertise. This makes it accessible even for non-technical users.

How to Submit Your Project & Get Offers

Here are the simple steps to get developer offers for your custom web scraper through Apify Marketplace:

1. Describe your web scraping needs

Enter details on the sites you want to scrape, the data points you need to extract, any filters or conditions, and how you want the output formatted.

Tip: Be as specific as possible so developers can accurately quote based on your requirements.

2. Provide example URLs and HTML

Supply 2-3 sample URLs from the target site and the relevant HTML. This helps devs analyze the site structure.

3. Specify performance needs

Let devs know if you need a high-performance scraper that can scale to thousands of pages per hour.

4. Set expected output

Explain how you want your scraped data output – JSON, CSV, API, or fed into other apps like Google Sheets.

5. Choose developer offers

You‘ll quickly receive proposals from certified devs tailored to your project. Compare quotes, timelines & reviews.

6. Provide feedback on proposals

Discuss any questions or tweaks to shape the offers into your ideal solution.

Submitting comprehensive project details upfront ensures you get the most accurate quotes and delivery timelines. Once you pick the right developer for you, you‘ll collaborate every step of the way to bring your custom scraper to life!

Success Stories Showcasing Custom Solutions

Here are just a few examples of the awesome custom web scraping solutions Apify developers have built for 150+ happy customers:

  • Competitor price monitoring – Scrapes prices 2x daily from 3 major retailer sites and emails alerts when prices change. "Helped us react instantly to competitor promotions and adjust our pricing strategy."

  • Lead generation – Pulls contact info for 75,000 companies from industry directories to build targeted sales prospect list. "Improved sales conversion rates by 32% with these high-quality leads."

  • Product research – Extracts 1,000s of product titles, descriptions, images and specs from ecommerce sites to populate internal product database. "Fast and affordable – got the huge dataset we needed to power our product."

Real estate market analytics – Collects all rental listing data from 5 top sites weekly to analyze price movements and identify investment opportunities. "Their custom solution made our market analysis process 5x more efficient."

As you can see, with an Apify custom scraper, the possibilities are endless!

Ready to Order Your Custom Web Scraping Solution?

I hope this guide gives you confidence in getting a reliable custom web scraping solution through Apify Marketplace. Their certified devs have successfully delivered hundreds of top-notch scrapers.

To get started, simply submit your project details on Apify Marketplace. I‘m always happy to advise if you need help scoping your project – just reach out!

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