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11 Email Scrapers to Power Your Marketing

Need to build an email list fast? Email scraping tools make it easy to quickly compile targeted contact lists for your outreach campaigns. But with so many scrapers out there, how do you decide which one is best for your business?

As a web scraping specialist with over 5 years of experience, I‘ve had the chance to thoroughly test the top email scrapers on the market. In this guide, I‘ll share my insights on the key strengths of 11 major tools available.

Whether you need to extract a few emails from a small website or compile a massive list of one million contacts, the options below will have you covered. Let‘s dive in and find the perfect match for your next email marketing initiative!

Why Email Scraping Matters

First, let‘s look at why email scraping is so valuable for businesses today:

  • Email achieves 3-4X higher response rates compared to social media outreach. Email is still the #1 digital communication channel.

  • 91% of customers prefer communicating via email rather than social media. Email drives higher quality leads.

  • Segmented, targeted email lists improve open & click-through rates by up to 40%. Scraped emails are ideal for segmentation.

  • Manually compiling email lists is incredibly tedious & time-consuming. Scraping is faster and more efficient.

  • The average worker can source 50 emails per hour manually vs. 5,000 per hour via scraping. It‘s 100X faster than manual outreach.

So if you want to take your marketing game to the next level, email scraping is a must-have skill. Next let‘s explore the top tools that make it fast and easy…

1. – The Best for Chrome Extraction

Hunter is likely the most popular free email scraper available. It‘s a Chrome extension that integrates directly with LinkedIn and any website you browse to.

Key Features:

  • Browser extension for easy single clicks to extract emails

  • Pulls business emails from LinkedIn and anywhere on the web

  • Verifies scraped emails for accuracy

  • Exports to CSV/XLS spreadsheets

  • 50 free email extractions per month

Hunter is incredibly easy to use. Just browse to any webpage or LinkedIn profile, click the Hunter icon, and it will show available emails it finds. You can then simply click to export them.

The tool is used over 3 million professionals because it‘s so fast and convenient. For quickly grabbing emails while browsing, Hunter is hard to beat.

2. Clearbit Connect – Ideal for Targeted Lead Enrichment

Clearbit Connect is a game-changing email scraping tool focused on lead enrichment. It focuses specifically on identifying emails for people at your target companies.

What Makes Clearbit Connect Unique:

  • Pulls business email addresses from LinkedIn‘s database

  • Links email data to specific LinkedIn profiles for outreach

  • Provides 1,000 free extractions per month

  • Paid plans start at $49/month for 5,000 credits

  • Each credit allows you to access one email address

Clearbit integrates directly with your LinkedIn account to surface email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. When researching target companies, you can quickly view available emails for their employees right within LinkedIn.

This results in very high quality data, since it draws directly from LinkedIn‘s first-party information. For connecting with prospects at target companies, Clearbit is extremely valuable.

3. Voila Norbert – An API for Large-Scale Harvesting

Voila Norbert takes a unique approach by providing an API for programmatic email scraping at massive scale.

Why Developers Love Voila Norbert:

  • API enables automated scraping of millions of emails

  • Submit a domain or company name to extract associated emails

  • Ideal for developers and engineers

  • Usage based pricing starts at $50/month for 50,000 searches

Rather than a browser extension or app, Voila Norbert offers an AI-powered API. This makes it possible to harvest emails across entire websites and databases programmatically.

For large scale scraping projects, Voila Norbert is likely the most powerful tool available. If your goal is extracting hundreds of thousands or millions of emails, the Voila Norbert API will make it possible.

4. Skrapp – A Powerful Web Scraping Platform

Skrapp provides an enterprise-level web scraping platform with excellent email harvesting capabilities.

Why Businesses Use Skrapp:

  • Point-and-click scraping interface for easy site extraction

  • Powerful automation for scraping entire directories and databases

  • Tools for handling JavaScript sites, proxies, captchas, and more

  • Pricing starts at $79/month for 1,000 page scrapes

Skrapp allows you to visually select elements on a webpage to extract data from. This intuitive approach means you can scrape names, emails, companies, and other info without any coding needed.

The tool also offers automation to scale across full websites and can handle complex sites. For advanced email scraping users, Skrapp is likely the most powerful solution available.

5. MailTester – Verify Scraped Email Accuracy

Just as important as harvesting emails is verifying their accuracy before outreach. That‘s where MailTester comes in.

The MailTester Advantage:

  • Instantly validates if scraped email addresses are real/active

  • Checks deliverability and detects disposable email addresses

  • Identifies invalid emails to keep lists targeted

  • Free plan allows 50 verifications per month

  • Paid plans start at $10/month for 10,000 verifications

Simply import or enter any list of emails into MailTester. It will validate the accuracy of each address, identifying ones that are invalid, inactive, or risky.

This helps prune scraped email lists by eliminating fake and outdated addresses. For ensuring scraped emails are accurate before importing into email or CRM platforms, MailTester is invaluable.

6. RocketReach – Finding Emails for Known Contacts

RocketReach takes a unique approach by searching across social media platforms to identify contact information for specific people at companies you want to reach out to.

RocketReach Benefits:

  • Searches 30+ platforms to find emails for known contacts

  • Input a name and company to find matching email addresses

  • Focused on outbound sales prospecting use cases

  • 7-day free trial, then paid plans start at $99/month

Simply input the name and company for any person you wish to contact. RocketReach will scour social networks and public databases to identify the right email address to reach them at.

This is perfect for building targeted lists of prospects to reach out to at your ideal customer businesses. For finding emails for known contacts, RocketReach is extremely effective.

7. LeadIQ – Email Scraping for Sales Prospecting

LeadIQ offers easy email extraction powered by Clearbit data and focused on sales workflows.

Key LeadIQ Features:

  • Chrome extension for LinkedIn scraping

  • One-click email finding while browsing websites

  • Seamlessly exports emails into your CRM

  • Email verifications ensure list accuracy

  • 14-day free trial, then paid plans start at $97/month

The LeadIQ extension integrates directly with your CRM and sales platforms. As you come across prospects during research, one click extracts and saves their emails for seamless follow-up.

For CRM-driven sales teams, LeadIQ bridges the gap between manual research and instantly capturing engagement opportunities. It‘s purpose-built for sales email harvesting.

8. Octopus – An Open-Source Scraping Solution

Octopus provides an easy open-source web scraping solution great for basic email harvesting projects.

Key Octopus Capabilities:

  • Open-source and 100% free to use

  • Point-and-click scraper requiring no coding skills

  • Scrapes emails, names, addresses, and other contact data

  • Exports results to CSV/Excel spreadsheets

  • Handles single page scrapes but lacks automation

Octopus offers a simple graphical interface for selecting page elements to extract into datasets. The open-source tool is free with no limits on use.

For one-off email scraping tasks without needing robust automation, Octopus provides an excellent free option. But for large-scale projects, a paid tool would be more capable.

9. – A Leader in Large-Scale Scraping pioneered visual web scraping, allowing anyone to extract data without coding required.

Why Large Companies Rely on

  • Intuitive point-and-click scraping methodology

  • Powerful automation for large-scale harvesting

  • Handles complex sites and captcha solving

  • Advanced tools for proxies, browsers, etc.

  • Paid plans start at $599/month for 50,000 page scrapes

The platform makes it easy to scrape emails, contact details, or any data from websites with just a few clicks. You can extract huge datasets via automation. remains an elite enterprise-grade solution for large and complex scraping initiatives. For serious data extraction, it‘s capabilities are unmatched.

10. ParseHub – Excellent Data Extraction

ParseHub is a leading web scraper focused on flexible data extraction – including email harvesting.

ParseHub Highlights:

  • Easy point-and-click visual interface

  • Automate scraping across full sites and directories

  • Export results into any format for analysis

  • Free trial, then paid plans start at $99/month for 5,000 scrapes

You can leverage ParseHub to scrape not just emails, but associated names, companies, addresses, and any other public contact data from sites. Automation makes large-scale scraping simple.

For moving beyond basic email extraction to more extensive harvesting projects, ParseHub is a great choice. The visual tools make data scraping accessible to everyone.

11. Email Extractor Pro – A Free Email Scraping Tool

Email Extractor Pro provides a nifty free email scraper targeted at small businesses.

Key Email Extractor Pro Features:

  • 100% free email scraper

  • Browser extension for easy harvesting

  • Pulls business emails from Yellow Pages directories

  • Exports emails, names, locations, phones, etc.

  • No limits on use with free version

This handy scraper is great for smaller teams needing to compile basic contact lists. Just install the browser extension and you can easily extract emails while browsing Yellow Pages directories.

While the free tool works well for limited use cases, paid scrapers provide more advanced functionality. But for the price, Email Extractor Pro packs a helpful punch.

The best email scraper depends completely on your unique needs and goals:

  • For quickly grabbing individual emails while browsing, a simple browser extension like Hunter works great.

  • If you want to enrich your existing CRM contacts with email data, tools like Clearbit and LeadIQ integrate nicely.

  • Developers needing large-scale harvesting capabilities will love an API like Voila Norbert.

  • Full-service platforms like Skrapp and offer the most power and customization for complex scraping jobs.

  • Don‘t forget to verify extracted emails with MailTester before importing into your email marketing system.

Take the time to carefully evaluate both your budget and your objectives. Select the email scraping tool that best aligns with the scale of your initiatives and your technical expertise.

The right scraper will save you an enormous amount of manual prospecting work. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide guidance to help you achieve email marketing success.

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